Press pack, 17 Oct 2011: PRESS PACK

Past press releases available here.

A selection of past media coverage available here.


Members of the press who wish to talk to residents of Hovefields and/or Dale Farm and their supporters can ring 07583761462 or 07888699256.

Alternately, email or

25 Responses to Press

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  8. hoxtonred says:

    NUJ London Photographers Branch passed a motion in support of Dale Fram at last branch meeting. Details here:

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  11. Jill Faraday says:

    i think the dalefarm travellers should be left in peace..its like a witch hunt on these poor people,also where do they go to??shame on all support for eviction. Basildon council now being investigated for missuse of funds set aside for legal sites!!thats illegal.

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  17. cambs says:

    so the bbc got asked Ray Bocking about the site being brown belt, but they havent broadcast it or even put it on their website? what a joke……

  18. Animal Rights and Peas says:

    They’re just ruddy Farm animals !

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  20. Free ODP says:

    I get the unfortunate feeling that the press with take the side of the bailiffs/council/police.

  21. The Truth Shall Set You Free (In Britain, it's sure to get you in trouble) says:

    Sam Brackenbury, my friend, as a Gypsy, (Romano) I see, hear, witness and is subject to many things, it’s so bad, I rarely leave the house, I am a prisoner behind 4 walls that don’t want me. In the future, we may indeed find ourselves being led to those very same showers you speak of, God knows the hate is enough to trigger another genocide!

    Acana mucav tut le devlesa!
    (I leave you now to God)

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  24. Nigel Smith says:

    Travellers facing eviction from a United Kingdom settlement, dubbed ‘Europe’s largest illegal gypsy site,’ will meet with Council of Europe officials next month.

    A three person delegation from the advisory committee of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM), will visit the Dale Farm site in Crays Hill during a visit to the country between 6 and 11 March.

    “We are collecting facts and the views of people,” said a FCNM spokeswoman. “Dale Farm has been the centre of disputes for quite some time. We are monitoring the implementation of the framework convention. The views of the committee will be made known to the authorities in June.”

    It is understood that some 86 families live on the site without planning permission. Basildon Borough Council is expected to vote next month on the future of the settlement.

    The United Kingdom is a signatory to the FCNM and its compliance with the convention was last monitored in 2007.

    Next month, the delegation will visit London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast during the five day visit and report its findings to government authorities.

    More information:

  25. Sam Brackenbury says:

    Disabled, Travellers, Asylum seekers, people with mental health issues…. who is next, first “The British Press” support abortion, then assisted suicide, what next??? Are we all going to be led unwittingly led to the showers?????

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