Important Update about the Eviction of Dale Farm

The public date of the eviction is the week of the 19th September, but we still need supporters at Dale Farm. We have received unconfirmed reports that part of the eviction operation may start on Monday the 12th, and so the more people on site the better. Please be ready to come to Dale Farm in the morning, just in case — you’ll receive a txt if you’ve signed up to txt alerts at

Residents believe that the bailiffs and the police may attempt some sort of operation early Monday morning. This is a very stressful time for a lot of the residents- they are being made homeless by their own council. They need our support.

If you are able to come down Monday, please do. If not, come down as soon as possible. The police and bailiffs may try to stop people from coming on site, so be ready to find ways to get on- it’s a big site and should be possible.

We have also received intelligence that the bulk of the police operation will start with a briefing on Sunday the 18th to prepare for the 19th, and that the police operation is being run out of Boreham police station.  The operation is planned to last one week, but officers have been asked to block 10 days off just in case.  The bailiffs are believed to be running their operation out of Basildon.  The council has said they will be cutting off electricity to Dale Farm on the 19th, but we have had reliable information that in order to interfere with our ability to get information out in advance, that they are considering cutting off power from the 16th.

Dale Farm is in easy reach of London. For directions on how to get there see and you can call the Camp Constant site phone: 07583621312

Things to bring:
-warm clothes
-food & water
-notepads, pencils
-cameras for taking photo evidence

Things not to bring:
-offensive weapons
-Things you would not like the police to take off you

Legal info- write on your arm before you get here:
Dale Farm Legal Hotline: 07928 669 515
Birds Solicitors: 07966 234 994
Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors: 07659 111 192

See you here!

Dale Farm Solidarity

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28 Responses to Important Update about the Eviction of Dale Farm

  1. lucy says:

    aahhh you must be another one of those hate filled nutters like “zoe and pikey hater”,
    One of the residents i think his name was lee, who was made out to be some poor resident was later arrested by the police with a shot gun approaching a site with children, you really are a lovely bunch.
    I feel very sorry for the travellers to have to live near you .
    In response to “shut your ignorant mouth”, i will not, and funnily my views are the same as many who are rallying support for these people, groups and individuals, organisations like the UN.
    The world is watching, you will never get these people to disapear as you so wish.

    I will leave you with your ignorance and hate.

  2. troofyoof says:

    im not surprised at the brainwashed idiots rejoicing at the planned eviction. The majority of people in this country are like lost sheep waiting to be told what to do but the dale farm residents have opted out of this stinking system and are being forced back into it, the government will find a big fight on their hands this time because you cant threaten anyone who has nothing to lose and everyone is entitled to fight for their beliefs. Im with the travellers in spirit and i urge the haters to chill da fxxx out,no matter how much you hate ,your taxes will still be going
    Stand firm in the face of tyranny i believe,even if it means getting a good hiding at least you can live with yourself and hold your head high,,which most of the lost sheep in this country cannot do as they queue up to pay their taxes,inform on their neighbour,call the police cis someone is having a party and dam they are even laughing….etc
    The system stinks but the little pawns who make it work i.e. The haters…they stink worse

  3. ~Wolf~ says:

    ATTENTION: The people of the United States are living and building homes on land without the specific permission of the Lenape and other tribes of North America. Even if they “own” the land, we were not asked for special planning permission to build on it. Since England has set a precedent on this matter, I demand every non-Native American find somewhere else to live. Bulldozing of homes will begin ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation. (Hey, if you can do it, so can we!)

    • Truckdweller says:

      You could say that for quite a bit of the US though. I can’t see that kicking out all the white people from the US would be that practical though.

  4. lucy says:

    This is all about RACE and CREED!
    The travellers have asked for planning permission many times and have always been refused.
    ” According to the commision for equality 90% of travellers applications for planning permission are refused”
    They would’nd grant them it anyway, I understand only to well- it is DISCRIMINATION

    For your info i am a potter and I teach pottery,I have been involved in wait for it, peacefull protest,
    So god knows what your comments are about.

    Why do they have to go to Ireland, should all Aficans go back to Africa? Can you start to hear how racist you are? Or still in denial?

    I will leave you to your hating and ignorance.
    Rather than post here why don’t you actually read about what is happening and how this situation came about. Its under home. It may educate you…………………………………………………………..

    there is always hope!!

  5. lucy says:

    oh dear zoe, what a hate filled person you are.
    To have actually worked out when someones home is going to be bull dozed down to the exact second??!!!432 000 seconds??? are you for real???
    The fact that makes you happy is a real ugly insight into what type of person you are.

