Today, Monday 4th July, some 90 families at Dale Farm, the UK’s largest Traveller community, were delivered final notices of eviction, giving families until midnight on August 31 to abandon their homes, or face their entire community being bulldozed. The central government and Basildon Council have set aside over £18m for the eviction battle that could last three weeks. It will be the biggest clearance of its kind involving the ploughing up of 54 separate plots which were created out of a former concrete scrap-yard, purchased by the Travellers ten years ago. These notices were left attached to peoples homes (see photo, left). Here are copies of the letters: Eviction notice p1 Eviction notice p2 Eviction notice p3 Eviction notice p4

Dale Farm is only a 30 minute train ride from London, and hundreds of people have pledged to join residents in nonviolent resistance to the destruction of Dale Farm. The residents of Dale Farm have encouraged their supporters to establish a base at Dale Farm, Camp Constant, to resist this eviction and house human rights monitors.

Camp Constant, a mass gathering of national and international supporters of the Dale Farm community will begin Saturday, August 27th:
* Starting with a weekend of Traveller history & celebration
* Plus practical eviction resistance training
* Training for legal observers and human rights monitors
* Opening party, Saturday night
Sleeping space is available in caravans or you can bring a tent if you can stay Saturday night. The eviction could go ahead right after midnight on August 31st, so we will be staying at Dale Farm before then in preparation.
* You can sign up to our email bulletins here: http://lists.ucrony.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/dalefarm-solidarity
— — — — — — — — —
STAY OVERNIGHT AT DALE FARM: Urgent call for Support
After the August 31st, an eviction could happen at any time, and we might not know when. We’ll need people to be on standby to come up to Dale Farm in the event of an eviction.
See: https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/hrm/ for details.
We need people to spend the night at Dale Farm to provide around the clock support to the community and resistance to the eviction. We are looking for groups and individuals to pledge to stay overnight.
— — — — — — — — —
Dale Farm is within easy reach from London Liverpool St. Station. See https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/contact/ for directions.
— — — — — — — — —
If you can be on eviction alert, or spend a night at Dale Farm, please sign up here:

Also, please ask your friends to ask their friends to pledge to stay a night: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=170414852985935
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For planning meeting/discussions with Dale Farm residents/legal observer training/resistance activity workshops…
For more information, and to check the dates of activity days, keep up to date at: https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/activity

JOIN US at Dale Farm, SATURDAY, 9th JULY, from midday…
— — — — — — — — —
These eviction notices have been issued despite the fact that Dale Farm residents have consistently offered to leave their land willingly and peaceably, if given viable alternative plots to move on to, which would enable them to rebuild their homes while maintaining their community, their children’s schooling and their health care. No alternative viable housing has been offered to the families of Dale Farm. This means that in the event of an eviction some 90 families will be made summarily homeless, including many elderly, sick, and very young residents.

The council has not adequately considered the individual health and social needs of the Dale Farm residents whom they plan to evict, nor the rights of this community to have somewhere safe to live free from the constant threat of eviction. This leaves the Council and Home Office liable not just to a £18 million eviction bill, but also to the legal and compensation costs resulting from the inhumane treatment of many vulnerable Dale Farm residents, and the targeted persecution of a minority community. Instead of spending money on local community services, on local housing, on community education facilities, or on community race relations, the council is spending half its income pursuing a racist campaign to remove Gypsies and Travellers from Basildon.
— — — — — — — — —

* Email: savedalefarm@gmail for more information.

*For press information, see: https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/press/

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  1. Angel says:

    Love and light and good wishes to you all . You are in my thoughts and heart x x x Stand strong and fight with love in your hearts x x x

  2. kitty says:

    Saw the tv show this is awful. I would loved to have come down and helped but I’m a single mum and nobody would have my kids! I know this might not be helpful and u might have already considered it, but what about somehow storing all your trailers and making out like you’ve left and then after the eviction date just go back? Then surely they’d have to start the whole eviction process again and it cost more money and take years so they’d not bother? Or if they did manage to wreck your homes show how they can’t affect you and rebuild your lives there. The council should just keep out of it and leave you alone. Try spending their budget on improving schools and parks like they should! They’re just bullys. Good luck I’ll be thinking of you

  3. robin wright says:

    where did the planning laws come from? i’ll tell you where they come from, they come from the same bastards that killed my ancestors to get rich. they want to stay rich and keep us in the dirt. they want to play with their rich boy toys while we work our arses off just to pay our mortgages. i have a house which if i didn’t pay my POLL TAX (council tax) on they would take away from me. who the fuck are these people? what do they do for me? i can burn my rubbish, i can light my garden, i can sweep the path outside my house, all for less than they can do it. then these little non people can stop me doing what i want on my own land. don’t get me wrong, i have not applied for planning permission for anything ever. but why should i. if i wanted to build a bungalow down the bottom of my garden for my old mother who the hell are they to say i can’t. WHO ARE THEY? they are people who pretend they have a job, pretend they are important, and don’t live in the same world as me. DALE FARM FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

  4. Adam Flude says:

    Shame on the heartless bastards who are turfing you lovely people out. Many of these officials & law enforcers call themselves “CHRISTIANS” & GO TO CHURCH, yet they behave the OPPOSITE to how Jesus, their saviour would have behaved.
    The £17.5 MILLION they have planned to invest in trying to destroy your lives could SO EASILY have been spent in assisting you and providing decent services and facilities and extra community support, love and friendship between you and other local people.
    However angry you are, please try to keep your protests as peaceful as possible and you will get more support, there are MILLIONS out here who support you.
    Good luck & God bless you all.

  5. otter says:

    Gonna be there with you. Attacks on one aspect of the traveller community is attack on all. I live on a boat. we have no housing rights whatsoever. Bringing superglue for constants offices and love for those under threat

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