Finding us

contact info and how to get to Dale Farm

Email: savedalefarm[at] or

Dale Farm, Oak Ln, Crays Hill, Billericay, Essex CM11 2YJ

Dale Farm is within easy reach of London.  Take a Southend train out of Liverpool Street. Get off at Wickford (30 minutes). Walk or bike about three miles to Dale Farm. We can usually arrange a lift for you if you email us in advance or call 07583621312.  It’s a £7-8 taxi ride — if your cab driver refuses to take you to Dale Farm, tell them they’re being silly, then ask to get dropped of at the Belvedere Golf range.  Dale Farm is just up the road on the left if you’re facing the golf course.

As the eviction date approaches it may be more difficult to get on site. Here’s an aerial view of the site with the more information.

Cycling Directions:

From the front of Wickford station, turn out right and go until you get to the grocery store.  Right here onto the high street.  Take this to the major intersection and turn right (there will be a cycle shop called Cycle King on the corner).  [cars have to turn left and come back around].  Take this road to Gardner Ln and turn left.  The Crays Hill school will be on the corner.  Take Gardner Ln past Pitsea View Rd and then turn right at the next road – Oak Rd.  Pass the cattery and then take the first left after that straight into the site.

By road:

Take the A127 out of London towards Southend. At Basildon turn left on Gardiners Lane (you’ll see a KFC and Homebase on the right), left again into Oak Road and left again into Oak Lane.

Call 07583621312 (or 07747417711 & 07961854023)  if you need some help.

69 Responses to Finding us

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  5. twointoone says:

    Iv reported this to the police and would suggest this forum mods also do so.

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  7. I think the people that lose their homes from dale farm should move in to Basildon Council car park or move to the people that want them to move out as its far better to leave the residents of dale farm where they are and then charge them council tax etc If the residents are not paying council tax they would be more than happy to. As I don’t fancy the idea of them living on Tesco car park or local fields anyone that supports this evict where would the evicted residents go? the council to ask for social housing a burden on public funds eg they would want to claim housing benefit and council tax benefit and other social care I think its best to leave them where they are and the cost of this evict is way to expensive with the government large debts maybe the people the people that want them out should help with the costs of the eviction and the costs of re housing as I know this will push everyone taxes up I have wrote to my mp think about this and leave sensible replies what would we do with the residents that get evicted?

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  11. Hampshire says:

    And this is supposed to gain you support ! Please tell me why you think that travellers, gypsies etc should be exempt from the same laws as the rest of the country. I am getting a little tired of hearing that this is a race thing. Its a planning issue that has got out of hand because the people concerned decided to totally ignore all regulations and build their own “new mini town” in complete disregard of all the local planning rules / restrictions etc. Equality and Respect works both ways, treat the local laws with respect and you will get respect back. Equal treatments means the law coming down on you the same as it would for the rest of us.

  12. Rob says:

    I was nearly murdered by a middle class university student; however i don’t write off that whole section of society. Grow up!

    • Charles says:

      Rob you really need a realty check. While not feeling good about how myk4422 expresses himself, there is a difference between referring to a small group of people with a similar culture living together on a 6 acre plot and a large vague amorphous heterogeneous group such as “the middle class”

  13. Louise says:

    Congratulations to you all and thank god for a sympathetic and reasonable judge. What is the point of moving people on when they have nowhere to go?! Children should not be subjected to this kind of thing and I thought it was the law for all children to attend school. Not only are they being told to leave their homes but also being forced to leave their school. That aside I do not believe that the Council has acted within the revised terms of the Town & Country Planning Act. Also I reiterate that it is not illegal to build on Green Belt Land and the courts know this. Green belt and Brown belt land is merely designated to ensure that one town or the like does not merge into the other. Aside from this, I wonder why the Council want the land back – is it because they have designated it to build on and in return receive a sum of money from this? I wonder if this sum of money is anywhere near the millions of pounds it is costing to remove people from their homes. So they remove them and then it is another council’s problem – what is the point in this. Some of the comments on here are disgusting and it is not just gypsies or travellers that it is assumed cause problems in towns and villages etc. I have only ever met polite travellers and indeed most of the children I talk to have respect for their elders.

    As for comments re rubbish etc. then you want to come around the Fens and see what so called normal people litter – yes this does shed a different light on things.

    I do not see why the Council cannot allocate pitches for those that are already there and make it clear that no more will be allowed and the gypsies/travellers should agree to this.

    • Hampshire says:

      Please can you explain why you think it is so acceptable that these people can flout every planning law, still openly flout it in the face of the legal judgements and cost the tax payer ( of the which the majority of these people are not) a small fortune.
      With regard to you comment about allowing the pitches and making it clear no more are allowed it seems to me that a big point has been missed here. There is a legal area and this has not been disputed it is the fact that the occupants saw fit to ignore the original limitations and illegally occupy the surrounding areas that has caused the problem in the first place !!!
      It is also overlooked that a significant number of the travellers are irish and actually have other sites in ireland that they travel to so are not in fact homeless.
      The sooner the site is cleared the better and its about time the travellers were treated “equally” and have the same law applied to the them as the rest of us. Theirs is a lifestyle choice this doesnt mean that they should be exempt from the law or rules that apply to all UK residents.

