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  1. Paul Nelson says:

    why can anyone tell me have the authorities done what they have to human beings today, heavy handed bully boy tactics where are any of us safe after today’s events my partner and I are in a minority group we know what it is like to be hounded and treated like dirt by authority’s. The country pays millions to foriegn countries and we can not put our own house in order this is a sad day for humanity and a bad day for the authoritive bullies.
    Paul and Paul SCOTLAND.

  2. To Nicola Benson:
    I´ve read your comment about the simple solution
    And let me tell you that nothing is free in this world, not for us. Things you take for granted is a treat to us and I will explan why.
    For the privilege of running water, child health care, elderly care, sanitation, education, electricity, and so on, you are required to:
    1) Be able to read and write. There are those who can not, or have difficulty reading and writing, because lack of schooling.

    2) We must also go on agreed appointenments of doctors, midwives, principals, teachers, write to the electricity company, filling out applications and forms for schooling, medical care and other follow-ups.
    3) To take advantage of all these social rights and privileges you have to carry your piece of the community load and start working and paying taxes or be willing to go to different authorital programs for example what Social Services may require.

    Because that’s what applies to travelers nowadays … the social services.
    Do not think for a second that any of us will get a job before 200 other “socially acceptable citizens”.
    And when you never had that culture to turn to medical care when ill or use of pediatric care, but we see to eachother in our own way that we are well, what do you think social services say then?

    And if social services do not like the way we live and priorities (as mentioned, our culture is not a socially accepted culture) what do you think they do then? Well, they investigates and finds more things they do not like about us. Yet more reasons why we would not be able to take care of our children according to their liking of course. We are clean, our children are clean.
    We all have food in our stomachs and clean homes. We know right from wrong, we know for example that all humans are of flesh and blood, and this planet is for us all to live. But neither in Italy, France, England now and many other countries, earlier it was Sweden, Norway and Finland, we were not allowed to exist in. Where are we going to exist then?

    Many of my older relatives do not go to the doctor if they are sick, it is not even 50 years since the last doctor measured our heads and noses to identify a “true Pikey” An inferior race (their conclusion was), in the late days when it was popular to determine the most superior and inferior race of people. We were lower standard than the jewes in that time.
    And how far has not the jewes come in acceptance both culturally and socially since then?
    Many of my relatives want to be seen as little as possible in the government paper of various kinds. For fear my friend, and that society is not ready to accept us as equal citizens like everyone else. Yet they demand it, they demand for us to jump into the lions mouth!

    Therefore, we prefer to be alone, take care of ourselves in our own way. Without being a burden to society, and without taking part of all those privileges that are meant for everyone else. And why should I or my people want to integrigate and socialize with our country neighbours? Most of you despise our very existens! We dont take chances with people, because 500 years of history have taught us to beware of you. And the majority has never proved the difference. That is why my friend, we prefer to stick with eachother instead and the ones we trust.
    I hope I have given some clarity to this and I hope you who read this understand that the simplest of solutions are not always so simple. I think it will take another 500 years of first penance for past mistakes and also for the contemporary mistake to get into a sort of balance between our peoples. We are without fear and suspicion, and you without suspicion and contempt. My best regards //Mia

    • psgm says:

      Forgive me if I am wrong – but the argument here is that the “travellers” want to stay in a site which had no planning permission granted.

      Is it true that when the land was bought, a certain part was green belt land? Is it also true that in this country planning permission has to be obtained BEFORE a building is resurrected?

      Again is it true that the families were offered alternative accommodation?

      Some have argued that this is effectively ethnic cleansing. If this is true, why are a number of travellers who are obeying the law not being harrassed or having eviction orders being carried out against them? If it was ethnic cleansing or racism surely these
      people would be also evicted. Your arguments simply do not wash. Had they obeyed the law there would be no problem.

  3. I´am a traveller woman from Sweden and I write to let you know, that we in Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway, Finland are following these horrofying news on whats happening with the Dale farm.
    We all feel helpless and our hearts bleeds out for our people in England.
    There is no place on earth where we are welcome with open arms, or even on equal terms as others.
    But there are better and worse countries.
    The authorities require us to live like everyone else.
    They dont want to understand, that the differences between us and others is that we are born with an extreme need for freedom.
    We want to look after ourselves in our own way of doing so, without being a burden for anyone.
    We do not want to start wars, we do not want to hurt anyone, we do not want to disturb anyone.
    We just want to live and be left alone! All other cultures are more accepted around the world than ours ever will be.
    Our way of living is not even considered to be a culture by the majoritys.

    In the authorities’ eyes we have always been seen as an abomination and it has been scratching in their eyes everytime they have been forced (by EU or other human rights law) to let us be left alone.
    But they jump at every opportunity to push us around like cattle until the only choice we have is: our lives or our life!

    My people in England, please, keep our culture and customs inside your hearts and with your families, but not to others.
    It is the only way you / we can continue to survive as a people.
    The world will never be ready to accept travelers and our ways.
    In Sweden, we can handle ourselves, but the price we pay is that we have to live like any other Swedes.
    Although the Swedes know about us and would not give us jobs or a home if they find out that I am a traveler, or my husband, so we are quiet about it to them.
    The more we hide our culture, the more we will be left alone, but within our walls within our familys, no one can decide how we should live, how we speak eat or dress.

    We are the people within the walls nowadays, our culture is in shackles and chains on the outside. But on the inside, we are free!

    My heart bleeds for you and we all feel so powerless. If there is anything we can do from up here in Scandinavia please please let us know.
    We pray for you /Mia

  4. now that the appeals have been lost why dont they comply with the law also it does them no favours by allowing masked supporters tobe there it give the impression that all the supporters want is violence

  5. I’ve recently noticed there are never any male travellers in any of the media pictures. Where are they? There are photos of elderly women attending court on behalf of the travellers and placard bearing travellers marching in protest but these marches consist of elderly women, young women, children and babies. Why aren’t their menfolk with them? Is there a reason for their absence? Does anyone know?

  6. It seems obvious to me, and has done all along. 1) The councils need to recognise that as it is now illegal for anyone (including travelling communities) to stay anywhere on the roadside for more than 24 hours they need to provide those communities with official and appropriate places to stop for their chosen length of time. 2) The travellers need to recognise that they cannot be allowed to make their home either in a place that it is illegal to do so or by building illegally on their own land. If both parties accept these realities and live up to their part honourably then a solution is simple -The council agree to find, prepare and rent an appropriate site to the travellers, giving them long term stability for their elderly, their young and their sick so that they can access health care, schools, work, running water, sanitation etc, also allowing them approriate planning permission for chalets. They allow the travellers to stay at their present site until a new one is ready for them to move to. The travellers agree to move willingly and without objection to the approved site when it is declared ready for habitation, abide by a standard tenancy agreement and to respect, foster and value an amicable relationship with their country neighbours.

  7. hi, just because travellers are in the minority why should they be evicted from their own land???
    how many other wealthy “normal” landowners etc have been allowed to “buy” through the system to allow what they want???

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