Video & Photos

Life at Camp Constant
Save Dale Farm (advocacy project)
Simon Evans’ video
Travellers’ Eviction in Basildon on Vimeo
Dale Farm Travellers: ‘We won’t just get up and leave’ Guardian video
Violent Eviction Looms for Traveller Families on YouTube
Save Dale Farm on YouTube


Dale Farm flickr pool

11 Responses to Video & Photos

  1. Mark says:

    Why don’t the travellers and their ‘supporters’ ask why they are so unwelcome wherever they go. Must be racism…….nothing to do with the crime, mess and anti social behaviour

  2. tony says:

    is it ok for me to turn my 3 bed end terrce into a mansion without planning permission and expect nothing to be said or done? that would be nice..

    • Tony, The travellers are simply CAMPING on their own
      land, it is NOT the same as you turning your home in to a
      mansion and then selling it on. ALL the Travellers want is
      to CAMP then their kids can goto school and they can live
      a NORMAL life. they are not building houses on Dale farm,
      they are ONLY CAMPING with no breach of any planning
      rules. This whole episode is simple CONDEM racism and
      it is a disgrace to the UK and this is not OK because as the
      CONDEM government abuses Human rights in the UK then
      we cannot export UK goods as easily and we LOOSE jobs and
      LOOSE international respect and that is bad for us all in the UK
      so it is in EVERYONES interest to SUPPORT THE TRAVELLERS !

  3. Look, the attack on Dale Farm is an
    attack on us all as part of the CONDEM
    agenda of Ethnic cleansing then the
    policy of low income evictions. NOBODY
    certainly no majority voted for this !
    SOS ~ Mayday ~ Mayday ~ Mayday
    Township Dale farm under imminent RISK
    of attack by CONDEM STORM troops.
    The CONDEM regime is attacking the
    Disabled, Unemployed, Travellers and
    Trade Union Members Human Rights.
    Fellow RMT members and supporters
    oppose CONDEMNATION together
    “an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us”
    immediate countermeasures needed:
    please proceed to muster stations now.
    RMT Gereral Secretary Bob Crow said:
    “No majority voted for these policies”

  4. Wow, those are some powerful videos, those blue bibbed bailiffs look scary.

  5. Ian Abley says:

    Half of Dale Farm has planning approval, because until 2000 Basildon Council encouraged Gypsies and Travellers to buy their own land, apply for approvals, and build accordingly. After 2000 Basildon Council Councillors changed their minds and started refusing planning applications. The other half of the site which is home to 50 families was repeatedly refused planning approval, and so the residents were trapped, forced to break the planning law administered by a fickle Council.


  6. fiona says:

    jon austin the echo reporter has got his claws into the travellers. he slanders people and will go to any lengths just to get a story to sell papers. he doesn’t care when he goes back to his bed every night that by keeping on like he is doing keeping the BDC on their toes and being a total poison dwarf that he is devastating lives. how dare people call the travellers scum and judge them, stereotyping. who has the right to stand in judgement of these people. i am not a traveller. and i wouldn’t dream of being racist towards them. does it make people feel far more superior trying to look down their noses at people that live a different way to them? shallow people! all people have a heart and a soul. regardless of race, colour etc people have feelings and who gives someone the right to call others such gruesome names.
    many people break planning controls and they don’t have a newspaper reporter such jon austin attacking them just for his own gain. is this reporter racist? do people want to believe everything they read in a newspaper? are people so narrow minded they are easily steered by a reporter digging dirt and slandering people based on his own view and ideas. i hope people realise that reporters don’t care what is really happening out there generally as long as they get a story. they love to hype it up because bad stories sell papers better than good stories.
    i have visited dale farm and the first person i spoke to was very polite. a member of his family a few minutes later invited me into their caravan offering me a drink. a very clean home, happy well presented children.
    people forget the vital roles that the ‘gypsies’ played in our wars. they have earn’t the right to be here for sure. why shouldn’t they have the right to have their cultures supported. they always have lived in a community situation the men taking care of the income and the women all back taking care of home and the kids together, as well as being hard workers themselves trying to work with their husbands to make their bread and butter.
    this country respect religions, but nothing has been put in place for the travellers to maintain the lifestyle they have bred into them traditionally.
    they are stopped from travelling around like they always did. they dare pull in a lay by now and the laws of this country don’t let them get a nights sleep without sending them out on the road again.
    respect their culture and give them the same rights that other multi nations get when they come and share this country.

    • This Human rights abuse by Basildon council will cost the UK billions, not just millions. My job is to promote the UK in Europe and here in germany they have had plenty of experience with racial hatred and ethnic cleansing from 1930 to 1949. If the council does not immediately back down, appologise and compensate the families AND give them planning permission then Germany will start boycotting the UK. There will be no more German investment, no jobs created, no German tourists and the Germans will simply stay in Germany to learn English. They will simply develop an English teaching industry in Germany and the UK will be done for. There will then be NO jobs at all for UK people and we will face a very grim future indeed. Respecting Human rights is the obligation of every UK person and we´ll all pay a truly monumental price if we fail to stop this racist eviction by this racist council that employs racist thugs known as “Constant and co.”.
      May God bless you all and may Good prevail over evil.

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