Appeal for funds to cover new planning appeals and dig away bunding barriers

Basildon Borough Council has £20m to draw in pursuing its policy of ethnic-cleansing aimed at driving Travellers out of the district. Much of it was spent on the violent eviction last October, backed at Westminster by the pro-bankers coalition.

In response supporters raised £3,600 last year, which was divided between Camp Constant and the Dale Farm Housing Association.

Now fresh funds are needed to help pay for the work of restoring Dale Farm. Immediate needs include fresh planning appeal fees and the hiring of diggers to remove bunding that is preventing re-occupation of legal plots.

Can you help?

Donate through Paypal

67 Responses to Donate

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  16. bob smiith says:

    can let you have some mobile vouchers … let me know (… before)

  17. Gloria Hunniford says:

    How do the chained activists do a wee-wee or No.2? Are there special combat trousers they wear?

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  19. Stewpot says:

    Want to buy some pegs ?
    Tarmac laying ?
    Block paving ?
    Facias anyone?

    What a joke

  20. gordon says:

    hope you keep up the fight if i could be there i would marko

  21. Its just that the UN put out a plea for millions of pounds to help the Pakistani flood victims today – and you, in the absence of a set of published books, appear to have wasted tens of thousands of pounds of their money – on what? I’m sure a lot of people would like to see a letter from your the two Solicitor’s firms you state represent you on this site, which shows the accounts in full, and shows you intend to do with what is left over after the eviction tomorrow…….

  22. How can we request a copy of the bank statements for money donated via this site and a copy of the accounts of how it was spent please?
    Its a legal requirement in the UK if you’re using a PayPal account to verify it – so can you provide the name and sort code of the account the money is downloaded into, just so everyone knows this is a kosher organisation and the money has actually been used for the purposes described on the website….can’t see why you haven’t already done that….

    • ..still waiting – what’ s the problem? You must know which account this money is being sent to? You’ve had months since this information was first requested to post the relevant details – what’s the problem?

      • You’ve given the following telephone numbers for people to write on their arms before they get to Dale Farm:
        Birds Solicitors: 07966 234 994
        Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors: 07659 111 192

        Are these firms collecting the donations on your behalf, as you’ve implied? If so, why haven’t they posted the bank account details as requested?

  23. mike hawkins says:

    Might I also draw your attention to thsi site’s very own article:
    ‘The eviction, estimated to cost 19.2 million pounds, would involve smashing chalets and mobile-homes, and physically forcing up to 90 families, including children, the elderly and infirm, to leave the district, impoverished and with nowhere legally to live.

    YOU ARE CURRENTLY LIVING SOMEWHERE ILLEGALLY. How is this a justification for the residents not to move.

  24. mike hawkins says:

    Why oh why would I donate my hard, LEGALLY earned money to a bunch of money grabbing travellers that have no right to stay where they are? Ridiculous.

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  26. Dan says:

    Sorry but a lot of this page is filled with racist abuse, eg Mr Me 31 May and Andy 4 Sep. There’s no right to post racism, or any other kind of abuse, anywhere but especially on a traveler-support website. As a Jew who’s been called a Yid and a zhid, I’m really offended by the usage of ‘pikey’ in these comments. Please delete them moderators!

    • JasperP says:

      Pikey is a word that Romani Gypies use for non-Romani travellers. Eg: “They aren’t real Romani (Gypsy) they are Pikies”. It is also a word they used to use for a member of a Romani family who has committed an offence and the family coucil (called a ‘Kris’ in Romani and every true Romani family used to have one) has cast them out as punishment. The reason they are called “Pikey” is because amongst the Romani family they are treated as if they never existed as one of the family hence Pikey = non-Romani traveller.

      If ‘yid’ were being used on these boards, I’d say you had a right to object: as it is, I’d leave the comments in place – the message boards on this site will form a very interesting archive for sociologists and historians in the future – don’t censor reality.

  27. FiddleDeeDee says:

    and loads of maiden names being used on deeds etc etc – hear there are Roumanian gypsy families looking for squats out there at the moment too……

  28. Ruth says:

    @ Joseph
    Didn’t donate via paypal, donated cash. Why would you think I have to prove anything to you? And why are you shouting?

  29. Joseph says:

    @Ruth says:

    Sorry I can’t be there but hope the donation helps.

  30. Joseph says:

    @Ruth says:

    September 10, 2011 at 11:48 am
    Sorry I can’t be there but hope the donation helps.


  31. Ruth says:

    Sorry I can’t be there but hope the donation helps.

  32. Melissa Marks says:

    Donate ?
    To law breakers ?
    Very funny.
    The internet is full of weirdos.

