Dale Farm Call Out – Eviction Wednesday pls forward

We are expecting an eviction at #dalefarm tomorrow (Wednesday), and residents are asking for support.

Please come down tonight if you can and spread the word! Briefing at DF
9pm, and another one tomorrow 8 am.

Please pass this on, tweet it, txt it, call your friends! Arrange to come down together.

Only significant numbers can stop the eviction from going ahead.
https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/contact for directions.

The Court of Appeal has rejected the residents’ right to a judicial review, which means that Basildon Council will be able to come on to conduct an eviction from now onwards.

We need people to come willing to engage in civil disobedience as well as support residents and activists in resisting the eviction through non-arrestable roles. It may seem like a scary thing to do, but coming down to Dale Farm is one of the most important things we can do for the community here, and to protest the injustice that even the United Nations and Amnesty International have unreservedly condemned.

This is a historic moment of resistance- let’s do something.

The residents have nowhere to go. They are united in resisting the eviction, and we have been working with them to develop plans and strategies.

Travellers in the UK are at the receiving end of state violence. The way the Dale Farm community is being treated is a form of ethnic cleansing which criminalizes a people and a culture, and it is vital that we come together in solidarity to resist it. We are ready to resist the eviction, and we need more people to join us and the residents as soon as you can come down.

Bring a sleeping bag, food and resistance paraphernalia. (For a full list of things to bring, how to get here – only 30 min from London- and other important info, see https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/activity/ or call

In addition to getting supporters down to Dale Farm, we still need a lot of funds to cover the work we have been doing so far. Please donate at:

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