    Unfortunately you are wrong on all accounts. You don’t seem to understand that you are CLEARLY a racist. If you had bothered to do any research or go to the site and meet people you would find that they are not all on benefits. You would not know that as you do not have an open mind and can only tar everyone with the same brush.

    People can live how they wish if onylby the letter of the law. If we all lived by Hitlers law’s then most people in Europe would be dead. It may blow your mind but there is corruption within laws and that is why people stand up to them, as some are wrong. Like what is happening to these people, humans like yourself.

    If you were not racist ( which you clearly are) “why dont they go back to their homes in Ireland”
    as why should they? If you had not noticed Society is now (big word for you coming up) multi cultural. As a society it is one of the wonderfull things to have people from all different cultures.
    These are brave people from the romany people who are persecuted all over Europe for their way of life,

    It will cost 20 million to clear the site what a disgusting waste of money to only push them onto a layby and resolve nothing. They are people you cannot make them dissapear.

    As your comment to ” hopefully us taxpayers are not paying for your benefits”, I am a teacher and a head of a department -so wrong there to.

    I will leave you to add up the milliseconds to someone’s house gets bulldozed in front of scared children as you seem to really get off on that.
    I however will be supporting this campaign and will always fight against racism and injustice and as a teacher will continue to help educate people so they can gain wisdom and knowledge.
    I think you could do with a lot of that.

    I will not be responding any further to you- you are clearlly to ignorant. Off you go get your calculator out

    • Zoey says:

      I would rather hold my breath for two hours than go to some illegal site with a bunch of unwashed people such as yourself.

      Onward….this is not about race, creed or colour… keep rabbiting on about that. It is about people who have illegally built on land. God help what you teach kids if you can’t get that simple nugget through that grey matter of yours. Plus your grammar and spelling is pretty awful for a teacher who is head of a department. No wonder there are so many dummies around.
      It might cost 20 million but it will be worth every penny. Why should they be allowed to stay on an illegal development? About time lawbreakers like these ones are put in their place, regardless of RACE, CREED, COLOUR.

      if they are in a layby they will be moved on, and on until they hit the borders of Ireland.

      Brave people – yeah…in packs they might be. You’ll get your 15 minutes of fame Loopy Lucy and then hours of mirth. Remember too that any violence on your part at the site clearance in less than 5 days will go on your record. That will stay with you for a very long time.

      • RMT says:

        Zoe, you sound pretty unhappy with your lot. A case of I don’t do that so they can’t? You choose to be a sheep honey. Perhaps if you stopped putting you feet up and drowning your frustrations with the life you lead in a bottle of Rose, you’d develop a bit more empathy. Misery likes company, you are miserable and want everyone else to be.

    • Meme says:

      Give up, Lucy, these hate-filled trolls on this site will never get it. Bet they’ve spent too much time on the Daily Mail website, not that I hate them for their ignorance, leave all that hate to them.

      • Zoey says:

        LOL yeah right!4 days until the dozers move in….tick tock tick tock.
        Don’t forget to pack the kettle.

        I have empathy for those who deserve empathy. Not a bunch of thieving crooks like the ones you are defending.

  6. lucy says:

    Wow Zoe, if you hate them as much as you do why are you on this site all the time spreading your hate and your backward ideas, you are clearly very uneducated and ignorant

    “tick tock tick that is the sound of your brain!!!!!

    This site is FULL of support, yes you get the few ” Zoe’s and pikey hater” great name- doh

    People dont have to live one way, people should be free to live how they choose, you will never quash their spirit,

    I hope you get some love in your life and as you hate them so much, maybe get off this site and do something else with your day!!


    • Zoey says:

      I never said I hated them Lucy who can’t read. I am merely speaking the truth which you twist as hatred and your fellow unwashed buds as racism.

      People should be free to choose how they live? I agree as long it complies with the letter of the law. The Dale Farm peeps have not. The say they have spent almost 2 million building up the community…how they all do that on benefits then?

      I haven’t seen very much support for these bums anywhere, not on this site, the community or even the country, and certainly not from abroad. I guess there isn’t much lurve for lawbreakers and these people have broken the law – what part of that do you not get?? I can write it s-l-o-w-e-r if that helps.

      You can preach all your propaganda you want, but the fact of the matter is, clearance time is coming – 5 days. 120 hours (give or take), 7200 minutes,432,000 seconds.

      Better get packing because time is slipping away.

      Time has run out, legal aid has run out, patience has run out. The best thing that can happen is these lawbreakers leave peacefully back to their homes in Ireland and let the site be cleared without any problems.
      Your post reminds me of brainwashing where you spout off without thinking. Should have stayed in school, or at least learned how to speak properly.

      Hopefully us taxpayers are not paying for your benefits as well as those on the ILLEGAL camp.

