Eviction latest

On Thursday 20th October, Dale Farm residents and supporters jointly walked off the site to begin the next stage of the battle against eviction which has been waged across courts, barricades and protests. The decision to leave together was made in order to show the unity of the residents and supporters after two months of supporter presence at Dale Farm through Camp Constant.

There is now an urgent callout for legal monitoring– please get in touch to help.


Midday Monday 17th October, 2011: The High Court has ruled against a Judicial Review. An appeal against this ruling is being sought, and we expect to know today whether or not this will be heard. If it is not, an eviction could begin tomorrow morning. We are asking people to be ready to travel up here ASAP if the appeal is denied.

We need to maintain a constant presence at Dale Farm in preparation for the eviction. Please sign up for text alerts, at: https://smsalerts.tachanka.org/dalefarm/. Your long term presence is encouraged.

Dale Farm is about 30-40 minutes from London by Train, you can find directions and maps on the website here: https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/contact/. From Wickford Station (30 minutes journey from London), its a 15 minute cycle/45 minute walk from the station. To arrange a lift email: call the site phone: 07583621312

As the eviction date gets closer it may become more difficult to get on site. Here’s an aerial view dale farm with more information.

If you can’t make it you can support in another way, we are in desperate need of funds. Please donate- https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/2011/09/17/donate/!

Activists are supporting the Travellers in defending their homes and community. There’s many different ways of getting involved – we need medics, legal observers, site defenders, cooks, etc.. More people are needed on all fronts.
Please sign up for txt alerts (https://smsalerts.tachanka.org/dalefarm/) in case urgent information needs to get relayed or follow us on twitter (@letdalefarmlive) for updates. You can send information to the legal hotline 07928669515

**Getting to the site**

Dale Farm is about 30-40 minutes from London by train, you can find directions here. (https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/2011/09/17/contact/) From Wickford Station (30 minutes journey from London), it’s a 15 minute cycle/45 minute walk from the station. To arrange a lift call the site phone: 07583621312
Please see map (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26043573/DALE%20FARM%20MAP.png) for more info on access to the site. As of Thursday 13th October, there are no restrictions on entering Dale Farm.

**Be Prepared**

Things to bring:
-warm clothes
-water bottle
-sleeping bag and roll mat
-notepads, pencils
-cameras for taking photo evidence
-clean phone

Things not to bring:
-offensive weapons
-Things you would not like the police to take off you

A vegan kitchen is running. We will be asking for donations to cover our costs, but it may be an early target of the Bailiffs, so please bring extra food.

Sleeping arrangements
Sleeping space is available in caravans and residents’ homes but we encourage you to bring a tent, and you are welcome to sleep over anytime. Please bring a sleeping bag if you can, and a roll mat is highly recommended especially since most of the tent space is on hard ground.

Legal info
Write on your arm before you get here:
Dale Farm Legal Hotline: 07928 669 515
Birds Solicitors: 07966 234 994
Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors: 07659 111 192

Other info
Camp Constant site phone: 07583621312
The welcome pack is available here https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/get-involved/. The welcome packs contain information on Dale Farm and the political context of the current eviction, Camp Constant and what to bring, Traveller history, and legal advice for activists.

People coming organised as affinity groups are very welcome.

Please promote our facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/124229427082/) through social networking sites, and call up friends and groups to get a minibus down to Dale Farm.

See you here!

Camp Constant


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  10. Brian white says:

    Tony Ball
    You have told so many lies. Basildon Council put the hard core up there. I know as I was contrack to leavle this by mr Rayomd Bocking. So all tho you may want to move the vans off the hard core is yours.
    Brian white

  11. Well, the eviction won’t be happening today, its now 15:27, they wouldn’t start something this major at this late stage of the day, not many day light hours left.

    Sleep well Dale Farm’ions, and good luck for tomorrow.

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  13. HISTORY is on the side of the TRAVELLERS.
    In 1939 Churchill mobilised the UK to fight fascism
    and STOP Ethnic cleansing and DEFEND Travellers.
    NOW history is repeating itself again and WE ASK the
    We call on the Great International
    powers and smaller nations to
    HELP SAVE THE OK:OK in our
    hour of need. In 1939 the UK was
    there to stop fascism and the
    whole world stood with Churchill to
    achieve World peace in 1945.
    We need International Help now.

    The Not Properly Elected CONDEM
    regime of the UK Conservative party
    and UK Liberal Democratic party has
    Hijacked democracy and is now abusing
    Human rights at Dale farm in Essex.