  33. Lou Vaine says:

    Supporting all the way …….

  34. Rev. Wunden Hahn says:

    mein alter Mann sagte folgen der van
    und dont dally dillee auf dem Weg,
    off ging der Wagen mit mir zu Hause in ihr verpackt,
    Ich folgte mit meinem alten Hahn Hänfling,
    aber ich dillied und trödelte
    trödelte und dillied
    meinen Weg verloren und weiß nicht, wo zu durchstreifen,
    und man kann nicht das Vertrauen einer speziellen wie die alte Zeit Kupfer
    wenn Sie schräg finden Sie Ihren Weg nach Hause

    Jesus Christus – Die Zigane Bibel

  35. Hans hat Kopfschmerzen says:

    Ich mag keine Leute, die auf dem Grab von Millionen für die eigene Tasche spucken zu füllen – warum nicht rechtmäßig und friedlich zu verlassen?

  36. Hans hat Kopfschmerzen says:

    Deshalb ist es zulässig, für diese Person – Anti-gorja Brigade zu Gewalt gegen Personen für jeden, friedlich zu protestieren in einem demokratischen Land wie Großbritannien Wünsche zu bedrohen? Warum nicht Debatte dieser Frage ähnliche Kreaturen, die über ausreichend Gewebe entwickelt haben, um einen separaten Anus und Harnwege haben, anstatt eine Kloake wie ein Baum, Wohnung Frosch?

  37. Hans hat Kopfschmerzen says:

    Hier in den Alpen, dont wir kaufen Salz dieses Herstellers, denn im Grunde ist es für hohen Blutdruck, die viele von uns leiden unter, wenn wir noch einmal in die Diskussion über ethnische Säuberungen etc. gezogen ist schlecht
    So unglaublich es scheinen mag, ist die Bundesbank nicht im Entferntesten durch diese gesetzliche Zwangsräumung beeinflusst, noch sind die Umsätze Muster der durchschnittliche Bürger. Wir alle Shop bei Aldis sowieso, und das letzte Mal sah ich eine englische Küche im Angebot gibt es im Jahr 1946 war. Sehen wir Dale Farm Käse auf you tube, sieht aber zu flüssig für unsere Gaumen …..

  38. twateller says:

    ha hhaha ha hahahahahahahh ah ah aahh ahahahh ahah ahh ha h hah ah hah hah ha ha …….. minks

  39. teabags says:

    donate? r u being serious? u fucking minks- get a job!!!!!! wankers

    you all deserve what u get —– the sooner the council and police get on with the ‘avicshine’ the better lmao……..!!!!!!! u disgusting horrible minks!!!! lmao ha ha ….. it’s ok anyway —– travellers can’t read this cos they can’t read… you really are terrible horrible people ,…… smelly!

  40. anti-gorja brigade says:

    Mr Me & Andy.
    If there is scum, its you!, you are the parasites that supporting this ethnic cleansing, you people are the ones that rape, murder, abuse children, rob and steal from the poor, it is you perverts!
    So shut ya goddamn mouths because if any of you go to the eviction on the 19th in support of the pigs and thugs that are going to orchestrate this ethnice cleansing, and you get lippy, you are going to get a busted lip!

    So, shut your gobs, pay your council tax like good dossers, look through your Hitler paraphanalia,, or whatever sick little practices you mongrels do to entertain yourselves, and let’s hear less lip!!! got it?

    or do you need someone to spell it out for you?
    “Less lip = no busted lip”

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  42. Alica says:

    There’s a documentary about the real people of Dale Farm at thats worth a look –

  43. Alica says:

    What name is on the bank account to which this undisclosed Paypal account is linked?????
    Which bank, branch, account number and sort code does the money go to ?????

  44. Alica says:

    What name is on the bank account to which this undisclosed Paypal account is linked?????
    Which bank, branch, account number and sort code does the money go to ?????
    Who decides what it gets spent on?????
    Why persist with the ‘anonymity’ routine????

  45. Alica says:

    Why not give the Account Number /Branch Code BIC of the Bank Account which is the beneficiary of this unknown Paypal account??????????

  46. Andy says:

    Vanessa Redgrave and the Pikeys
    When have you met a vulnerable Pikey? I suggest that good old Vanessa invites all the Pikeys back to her place along with all their treasured possessions as she likes them so much, this would save the local council a massive amount of cash in scum clearance. I wonder how long would it take for her to get fed-up with the huge piles of filth, pikey wagons, barking dags, and visits form the local constabulary.
    As good old Vanessa likes poking her nose into things that she deems unacceptable, could as an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador employ a whole team of UNICEF Pikey advisers to create a UNICEF Pikey workshop to monitor and catalogue the mayhem under the Town and Country Planning Act.

