Dale Farm eviction date leaked! Come in advance of Sept 19th!

The date for the £ 18 million pound eviction of Dale Farm, a former scrapyard which is now home to 90 families, has been revealed to be Monday 19th September. The date was leaked to the local newspaper by a council source.


Dale farm residents are calling on supporters to come to Dale Farm to help them stop the eviction. They are also calling for legal observers and human rights monitors to come down to act as witnesses. Dale Farm is only a half hour by train from London Liverpool Street Station. https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/contact

The council has threatened to close roads around Dale Farm in advance of the eviction, so it is recommended that people come as many days before the eviction as possible. Also, there is plenty of work needed to prepare in advance. Sleeping space in homes are available, but please bring a tent if you can as we expect bed space to be limited to those in need. People are welcome at Dale Farm any time. See https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/activity for details.

Please forward this callout widely, and promote our facebook event http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120449081388705 through social networking sites.

We also highly recommend people sign up for text alerts https://smsalerts.tachanka.org/dalefarm/ and our email bulletin http://lists.ucrony.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/dalefarm-solidarity as we can’t trust the council to not send bailiffs in before the given date.

On 19th September Basildon Council and the coalition government who are financing this will face a moral challenge to explain to thousands of people and the world’s assembled media why they are choosing to make over 100 children homeless and remove them from their schools. The UN has called on the government to suspend the “immature and unwise” eviction, saying it would “disproportionately affect the lives of the Gypsy and Traveller families, particularly women, children and older people”. The eviction has been condemned by a broad coalition of groups, including Amnesty International, trade-unionists, and anti-racism groups.

See you there!

No Pasaran!

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40 Responses to Dale Farm eviction date leaked! Come in advance of Sept 19th!

  1. Lea Spencer says:

    who in the world has the right to move these people from there homes, don’t put down people you don’t know. the government should spend the money making sure our troops have the right equipment. i’m in surrport of the family’s in dale farm, they are standing together, this country should learn from that before its to late.

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  4. Chris P says:

    i might come back to Dale Farm on monday to watch the site clearance, it will give me great pleasure in seeing these so called plastic travellers being kicked off their illegal site.

    i moved away from the area because of the smell of sewage from the site, because they pump it into the ditches and rivers.

    And the threats they give out they really arent nice people !

  5. Sarah (Disgusted) says:


    I think I have seen it all now. Time for everybody to go home, including the layabout wasters purporting to be assisting the travellers.

    Go home and give the people of Crays Hill some peace.

  6. Melissa Marks says:

    Only one thing for it.
    After the recent riots we need to go prepared.

  7. tax payer says:

    would it not be cheaper to use a few gallons of napalm, especially while the rest of the wasters are there.

  8. stefanini says:

    And they still wonder why we never gave them any potatos!

    • Claire h says:

      Oh dear how is that remotely funny? Educate yourself before you write about anglo/Irish history! You should be ashamed.

  9. Stephen says:

    Put all the Left Wing and Right Wing stuff to one side….your as bad as one another – John Bull your a thick moron and Unsettling your the same…..

    The bottom line is that a couple of greedy people saw an opportunity to make a quick buck and bought a bit of cheap lands that they knew they would never get planning permission for and then divvied it up and leased it out to people who then built on it. I have a lot of sympathy for the travellers but I also feel the Council have no choice, if they allowed them to stay then its open season for every property developer across the country.

    Can I also add that as a Jewish man, I find the connections being made are absolutely vile. I hope whoever came up with that brain wave is ashamed of themselves.

  10. Concerned about Fraud says:

    I am still waiting to see you post a Bank Account Number, Sort Code, Branch Address and Holder’s Name for the PayPal ‘Donations’ requested – could you also add a full set of accounts to date, and put the receipts online as soon as possible too?

    • Donating to gypsies, haha, usually they just take what they want from us

      • Disgusted says:

        This is not above donating to the travellers.