    We the MAJORITY of the UK people
    request that the UN Security council
    members stand together to censor the
    UK Human rights abusing regime of
    David the Dictator Cameron and his
    CONDEM cronies who were NOT
    freely OR fairly elected as they
    LIED and CHEATED their
    way to power.

    We are ESPECIALLYCalling:
    Presidents Obama and Medvedev.
    People of America and Russia
    Help save the UK:OK !

    • Gordon Gekko says:

      For God’s sake give it a rest. You are talking so much biased paranoid crap that it has become nothing more than an annoying shrill. Nothing you write makes any sense; it is nothing more than delusional rantings based on no evidence (or none that you supply).
      For your information the ‘ConDems’ (your childish name) have helped to restore democracy and human rights after the fiasco of the ZanuLabour party, which is now morphing into the ‘Blue Labour’ party. Shall I remind you about the intrusive human rights removing super DNA database or perhaps the ID card we should all have had. Both these things have been changed. It’s because of these and other infringements of my rights that I voted Tory for the first time (there was also the matter of a nasty, corrupt, badly serving, taxpayer money thieving MP that everyone in the area wanted rid of – and yes we did get rid of her). Will I vote Tory again. Well that depends on the Labour party and on present form the answer will be no.
      For your information the Conservatives and the Lib Dems were properly elected. It’s called democracy. You might not like the result of that democracy but tough. The only other way is a totalitarian regime which is what I think you actually want. But if you got it (we nearly had it under the jackboots of the previous labour govt.) you really wouldn’t like it. Just ask the 20 million murdered under the rule of that great social/communist Stalin.
      As for politicians lying to get into power, well your naivety knows no bounds. Red, green, blue, yellow or whatever colour – they all lie!
      I have no desire to live in your totalitarian dystopia. It is just as bad and corrupt as those whom you criticise. Get over it, get a life and when you finish with puberty knuckle down with your schoolwork and learn something.

  14. Christopher of the family Wicks says:

    Good luck to you all. Jennifer, you are a human being and so are these people. Don’t let your life be filled with anger and hatred. Try to see that we are all connected. Let go of your prejudices before they consume you and turn you bitter and twisted. A nomadic life is one of the most ancient and and sustainable lives human beings can live. Images you have of these folk as scrounging have been fed to you by those who want us divided and easy to control.
    One day you may need help to stay in your home. It would be a shame if there was noone left to help you.

    • Fred says:

      I do not live in fear that the council may one day wish to evict me from my home. Its got planning permission, I pay council tax on it.

      To others who cry victimisation, racist or nazi, when 90% of planning applications are rejected for “travellers” would do well to review where they apply for planning permission for. If its greenbelt or land not identified as suitable for development then it doesnt matter if you are Cliff Richard, you arent getting permission for it. If a 10 acre field was suitable for development, it wouldn’t be sold for sub £30k would it.

      Its about time these “travellers” either accepted the rules and laws governing static residential developments, or, “travelled”.

      If these are decent people, then why not follow the laws of the land they choose to settle on? Abide by the planning laws, start paying their way in life and things will get much better.

      If the familes did not want their children put through the trauma of being evicted again, why settle on a part of a site they knew to be illegal 10 years ago. (Oh and while were at it it was the “condems” that were in 10 years ago when this whole process started, but some appear to have decided its their fault now they are in power). Its not the council, or whatever government that happens to be in power at the time that are putting their children through this trauma. Its the “travellers” who made a concious decision to make their home on what they knew was an illegal site. They just choose to ignore that fact.

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  18. Pat says:

    The next time travellers turn up in your local park don’t blame them blame the government. it’s time for every gypsy Roma traveller in this country to sue this government .

  19. Good luck and all the best at Dale Farm. Sad to see the cops acting like tabloid editors with their press releases on the ‘slavery’ raids. I have a homeless friend in his 50’s who stayed with showmen as a ‘workman’ for a while. He slept in cabs, got fed, was protected and got paid beer money. He said it was the best part of his life. As the Irish Traveller woman at the site said on the BBC – ‘THERE’S TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY’.

    • JasperP says:

      Yes, like that from the man who was serially abused by the people involved in his case…the fact one man you know (I bet) had a wonderful experience with a show family doesn’t make the BBC reports inaccurate, nor those in the Daily Mail, does it? What are the press and police supposed to do? Stop reporting the truth just because you find the timing inconvenient?

      • Sarah says:

        The police have claimed that they knew about this since 2008 so why did they not act on it then? Similar tactics are used when wanting to justify going to war and try and win the support of the public.

    • JasperP says:

      @ sarah – presumably because the police don’t have enough funds – the government have too few people paying wages for a days work, and/or paying the tax they owe – and too many people claiming they are ‘special ‘ minorities with special rights, when in fact, they are just plain greedy…..