  7. Emily G-f says:

    It breaks my heart to see how reactionary and bigoted some people are in these comments.

    I don’t think you people have any right to judge until your kids come back from school crying or you get the feds called on them just for stopping for diesel at a garage.

  8. Pikey Hater wickford says:

    Double Karmer
    I have lived a ferw miles from these lying cheating scumbags for nearly 10 years I do know them very well in fact and the sooner they leave the better for essex maybe its you that should get to know them better

    • Chris P says:

      if you ever get the chance to go to the area Dale farm is in, you will see the distruction these animals have caused, they are hated in the local community, the local school even had to close because of the abuse the teachers recieved from the parents and the worst ofsted reprt in the country.
      The worst things is the smell, they havent had any sewers put in, so for the last 10 years they have discharged all the sewage into the ditches and rivers it stinks.
      Not one person out of the 80 families has ever paid council or income tax for 10 years.
      i also find it strange that they have never paid for electric, gas or water in that time either, but all the caravans have it, i am told they connect to the street lights for electric and tap into the mains gas supply.

      ferral under class must refer to these animals.

      if it was a dog it would be put down !!!!!!!

  9. lucy says:

    where would you like them to go Zoey???Just by the side of the road with young children?? have a heart women, no other group would be treated like this. It is complete racism. It is an issue with planning permisssion that the council could sort out for them very easily. It shocks me peoples complete lack of empathy or compassion for people facing homelessness. They have looked after the site, made it more of a greenbelt site than the scrap yard it is, look after each other and their children. They have a right to live this way if they so wish, it is not for bigotted council members to throw children out on their street, stop their schooling. It is a disgrace. Like your comments.
    We should stand behind them as they stand up for their homes and for their ways of life.

    • Pikey Hater wickford says:

      Interesting Lucy apart from.
      The reason for green belt is to stop urbinaisation something that they are doing and very heavily. How come they have built accomodation out of bricks and mortar yet refuse to live in a house allocated by basildon council (MMM strange one that) as for schooling the primary school they all use has the highest absence record for the whole of the UK and also the largest truancy record in the whole of the UK they must be so proud of that.

      Just in case you would like to argue the point here are 107 pupils and 103 are travellers
      With over 53% of them absent and the rest truants

      The green belt is an area not for habitacion. “The scrap yard which if you new was not laden with cars it was more or less disused land. ” They have built where thay shoul not and now are bleating about it. Yes they bought the land but it has no planning permission. If they were to buy a similar plot with planing permission for 80 homes you waould be talking millions not the pitance they paid. If they were not eveicted what is stopping every adult in this country simply building on allotments parks waste ground. Please analyse situations before commenting on them they broke the law now they have tto pay the price thats life i,m afraid.

      • Emily G-f says:

        Probably because living in a big group means their homes and kids are less likely to get firebombed in their beds by hating cunts?

      • Chris P says:

        Emily G, you are a idiot, these are the most lawless group of animals in this country they should be rounded up and shot !
        theiving b**stards, Start travelling and go back to ireland !

    • Zoey says:

      Back to Ireland where they have houses and plenty of them. Ireland won’t have them, and the benefits aresn’t so good there so they have to blight our lives with their thieving scummy ways! Hey, shame about the kids but the non travllers have had plenty of warning, I would say they were being abusive, neglectful parents by not providing in advance, they knew the eviction was coming……. The council has offered places, pushing real folk to the bottom of the housing list to accomodate these scuzzbags who contribute nothing but whinge with their hands out.

      Homeless my arse. Racism my arse. Ethnic cleansing my arse.

      Five days and counting until eviction – tick, tock, tick, tock.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  10. Zoey says:

    Why bother? You will be going – you have no legal right to stay. Have some respect for yourself and leave peacefully. Any violence will only show the world your true nature. And alreay you have no sympathy.

    • “Why bother? ” We bother cos if we didn’t, it would let other councils continue to treat travellers & gypsies like dirt. If people would just take the time to speak and get to know the people at Dale Farm, people would SEE that travelers are NOT the ‘monsters’ they are made to be.

      • Chris P says:

        Karma, whats the problem if you abide by the law there is no problem. i suppose you never knew it was green belt land ?
        Maybe i will build a mansion on a field i own in the country, oh no i cant its green belt land, i have to follow the law of the land why cant you animals do the same ?

      • Zoey says:

        NON travellers. Travellers travel, Dale Farm is full of law breaking squatters.
        Ever hear the term, you get out of life what you put in?
        They are reaping what they sow and rightly so. And I am a poet today!

        5 more days and in come the dum de dum dum dum – BULLDOZERS

        Not much support for these law breakers except from the great unwashed and Emily GF who is one of the scariest looking females I have ever seen.

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