        This is an organised anarchist blog designed to encourage violence, that facilitates the funding of the same. Tax free money is requested in order to maintain those trying to maim Police Officers and bailiffs. These people are disgusting.

        I saw on the local news an idiot with a bucket full of rocks, that had a rope tied to the handle, to allow the lifting of missiles to the top of the scaffolding.

        Shocking, shocking behaviour and certainly not what I would expect from people that claim to be peaceful.

        All of this is a media con, a great story for the networks and an excuse for the low-life of the country to converge on the problems of another, in order to conduct civil disobedience.

    • Zoey says:

      Surely you jest? I would never give money to these people. They take every benefit going tot hem and still want more – the cheek!

  11. I can’t wait to see the Gypsies suffer, roll on September 19th, BBC news and popcorn for me

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  13. Disgusted says:

    The link to the Ghosts of Cable Street is an incitement to riot and I will be reporting this to the Police.

    There can be no doubt that the so called “activists” are intent on causing violent disorder in the name of the Dale Farm residents. This will not only damage the reputation of the Dale Farm residents and make their search for new premises more difficult, but will damage the credibilty of travellers in general.

    I can only hope the Police take out this bunch of unruly layabouts quickly, get them in front of a Court and remand them. The country doesn’t have the stomach for more scumbags rioting under the guise of injustice. After this lowlife is removed, the professional baillifs can get on with the job they have been instructed on.

    On the subject of the travellers, the law is the law and being part of an ethnic minority does not make you immune to the same. There can be no argument other than argument for argument sake.

    • Unsettling says:

      ‘The Law’ exists to protect the interests of the rich and powerful – not underprivileged, powerless minorities attempting to get by in a life where the cards are stacked against them.

      The people who battled Moseley’s fascists in Cable Street were heroes as far as I’m concerned. I suppose you would have had them all locked-up though for breaking ‘The Law’? I also suppose that yours is the kind of attitude taken by those feeding human beings into gas chambers – it must be okay as it’s legal.

      • Disgusted says:

        I have no idea who or what caused you to be so entrenched in anti-establishment, but I sense you are almost as fanatical as the fascism you oppose. You swing a different way, but you are equally as dangerous to society as those you deride.

        Anybody with a modicum of perception and intelligence will know that the professional bailiff company are not there to incite, deliver or threaten violence, whereas the activists have only one purpose. They are never going to stop this eviction and indeed they, without doubt, will make it a much more intolerable experience.

        I have had great exposure to the travelling communities and I can assure that they would not normally allow such imbeciles to reside in their backyard. My understanding from Dale Farm and from those who have already voluntarily left, is that they do not want the extra aggravation that the activists have brought.

        I am a 74 year old female and I certainly have not lead a privileged life and have never had financial security; but I have certain values that prevent me from hating those that have more than me or those that have achieved greater wealth. I have always helped others before I have helped myself, but I absolutely abhor self-consumed, new age bullies, that title themselves “activists”.

      • Unsettling says:

        @Disgusted – for fanatical I would say passionate. What is wrong with people being ‘activists’? At least they are demonstrating their passion.
        I don’t actually believe you are a 74 year old lady – I’d guess a slightly overweight forty-something male… Otherwise you might care to consider the freedoms brought to ‘your’ sex by the suffragettes, who certainly did not act within the laws of their time.
        I do think excessive wealth is not only immoral but dangerous in that it concentrates too much power in too few hands. Such a viewpoint is not a crime, yet.
        I’d guess that the only violence at Dale Farm will be that which is enacted by an arrogant state upon the residents and their supporters.

    • Disgusted says:

      I wish I was a male in my forties, then I would probably make my way to Dale Farm and give those activists a piece of my mind.

      I would suggest your argument is beginning to exhaust now that you have taken to insulting me.

      Your rhetoric is typical of an angry young man, too idle to get off your backside and do something constructive.