      • Who? says:

        Where I used to live everybody was scared of the so called ‘travellers’. Everybody used to give them a wide berth, so consequently they used to get away with everything.

    • Travellers’ real homes are back in Ireland and they will NOT be ‘homeless nomads’ if they are evictedBy Nick Fagge
      17th September 2011
      Claims by travellers at the illegal encampment at Dale Farm that they have nowhere to go were further undermined yesterday with the revelation that they own valuable property in Ireland.

      The travellers told Britain’s highest ranking planning inspector that if evicted, sick children and immobile old people would be forced to endure makeshift roadside camps.

      But what the volumes of applications and appeal papers did not make clear was that Anne Sheridan, Helen Quilligan and no doubt the majority of their five other co-applicants demanding to ignore British planning laws were not the homeless nomads they claimed to be.

      Somewhere to call home: Anne Sheridan’s £100,000 bungalow, with steel grilles on door and windows
      An investigation by the Daily Mail can reveal that Miss Sheridan, the lead applicant in the December 2006 attempt to maintain seven caravans on the illegal site near Basildon in Essex, is the registered owner of a £100,000 bungalow in the village of Rathkeale, County Limerick, in the west of Ireland.

      This follows the news earlier this week that sometime Dale Farm resident and property developer Michael Quilligan is behind a multi-million pound 33-home development just outside the village, which is currently under construction.

      More…Dale Farm travellers fighting eviction own multi-million pound housing estate back home in Ireland
      Big Fat Gypsy star calls on the public to descend on Dale Farm to support evicted travellers
      Revealed: The Irish houses secretly ‘owned’ by Dale Farm travellers facing eviction

      Helen Quilligan, far from being on the point of destitution, is the registered owner of a smart £150,000 terraced house in the same village – as well as two luxury three-bedroom properties in the new development project.

      Dale Farm, the home of travellers
      Children from Dale Farm with placards in protest against the planned eviction
      Documents held by Limerick County Council show the women are registered to vote in local, national and European elections.
      Yesterday one Rathkeale resident said: ‘That is Helen Quilligan’s house but she is not there now.

      ‘She lives overseas with her husband and children. She won’t be back for months.’

      Like many of the Irish travellers who make up the 90 families living at the Dale Farm site – some legally and some illegally – the women own one or more properties in the sleepy, rural town which only comes alive at Christmas when they return to get married and christened.

      Whole streets of houses are locked up with steel grilles and boarded up with wooden frames and gates locked with chains for as many as 11 months of the year while the families live in their state of the art caravans in England.
      According to papers held by Limerick County Council, Helen Quilligan’s two new properties are worth up to £400,000.

      But Dale Farm spokesman Richard Sheridan maintained that no residents of the illegal site in Essex owned properties in Rathkeale.

      Another wealthy traveller linked to Dale Farm, Richard O’Brien, is developing 44 houses near Rathkeale, called the Castle Park estate.

      And a third housing estate is being built by a member of the Sheridan clan who is closely linked to the Essex site.
      An elderly Dale Farm resident has been given a final chance to challenge the clearance. Mary Flynn is renewing her application at a court hearing on Monday – the day the evictions are due to begin

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2038299/Dale-Farm-eviction-Travellers-homes-Ireland-NOT-homeless.html#ixzz1YDRERx00

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  21. davidjones says:

    Tax has built the roads ,saved us from the nazis,run the health service and run the country by democratic means for god knows how long. So what gives the right for some people to opt out . If you cant cope with rules laws and majority ideals ,deal with it and make a better case for yourselves., burning down trees and singing round bonfires is just a cosy comfort ( where do you get your money travel around to fight the system ) I suggest its from the same system you despise. . When left wing groups become nothing more than a comfort zone for those to fight what they dont like with violence, is when people like me think less of what could be ideal idealism. whilst you back every case without due consideration you just become what you despise. May i even suggest that watching and listening to left wing rhetoric you even have the potential to be as f..ck witted as the nazis. put your fires out burn your guitars and join in for a change and immerse yourself in something better .

    • These people are saving you and me and all taxpayers money by not claiming housing benefit and instead they provided for themselves and camp on their own private land which they bought and paid for. Every decent and intelligent taxpayer in the land should be fully supporting the Dale farm travellers. This is the legitimate defence of private property. In the USA people cannot believe this is happening in the UK. Yesterday I met some Americans, they will not be visiting the UK until the COMDEM government is gone.
      In the meantime we are all loosing money and jobs because Ethnic cleansing is giving the UK a very bad reputation abroad, not to mention the serious damage to the UK economy that the CONDEM government is causing. I think David Cameron is deliberately trying to smash up our society and degrade our country then he will buy back the UK on the cheap. House by house evections are planned for all working people in London, Dale farm is only the beginning. The Dale farm travellers are on the front line against condemnation and fully deserve the support of all decent people in the UK.