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  48. Louise says:

    The facts here are that there are vulnerable people who are going to be evicted from the only homes they have ever known. It is quite despicable in the 21st Century that a Council can evict vulnerable humans from the only security they have. There are many questions to be asked here: Why did the Council take so long to issue enforcement notices (are they in line with the current laws concerning the Town and Country Planning Act)? It is not illegal to build on Greenbelt or Brownbelt land and where building had occured, enforcement notices should have been issued earlier! Some of the homes had been up for more than four years – the Town and Country Planning Act states that the future housing of residents should be taken into account before homes are removed – especially that of vulnerable people. Vulnerable people are not just the elderly, but also children of which I can gather there are approximately 100.
    It is quite abhorent to think that a Council can evict children from a place of security when it is quite clear in my opininion that they do not appear to have acted within the terms of the Town and Country Planning Act.

    • You are a total idiot love. Read this..
      Travellers’ real homes are back in Ireland and they will NOT be ‘homeless nomads’ if they are evictedBy Nick Fagge

      Last updated at 1:46 PM on 17th September 2011

      Comments (130) Add to My Stories Share Claims by travellers at the illegal encampment at Dale Farm that they have nowhere to go were further undermined yesterday with the revelation that they own valuable property in Ireland.

      The travellers told Britain’s highest ranking planning inspector that if evicted, sick children and immobile old people would be forced to endure makeshift roadside camps.

      But what the volumes of applications and appeal papers did not make clear was that Anne Sheridan, Helen Quilligan and no doubt the majority of their five other co-applicants demanding to ignore British planning laws were not the homeless nomads they claimed to be.

      Somewhere to call home: Anne Sheridan’s £100,000 bungalow, with steel grilles on door and windows
      An investigation by the Daily Mail can reveal that Miss Sheridan, the lead applicant in the December 2006 attempt to maintain seven caravans on the illegal site near Basildon in Essex, is the registered owner of a £100,000 bungalow in the village of Rathkeale, County Limerick, in the west of Ireland.

      This follows the news earlier this week that sometime Dale Farm resident and property developer Michael Quilligan is behind a multi-million pound 33-home development just outside the village, which is currently under construction.

      More…Dale Farm travellers fighting eviction own multi-million pound housing estate back home in Ireland
      Big Fat Gypsy star calls on the public to descend on Dale Farm to support evicted travellers
      Revealed: The Irish houses secretly ‘owned’ by Dale Farm travellers facing eviction

      Helen Quilligan, far from being on the point of destitution, is the registered owner of a smart £150,000 terraced house in the same village – as well as two luxury three-bedroom properties in the new development project.

      Dale Farm, the home of travellers
      Children from Dale Farm with placards in protest against the planned eviction
      Documents held by Limerick County Council show the women are registered to vote in local, national and European elections.
      Yesterday one Rathkeale resident said: ‘That is Helen Quilligan’s house but she is not there now.

      ‘She lives overseas with her husband and children. She won’t be back for months.’

      Like many of the Irish travellers who make up the 90 families living at the Dale Farm site – some legally and some illegally – the women own one or more properties in the sleepy, rural town which only comes alive at Christmas when they return to get married and christened.

      Whole streets of houses are locked up with steel grilles and boarded up with wooden frames and gates locked with chains for as many as 11 months of the year while the families live in their state of the art caravans in England.
      According to papers held by Limerick County Council, Helen Quilligan’s two new properties are worth up to £400,000.

      But Dale Farm spokesman Richard Sheridan maintained that no residents of the illegal site in Essex owned properties in Rathkeale.

      Another wealthy traveller linked to Dale Farm, Richard O’Brien, is developing 44 houses near Rathkeale, called the Castle Park estate.

      And a third housing estate is being built by a member of the Sheridan clan who is closely linked to the Essex site.
      An elderly Dale Farm resident has been given a final chance to challenge the clearance. Mary Flynn is renewing her application at a court hearing on Monday – the day the evictions are due to begin

      Read more:

  49. philip webb says:

    why not ask Basildon council to implement the tories new council/h.assoc. proposal, where residents facing eviction are means tested to see if they qualify to be re housed, D.Cameron must be in favour of this as soon it will be Government policy.

    Regards Philip

  50. mr me says:


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  53. gerry oates says:

    I am an octogerarian and do not use the net to support charities.If I had an address to write to and instruction about whom to name on the cheque I would donate in that way..

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