      • Claire h says:

        Ha ha! Posting yourself as ‘Disgusted’ says it all! There really is no educating you is there?! Im with ‘unsettling’ and its your rhetoric that is negative and stuck in the dark ages!

      • Disgusted says:

        I have read recently that a great many of these travellers own land elsehwere. My sympathy has dissipated somewhat.

        Today I see there was a march with placards stating, “No ethnic cleansing at Dale Farm..”

        Since when did eviction for the breaching of planning laws constitute ethnic cleansing?

        I doubt very much that if I had breached planning regs I would have ten years before being moved on. The Council have been very patient with these people and now it is time to move them on graciously. With regard the anarchists, I hope they lock them all up.

        Claire h, I am sure you are “with” Unsettling, probably eating your vegan meals with him/her at Camp Constant right now.

  14. Max Stone says:

    I’ve never worked out why they’re referred to as ‘travelers’ – surely if you were a ‘traveler’ you’d not decide to build houses and settle down?

    The houses illegally built should be demolished, exactly the same as they would be for anyone else…

    • Zoey says:

      I think the word traveller does mean to travel on – however since they don’t move I would say they are squatting

  15. sd says:

    Yes the eviction is right. These people are Irish. Ireland does not treat these people any differant than any others. Ireland call them “A social group” The u.k. call them “an ethnic group” so we give them creedance above all else. Ireland banned them from settling down but due to our “Yuman rights” they decided that they could take the U.K. for a ride. In prison they get special rights as well. No other prisoner is able to call them pikey, gypo or anything other than “traveller” or you will be on a charge. We had our van stolen and stripped (found on site) by “travellers”

  16. My maternal grandparents were real English romany who had the upmost respect for land,people and animals,unlike these scum who think they have a right to live anywhere and turn it into a tip. As for travellers being a’ people’what a load of bollocks! And there is no such person as a gypsy either,It’s a corruption of the word Egyptian which is what people thought romanies were. As for vanessa redgrave, why doesn’t she keep her champagne socialist nose out and go back to making crappy films? Coor the drom, scruffy bastards!

  17. Chris says:

    Personally i agree with the eviction. The legal site has permission to be there, but that doesn’t mean anywhere nearby automatically should be approved, ‘shortage’ of plots or not. But it’s a real shame when there are posts by the likes of John Bull above which are simply spitting bile. All you do is undermine the valid & good reasons why people are in support of the eviction.

    Leave the vitriol will you

  18. John Bull says:

    Gypsy and traveller? You’re nothing
    Buy lazy thieving scum. Well the British law has triumphed. I’d like to see you petrol bombed.

  19. John Bull says:

    I’m sorry but you’re illegally occupying land that you had no permission to build on. You’ve been a blight on the area, a human wave of filth and crime. Go back to Ireland. You’re scum. Living on some far flung fairy tale belief of a romantic traveller. I put the ancient curse of Herne the Hunter and the Green Man upon all at Dale Farm for desecrating the sacred pagan land of Olde Englande. The Green Man will take you’re first born and Herne will cause you anguish as he delivers cruel blow upon your families. May cancer and curse blight your lives for ever more

    • Danny says:

      What an evil thing to say.

      I’d much rather live near a traveller community than someone who wishes such horrible things upon other human beings.

    • Unsettling says:

      @JohBull(shit) – come on, who else do you hate? I bet you actually hate yourself most of all. I’d advise you to keep your racist bile to yourself. In fact, I believe you have already broken the law through your comments and I appeal to the managers of this site to report you to the police.

    • Mike Jackson says:

      Are you taking your antipsychotics?

    • Claire h says:

      John Bull…shit! How sad and angry are you?! I suggest you look at your own issues first..all consuming hate and anger are large contributing factors to alot of serious illness…such as cancer. Ps…ever even heard of Karma?!

      • Zoey says:

        It isn’t hard to tell which ones are the travellers and which ones are not.
        You really should have stayed in school – god help your kids if this is the level of education you are passing on!

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