      • Graham Smith says:

        And yet again we have to demolish your childish, ill thought out scribblings.
        “These people are saving you and me and all taxpayers money by not claiming housing benefit….” No they cost the taxpayer huge amounts in clear up costs, police time and general enforcement of the laws that everyone else lives by.
        “….and instead they provided for themselves and camp on their own private land which they bought and paid for.” and which they don’t have planning consent for the extra homes they have put on there.
        “In the USA people cannot believe this is happening in the UK. Yesterday I met some Americans, they will not be visiting the UK until the COMDEM government is gone.” Complete and total hyperbole. Americans rarely concern themselves over any domestic issues outside of their own borders.
        “In the meantime we are all loosing(sic) money and jobs because Ethnic cleansing is giving the UK a very bad reputation abroad..” How many times does it have to be stated at numpties like you that this isn’t ethnic cleansing. Real ethnic cleansing involves an awful lot of people dying and definitely does not involve moving half the people off land but leaving the other half behind. Ordinary people, getting on with their lives, for example in Calais, really, really, really don’t give two monkeys about the situation at Dale Farm.
        “House by house evections(sic) are planned for all working people in London,….” Where is your proof for this ridiculous statement or is it just one more paranoid conspiracy theory? I take it you are one of Icke’s followers and believe all our leaders are reptiles (in the literal sense that they have green and scaly skin and are from another planet) and that they are out to get us!

      • Jimmyboy says:

        They do claim housing benefit. The land is sometimes alleged to have been bought separately and other times alleged to have been bought by one traveller and plots let out to others. An investigation by Jon Austin of the Evening Echo, revealed that housing benefit is being paid on all 81 of the illegal plots to a traveller named Richard Sheridan. Estimates of housing benefit paid to him range from £600,000 per year to £1.2m!

      • JasperP says:

        “These people are saving you and me and all taxpayers money by not claiming housing benefit and instead they provided for themselves..”

        No they arent’ – there are more HB claims on Dale Farm than there are people …..and the rent money gets paid straight to a landlord in Ireland..who just happens to be related to the Pres. of the gypsy council…..

  22. Cely says:

    I’m bloody disgusted that I live in this country, is there anyone the authorities won’t scapegoat? Sick, disabled, immigrants, travellers? Where exactly are all these people going to go and isn’t there enough homelessness already? All I can say is give ’em hell!

  23. Paul says:

    All property is theft, no one can own anything, not even travellers.
    The earth and all its resources belongs to everyone .
    Blame our ancestors who decided that violence and suppression was the best way to manage the planet.
    99.9999% of the worlds population are nothing more than slaves to the system, the remaining 0.0001% are oblivious to our suffering.
    There is no easy solution to the problem we face as the planet becomes increasingly overcrowded, if we all had freedom to build and live where we chose, then what happens if I decide to build a house which blocked your view?
    Violence I suspect.

  24. ex Newbury / Fairmile says:

    Sorry I can’t be there, good luck people and fight the good fight.

  25. stefanini says:

    The easiest way to get the residents to leave is to tell them that we are not going to give them any more potatoes!

  26. Kimberley Greenwood says:

    Will the Prime minister, and all the law abiding citizens ensure that people who make inciteful vile racist comments towards Gypsies and Travellers are prosecuted? ,

  27. fuck off back to ireland says:

    dirty irish heathens you will all rot in hell – but until then , what about fucking off back to ireland?

  28. Kimberley Greenwood says:

    Will the Prime Ministers belief in law and order encourage him to hold an enquiry to find out why 90% of Gypsies and Travellers planning applications are refused?

  29. I wish you at Camp Constant all the very best of luck.

  30. anti-gorja brigade says:


    It’s clear now how british snobbery has invaded everything! it isn’t enough that these council tax nuts are spreading their lies through the Mail, Express and other british nazi papers, they have permeated a website for Gypsy & traveller support!

    Let’s get some things straight, I don’t live in Dale Farm, and I don’t pay council tax, and for very good reason, because it’s used for ethnic cleansing! would any of you pay it if you were living in a society where there is constant hate? No, you wouldn’t. The same works both ways.


    I, and many others are getting sick and tired to the back teeth of you so -called “law-abiding, god-fearing, upright moral citizens” that we have lost “ALL” respect for you people. So who gives a damn about what you pay in taxes!!! we certainly don’t!

