DALE FARM SOLIDARITY: This weeks action…

‘Please don’t take our homes’. Last weekend some of the kids at Dale Farm made us some pictures and wrote down some thoughts, here’s a little selection:

So, what’s planned for this week?

1) Saturday activities at Dale Farm this Saturday, 13th August, with briefing meeting at 11am. This week we are sorting compost toilets… and getting on with other useful stuff on site. There is a also a lot of community liaison work to be done, including supporting residents, who have mountains of legal paperwork to get through to support their legal cases.

For more information: activity weekends

Dale Farm is about 40 minutes from London Liverpool Station by train, you can find directions and maps on the website.

2) Get organised for Camp Constant ‘big weekend’ starting 27th August. On the long weekend of August 27th before the eviction notice expires, we’re set to launch Camp Constant. Residents of Dale Farm have invited supporters down for a long weekend of skill sharing and community celebration.

3) Workshop space is available 27th -29th Aug – we are looking for anything from Civil Disobedience training, to Traveller history. If you have some skills you’d like to contribute, or would like to suggest someone who can put on a workshop, please email savedalefarm@gmail.com with the details. Thanks!

4) Notices of eviction expire midnight on August 31st. If you’d like to support Dale Farm with your skills, please email us at savedalefarm@gmail.com, and let us know what sort of things you’d like to help with, and what gaps you think you can fill. We need everything from practical site skills, to media work, to networking skills…

5) UN Rapporteur tells UK government that making Dale Farm Travellers homeless by evicting families from Dale Farm without offering an alternative site to live on, will breach their human rights. We always said so, but its good to hear it. See news reports on the BBC and Irish Times..

6) Remember the Demo, Saturday, Sept, 10th, 1pm. Details here. This demo is supported by Dale Farm SolidarityBarbed Wire BritainCampaign to Close Campsfield,Feminist FightbackLondon No BordersNo One is IllegalSouthall Black Sisters,  Unite Against Fascism, Oxford & Cambridge Trade Councils, Anonymous Promotions. Please spread the word…

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