Council threatens second Dale Farm eviction for families with ‘nowhere to go’

Basildon Council today began legal proceedings to evict families at Dale Farm made homeless by last October’s eviction. The dozens of families, who had moved on to a private road leading up to their former homes, have been given until August 29th to appeal.

Since October’s forced eviction families have been unable to move from Dale Farm due to a lack of plots in the area — they have lived in cramped conditions without running water, regular electricity as well as sewage problems [1]. In recent months council contractors have dug up asbestos.

Mary Sheridan, a mother living on Oak Lane, said “The council and thegovernment still will not listen, we have nowhere else to go. Why would we beliving with asbestos, no running water and sewage if we had somewhereelse to go. We want a safe place to live where our kids can go to school, is that toomuch ask?”

Last month, the Traveller Solidarity Network [2], who have supported familiesover recent years, announced plans for a demonstration on the anniversary of lastyear’s eviction [3]. The anniversary action on the 19th October isset to target the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Jo McGuire, Dale Farm supporter and member of the Traveller SolidarityNetwork, claims “The message this time last year is still the same today, thesefamilies have nowhere else to go because the council have failed to authoriseany pitches in the area. The council is choosing to evict before new planningapplications have been considered. These families are trying to do everything they can to keep their kids in the local school, but it seems the council just wants to clear them from the area.”






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