    Lastly, it is not Irish travellers or Romani Gypsies that bring down house prices, ITS PREJUDICE!!!
    So if your house prices have fallen for those who live near Dale Farm (like that toad Len Gridley) it’s what you all deserve!, you load of self-righteous fools!

    David Cameron is acting like a Nazi war criminal, he would never get away with this if it were blacks or muslims on Dale Farm. So there is no way in hell this Nazi government is going to ethnically cleanse travellers and Gypsies from the countryside, just because of some house owners, who think they own a 5 mile radius of land around their house!!!

    It’s high time gorjas were bought down from their high pedestal a peg or six! why is it that these people think they are the master race or something?

    The world belongs to all, not just the council tax payers.

    God made this world for “ALL MEN INCLUDING GYPSIES & TRAVELLERS” says so in the Bible. Its high time that the ignorant gorjas had that fact shoved right down their throats or else face the consequences, WE ARE NOT GOING TO JUST VANISH AT YOUR WHIM!!!


      nice try mate, get the gypsies to turn on us gorjas, well i think this has been posted by a, what for it, GORJA just to stur up shit, if you are not from dale farm then get your backside down there and help your fellow man with all the gorjas that have turned up to fight for what is theres. GOOD LUCK TO THE TRAVELLERS.

    • “David Cameron is acting like a Nazi war criminal”!!!! Did you miss the news,pseudo-sinti? Wasn’t it the Nazis who held people as forced labourers in sheds…..http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/sep/11/leighton-buzzard-slaves-released

      “God made this world for “ALL MEN INCLUDING GYPSIES & TRAVELLERS” says so in the Bible.” – um, which version of the bible are you having read to you ??

    • mike hawkins says:

      Well he would get away with it if they had built housing illegally. It is nothing to do with race, predjudice or any other moronic concept. They have broken the law and now they are being removed. If they had done this elsewhere they would have been fined or imprisoned, they should consider themselves lucky then leave.

    • Who? says:

      The people at Dale farm are not real gypsies or romani. How can you compare the eviction to Ethnic cleansing? You really need to look at your history books because for you to compare this to something as evil as that really shows that you know nothing. Every nationality has its planning applications turned down and they just didn’t decide to keep on building did they? They have had 10 years to move but no, they just continued to build. They have brought this down on their own heads. You really are delusional

  31. Graham Bromley says:

    I understand that in Planning disputes Local Councils have the right to request that unlawfully erected buildings are demolished. This is usually arranged by the person who erected that building and if/when they do not comply with the demolition order the Council steps in and demolishes it for them. THE COUNCIL THEN GIVES THEM THE BILL FOR DEMOLITION. Presumably when Dale Farm “illegal buildings” are bulldozed there will be invoices sent to the people who built them? I would lay odds that it is far more likely that yet again the people who pay taxes (and can prove it, not just say they do) who will pick up the bill. The Government of 10 years ago should take the blame for allowing this situation to snowball as it has. It should never have got this far!!

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  34. treat everyone equally says:

    I think Basildon Council should sieze the vehicles and property and valuables of the travellers who are pitched illegaly at Dale Farm to pay for the £18.5 million cost of removing them and cleaning up the site.

  35. Mother of Two says:

    Whats the point in moving people on when there is no where else to go? The council are trying to force ‘the problem’ to somewhere else. In a few years time they will have to deal with it again, in another place, wasting more money.

    I wish all the Dale Farm residents all the best in their efforts to stay in their homes and hope that the Council and their lackeys open their eyes to the human cost of their proposed actions before it is too late. Have they considered how the trauma of the evection will have a life long effect on the young and unwell? Perhaps they would like to think how they would feel if it was their families.

  36. Cowboy hat says:

    I’m a local Essex girl – fair play to you Peter for making that comment (a bit more valid than the ‘dog poo’ argument earlier…?) even the local cabbie wouldn’t drive all the way, for fear of having his windows smashed. …
    But if they’re so bad – do you really think there’ll be LESS trouble if they’re split up and put into council estates? I don’t think so….there’ll be a lot more trouble, for a lot more people. “LEAVE THEM WHERE THEY ARE” said one local pensioner.