    • marco2006 says:

      total mess the poor people , treated like murders, the tazzers they used on protesters is out off proportion…..what a waste of public funds,,,,,,,,,,,cant BC talk peacefully and sort this out…in a reasonable way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,those poor children will grow up to be resentfull …im sad to say ,,im british…………..the police have shown ,,,disregard of these people ………

  14. Marguerita says:

    I highly respect travellers and first of all 28 days is not enough to get a new site as well as taking the Children Act 1989 in consideration permenance is important in any childs life and I reaLly would love to go to the High Court for you and on the ground of Basildon LA breaching the Children Act 1989-please let me knoww and specially what I have heard on Sky News that the water supply has been cut off.If it is true this is a thirld world condition has been created with no fresh water something that we all campaign about!So let me know the conditions and how many children are there and approx. ages and if you would like me to go to court for you

    • Lawrence says:

      When we had Travellers in our town (camped in a large car park), I inadvertently drove in. Seeing the rows of caravans, trash (some burning), dogs and ferral children as young as 2 or 3 (grubby and unwashed) playing with items no sensible parent would let their child near, I don’t think you are right in quoting the Children’s Act. Families at Dale Farm have not had 28 days to move. They have had ten years to leave. They have chose to stay placing their children at risk of potential violence; they travellers are the ones storing up brick, bottles and threatening violence. Perhaps you should question your morals and bring child endangerment against these so called families who want their children exposed to this self created dilemma.

    • Hampshire says:

      Marguerita with all due respect please take off the rose tinted glasses and look through all the “discriminated against hype” that is being touted about and look at the true situation. These are not “third world” issues. These are issues that a group of people have chosen to escalate for their own ends. This is not something that has come out of the blue in the last 28 days it has been going on for years. These people have chosen to put their children in this situation and please dont give the they have no choice argument because they do. Large numbers of these travellers have sites in ireland to go to. If anything one should question a culture that will expose its children to this type of environment and encourage them to grow up with no respect for the law of the country that they have taken up residence in. Again can someone please tell me why these people should be anymore exempt from the laws of this country than the rest of us ! We hear a lot about “equality” for minorities which in the most seems to be about letting the said minority be above the laws and rules the rest of the “majority” have to abide by.

    • marco2006 says:

      basic human right water

    • marco2006 says:

      let me know, il help out……….

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  20. Seems the link didn’t come, press my name to view film clip.

  21. Hiya, I want to come tomorrow, Will have some clothes and a few extra bits but would like picking up if at all possible. Will be on foot but can get a taxi near enough to the ground. I think you are being treated unfairly. Removing half of you will not solve any issue it will just create an issue for the ones removed. You are human and where is the justice in making children and elderly folk homeless…I have to be really careful in my profession not to get in trouble so I cant break any rules but I can bend them. Let me know what you need and what I can do?

    Paula x

  22. OG says:

    I would love to sell that lot of smokes. Walk around with cash in my pocket, pay no taxes and do no work. Do that a few times and you have some serious money. Then again, it goes from smuggling ciggarettes to guns and narcotics. It’s just a natural progression and the money outweighs the risks. Welcome to the millionaire club!

  23. ian says:

    sorry residents you are typically picking on a minority group im sure i have drunk dale farm milk perfectly ok, really you local residents should buy from local farms instead of buying supermarket food which is possibly gm, grown in chemicals ,sprayed with chemicals ,and then radiated which kills any nutrients that may be in it

    • Charles says:

      “Dale Farm milk” eh??? Where are the cows? And if there are any cows,; what do the cows graze? I don’t like GM milk, but I’m sure it’s safer than that stuff.

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  30. dave says:

    I have met travelers and you lot are not nice… sorry.

  31. Lets hope that the Dale Farm site is still there in years to come.

    • Robbie Bentley says:

      Correction: the land was desecrated by Basildon Council for years before the current owners purchased it, HOW can that ever be described as ‘Green Belt’, the residents have paid ALL taxes including the taxes that are funding this eviction, and the name given to people who live this way is only valid because of the simple truth that they have been fleeing persecution of this very nature for 4 centuries, across most of Europe.

  32. Agnes Sam says:

    Thank you WorldWright for your question. Although I set up the epetition, I am struggling to get people to know about it. The issue is so emotive. But if it were discussed in Parliament we might receive an open debate and some justice and equal treatment for the Travellers.

    • Hampshire says:

      Why does this need a debate in parliment ??? these people are getting justice and equal treatment. They have flouted the planning laws, did so knowingly and continue to do so. And are now claiming injustice and unfair treatment for getting the same law applied to them as to the rest of us. No debate needed no further waste of money respect the law or go back to Ireland

  33. Agnes Sam says:

    I have set up an epetition in support of Dale Farm Travellers at:
    The search term is Dale Farm. If enough people sign the matter will be discussed in Parliament.
    The link is:
    Agnes Sam.

    • L says:

      You want to waste MP’s time and Taxpayers money to debate in Parliament the fact that a Court of Law has ruled in favour of the local Council to issue eviction orders allowing for the lawful entry of Bailiffs to remove people who have known they are and have been living illegally. I shall be setting up an epetition calling for the full and complete removal of all travellers and squatters rights. Bet I get more signatures on my petition than you do!

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  37. Robin Hume says:

    Thanks for that rational and well thought out response.

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  39. Remember the Shit that started 1st Sept. 39 says:

    Bryan, du redest wie ein Nazi!

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  44. Martha jean Baker says:

    We are planning to come on Saturday. What would be a good time to plan to arrive and could someone collect us (2 people) at the train?

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  53. WorldWright says:

    If you had to put a number on the people who are supporting you and striving in whatever way for you to have a rational result from this – how many do you reckon and are you using any high technology kit to manage those people to their best effect? Let me know by email can you? and lose this comment if you want

    Meanings Based Computing

    • Despicable Acts says:

      Total is 1. Rather silly attempts to grab IP addresses (though what for who knows) and an inept attempt to move ‘paypal’ donations across multiple accounts before banking the money, but leaving an audit trail as wide as a mile….+ reporting contrary views as ‘offensive content ‘ on facebook and sundry other social media networks….
      My guess is a lower second in computer sciences is to blame…..but I expect all content is being monitored somewhere , post – riots etc anyway……

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