    I went to the camp and it was surreal, a lot of really posh people, suddenly living side-by-side with the Dale Farm crew … can you imagine that? there’s a lot of tolerance & education going on, believe me, on both sides of the inner fence, which can only be good. I didn’t experience any bad feelings (apart from getting bitten by a bitch! but she’s forgiven….) The thing about Dale Farm is that they live as Community and know how to share…

    And that’s what we’ve lost. REAL community living. We’re not allowed to. If you’re in social housing, you start in a hostel and then get a flat or bedsit, there’s no choice in our system to live communally. we’re always being put in these individual boxes, left to fend alone, far away from our families and it messes people up…

    Even in the private sector, blue collar workers can’t afford to rent anywhere ‘nice’ anymore, since Thatcher scrapped the Fair Rent Legislation and Labour never brought it back, (coz a lot of politicians are also landlords…) and we can’t afford to buy, yet we’re NOT encouraged to think about pooling our resources together and living communally, like Dale Farm have, so in that sense, they’re an inspiration, to me at least.

    • Myra Brekinridge says:

      I agree with Madame Cowboy Hat. Why are minority ethnic groups we don’t understand so villified? Because they want to continue a very traditional way of life and not play by the mainstream rules, we object to them. I also visited Dale Farm and learnt a heck of a lot more about the culture of the Irish Travellers than from any other source. Society needs to accept that outsider and other hidden groups want to be left alone to continue their way of life. And as long as they’re paying their goddamn taxes (every traveller I spoke to about this at the farm told me they were) then why can’t they be left alone?

    • karen duffety says:

      Iam 100% in agreement wiv wot u have said ,i to wish them all the luck in the world ,they have shown such strong family values ,something a lot of people dont care about any more,let them be ,let them live there life as they wish ,If any of them r up to no good then they will held responsible ,i cant get my head around the fact the council has £18 million to spend on removing people from there homes,when councils have made massive cuts to schools,elderly services,mental health teams,closer of vital services daily because councils have NO MONEY,so where is this £18 million coming from .?????????????????????????

      • mike hawkins says:

        The full £18 million isn’t coming from the council….. Judging by your spelling and knowledge of the subject I think it is doubtful anyone even needs to consider your opinion.

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  39. Cowboy hat says:

    I agree with ‘Socretes’ comment. So much of the greenbelt is bought up by developers making loads of money, but this is peoples homes. plus it used to be a scrapyard, so it’s NOT like acres of forests have been torn down to build a drive-in….I think people should be allowed to put their caravans where they want, they’re non-permanent & low impact

    • sean says:

      I was led to believe the scrap yard was on he area that has planning permission, just seen aerial footage on the BBC morning news of Dale Farm, and the amount of litter/rubbish that seems to be tipped around the perimeter ditches isnt doing your cause any favours to me it looked most unsightly, something the locals will no doubt use as a stick to beat the residents with. Strong believer in places to be provided for halting, and indeed for more permanent sites either private or council, but theres a reputation or a stigma that follows Travellers and people are wary/ingnorant or their ways and customs.
      It is a pity that rogue Traveller elements in the past have left a reputational shadow hanging over todays travellers where ever they may lay their hat.

  40. To all gypsies living @ Dale Farm,
    You do not have an argument you must obey the law and the judgement that the court has handed down , please leave Dale Farm peacefully.

    • Martin says:

      Human rights come before any supposed law .
      If the court deemed you should be homeless -would you accept that.

      • Peter says:

        What about the rights of the locals in Crays Hill that have been threatened publicly with death and violence for daring to stand against this camp?. What about the law abiding citizens of Essex that cannot get planning permission on residential land let alone green belt land. This is not about the human rights of everyone, just the group of people you have selected to support. Yet you do not support the people that have lived in Crays Hill or the surrounding areas long term. I suspect you have not even looked at their position.

        There seems nothing more than a blinkered view of something, where people do not understand or want to see both sides of the argument. For some reason property owners are not considered, maybe you think that property ownership and those that partake are reasonable cannon fodder and not worhty of a voice in society. I invite anyone here to come and live next to these law abiding travellers. Ah yes the ones that have publicly threatened to assault and give a good hiding to anyone that stands against them on camera. Many of the supporters ( is suspect most ) probably didn’t even know where Essex was, let alone Crays Hill or Basildon. That was until they decided to jump on a cause. All the arguments on here lack the common understanding of what has really happened in this area in the last 10 years. .

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  43. Haebus Corpus Ad Subjiciendum; no freeman may be exiled, otherwise destroyed, etc, etc. Argument that underprovision of sites in past and/or planning permission is Nonfeasance (or other ‘feasance in Public Office. Amount of current provision only relevant re relocation options. Current targets mask past failures? If Administrative law can be used in 1980 re Stephen Byers and Railtrack why not for this case? Granted Im not up to date with all details but what I hear is we want people off welfare benefits being dependent, we need more houses, so lets force travellers / gypsies into homes other people need/want because we don’t like the way they live and make them dependent if we can. A special kind of logic reserved for Councils I suspect………… it works if you want to believe and don’t let facts muddy the waters! So I’m meant to believe. I think Blackburn Council needs to look at it’s own lack of provision. Now DCLG not funding enough to build new homes on land acquired for that purpose perhaps they could provide an extra site on some of these bits of land. They’ll be denyng moving goalposts next and claiming gypsies have scrapped them re Welfare Reform!

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  45. Sylvia Hyam says:

    It is disgusting that these people., families with children who do no harm to any one, are being evicted and from their own land? It is PERSECUTION !
    Even if they had applied for planning permission, would they have got it? I don`t think so
    There is so much prejustice going on here,planning permission is only given to the big boys,
    and anyone in the know. We have been hoodwinked far too long!

    • no2dalefarm says:

      They did apply for planning permission – retrospectively – which is a common practice used by the Irish travellers. They were turned down as it was greenbelt. We also live in greenbelt here in Basildon and are unable to develop. Are you saying that I am being persecuted too?

      If anyone is being hoodwinked, it would appear to be you!

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  50. bary says:

    “Why do travellers not purchase land legally with planning permission and pay taxes like every other law abiding citizen?”

    Is this a trick question? Are you suggesting Travellers should buy the land illegally? And if so why?

    As for the old tax chestnut…cant you at least update your ignorance! Travellers are self-employed in most cases and rarely out of work, this being the case they probably pay more tax than the average Joe…Unless of course you are saying you have authentic information that Travellers dont pay tax? Or Is this something you heard in the pub or read in the Sun newspaper or watched on East Enders? Grow up!

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  54. Some facts about land ownership in the UK:

    Between 30-50% of the land in Britain is not registered with the Land registry.
    Only 10% of Britain is covered (urban)
    90% of people live in an urban area.
    74% of the population own no property at all.
    Less than 1% of the population own 70% of the land.
    41,000 estates own 50% of Britain.
    Multi million pound subsidies are paid by the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy to the largest landowners. The majority of small farmers recieve nothing at all.
    For example: The Duke of Westminster (3rd richest in UK) received 7 million Euros in subsidies since 1999.
    Corporations such as Nestle and Tate & Lyle are also massively subsidised by the taxpayer.
    The planning system in Britain makes it extremely difficult to build a sustainable low impact building on agricultural land.
    The main reason is so that land is kept artificially scarce and huge money can be made off development land (owned by the richest) and the rents from the cities (much of which is still owned by the richest).
    The planning law isn’t simply about keeping England neat and tidy (although there is an aspect of is of course). The real effect is to keep control of the land and the people. Otherwise we might start growing our own food and dropping the worthless pieces of paper called ‘English pound notes’ on the floor (although they could be useful in starting a campfire 8)
    If you are in the buisness of making money to stay at the top, you need to make sure you control the supply. Boy do the rich control the supply of land.

    Further reading
    Who Owns Britain by Kevin Cahill.
    Low Impact Development: Planning and People in a Sustainable Countryside by Simon Fairlie
    The Earth Care Manual: A Permaculture Handbook For Britain & Other Temperate Climates. Patrick Whitefield.

    Recommended websites:

    Recommended films:
    The Power of Community: how Cuba survived Peak Oil
    Fields of Gold: Lifting the veil on Europe’s Farm Subsidies
    The Crisis of Civilisation.

    • no2dalefarm says:

      There seems to be some errors in your figures. If 30-50% of land is unregistered, How is it possible for 1% of the population to own 70% of the land.

      Also I believe business, councils and authorities own huge swathes of land, not forgetting the other 25% of the population who are homeowners

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  56. ethanrace says:

    I just wanted to ask. Would my presence be more appreciated on the big weekend (27th to the 29th) or on the 30th, 31st, and the 1st when they are meant to be evicting? I can’t really afford to stay all 6 days and was just wondering. Thanks.

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  58. Even us house-dwellers suffer from ‘public servants’. Have a look at the Rowner Destruction Scheme website (www.rowner-destruction.co.uk) and you will see how people who have bought their homes can still lose them, just to make someone else rich.

    • Peacegirl says:

      You are absolutely right there Bryan – that has happened recently in Telford – good families were thrown out of their homes in Sutton Hill because the local council wanted to put a new road and shops in. Fourteen months on the shops are finished but no one is in and all that stands in the place of the old houses? Fences! Year upon year families had grown up together and lived peacefully amongst one another and one day some big shot came along and made an executive decision that messed that all up.

  59. Joe Public says:

    You need planning permission to build. I have to abide by this as well as everyone in the country. It may not be fair but that’s the law. If you dont like it, go somewhere else with less restrictive planning laws. It seems the people who add little to the society we live in, contribute the least and make the loudest noise when Joe Public objects. Its not racism, the first stop of those with little in the way of effective argument, but the ordinary person’s sense of fair play.

    • Jolly says:

      You needing planning permission to build. This is the case, but planning permission is not granted on a fair and even basis. 90% of Travellers’ applications are turned down, versus 20% of everyone else’s applications. That is very clearly discrimination. Making it almost impossible for Travellers to live anywhere legally, means the Traveller community is persecuted everywhere.Targeted persecution of a specific ethnic community is very clearly a form of racism.

      • bary says:

        Why do travellers not purchase land legally with planning permission and pay taxes like every other law abiding citizen?

      • Joe Public says:

        I think you would have to examine the applications and formulate an opinion based on the information. Without knowing, I would guess that most applications from travellers occur in a rural location. I would also guess that in most cases the land they wish to build on is probably green belt or has some other restriction. If you or I applied for planning on this type of land, we would be turned down. Non travellers usually apply for permission on land where there is a good chance of success. So I guess your figures are somewhat skewed in order to prove your point.

    • cambs says:

      so its ok to put a scrapyard on green belt, but you cant build a home? good logic in that one……

      • Tom says:

        The scrapyard was illegal as in no planning permission but it was licenced ie for disposal of waste oil etc, dont be hood winked by spin.

      • JennyP says:

        You cant have people living on contaminated land – illegal – thats why planning permission was refused: no wonder so many of them are claiming to have serious ill health –

  60. Support these guys from a bunch of stuck up Toffee Nosed Wankers who sit on Basilodon Council & live miles from the site in their cosy large homes that we the Tax Payer pay for them to live in.They own the land they live on.Basildon Council were quite happy for the land to be used as a scrap yard previously & COLLECT TAXES when it looked like a shit hole.”Green belt I think not”. These guys move on there & improve it 200%. The local village complains they cannot support them but they are quite happy to take their money in the local shops & amenities Hypocritical Tossers. I bet if a new housing estate was built they would welcome the increase in their revenue. SUPPORT THEM PLS https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=170414852985935
    and https://smsalerts.tachanka.org/dalefarm/

    • Dave says:

      You could use a little basic understanding of money and economics before you criticise the locals. Buying milks & bread in a local shop doesn’t pay for what a larger communities need. Also the tax payers don’t pay for the houses of those who sit on the council.

    • Jolly says:

      Yee ha Mr Settle. I salute you.

      • stu says:

        so ok they all get moved on after a shed load of needed cash is pmpped into the process
        then what?
        let them set up camp on our grass verges?
        come on lets show a bit of commen
        leave them there……

        oh and to a previous comment yes they do work for themselves and most work hard but as for paying TAX dont make me laugh the main reason they live like they do is so they dont have to pay anything out they dont feel like paying

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  66. dave greenwood says:

    i know travellers dont like gorgers sticking there nose in there lives but i truly feel sorry for you and hope none of you get hurt when the bastard bailiffs turn up, i will go to church on 31/08/11 and pray for you all, good luck and god bless.

    • Bee says:

      Speaking as a Christian it would be more appropriate for you to put your body in the way than just ask God to do it. God does not endorse bigoted councils or people who throw families into the street. Here is an opportunity for a righteous life, what more does God have to do for you before you take Him up on it?

      • JennyP says:

        Does God steal? Didn’t St Paul tell you to pay your taxes, and to do what the Romans did when living there (ie obey the laws)? You appear to have a smorgasbord approach to scriptures that I find totally stupid….

  67. Ade says:

    Am i missing something, if they own the land, how can they be evicted???

    Ade , Suffolk

    • MxsQueen says:

      Disclaimer, I Am Not A Legal Expert, but from having seen this happen a few times…

      Councils have the power to demand residents leave land if they decide they fall foul of local regulations in various cases (which can be as simple as “we don’t give you permission building a settlement on your land here, it’s making the other local residents unhappy”), regardless of who owns the land. These powers have been used many times around the country to prevent traveller communities from buying land legally and settling down as a result of racist stigma. Property rights in the UK can be quite conditional – there’s no legal right to do what you like with your own land if the local council don’t like it, and there’s plenty of room for prejudice to have a bearing on who gets planning permission.

    • The people in Gosport OWN their homes. They have paid mortgages, council tax, estate maintenance, water rates, sewage rates etc, yet they are under threat of eviction. Big Money talks.

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  70. Steve Brown says:

    Utterly disgusting – horrible slimy racist politicians – this country needs policies not scapegoats.
    Wish I could be there to help (up north and penniless), hope you can stop them and wish you every success.
    Steve Brown, Eastoft, North Lincs


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