Two communites celebrating together

On the eve of the biggest forced eviction of Travellers in Europe, the High Court in London will consider an injunction to delay the process until Basildon Council has found alternative, culturally-appropriate accommodation, as required by international law. If the High Court fails to act, Dale Farm could be destroyed by bulldozers escorted by riot police, anytime after midnight tonight. If you’re in London, come join us at high noon in the High Court:

watch tower at sunset

Building a watch tower as the sun sets

We then urge everyone to join us at Dale Farm to try to halt this senseless eviction. Residents have invited the settled community into their homes with open arms, and the atmosphere at Dale Farm has been inspiring. Two communities have been celebrating together, sharing skills, learning to trust each other, and growing closer together.

Camp Constant, our base at Dale Farm is open to all throughout September, and there will be more workshops and

Residents and supporters meeting

outreach activities the weekend of Sept 3rd, and after the September 10 Demonstration.  Checkout some video of this weekend’s celebrations at Dale Farm!

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21 Responses to Two communites celebrating together

  1. I enjoyed watching the video, it looks quite peaceful/pleasant there around that bonfire.

  2. Kimberley Greenwood says:

    The Travelling community are refused 90% of their planning applications,I understand the general average is 20%. Surely this is blatant discrimination,which I thought was ILLEGAL in this country. . What has happened to equal opportunities? Am sure other minority groups could not be treated in such an unacceptable way. Am sure they could not be insulted in such a vile way either.Remember you decent upstanding citizens you are talking about torching children, think you need to take a look in the mirror.

  3. Brian Davies says:

    I agree with the sentiments of Warren and James and I’d add that what we are witnessing is the what the right-wing encourage – division and polarisation. If we were able to present a united front, nothing would be beyond us. However, and as history constantly teaches us (and from which we never seem to learn from), those with the loudest and sometimes vilest of voices are often those with the biggest wallets. Essex council should be ashamed.

  4. lisa says:

    Travellers? means travelling – these are permanent homes. When I returned to the UK after travelling around Europe in a housetruck, we looked for land to put a simple wooden structure on…so difficult! We could not find anything that would allow us to do such a thing. I agree that more land needs to be available for people that wish to live differently, in a more simple way but it seems that under the term ‘gypsy’ or ‘traveller’ it is felt that they do not need to honour the law of the land – unfair and unjust as it is! The land was indeed stolen from the people!

    In the end we found a wooden chalet built in the 20;’s as a holiday home – no services, recycled rainwater, compost loo, solar panels etc we put in… we’re not allowed to live there full time, so we come and go and we still have to pay council tax.

    Whllst I have appreciate the unjustness of not being able to live in the UK in an ‘alternative’ way, having to negotiate planning laws etc….its the way it is.

  5. pikey do what ya likey says:

    I think they should be left alone.The council own enuff land as it is.The balliffs look like proper phsycopaths.I fancy joining in on the protest.To be honest Im really worried for the people,keep getting some bad vibrations,somethink bad is going to happen Im sure.

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  7. GenSpo says:

    Seems like 1938 in Germany.

    • Not Sure If Serious... says:

      Does it? really..? give me the actual similarities? I hate it when people run to “ooo its just like the nazi’s” so they can assume the moral high-ground by emotive force of the word Nazi.

      Yeh, it’s just cos they’re Gypsies/travellers etc …oh wait, no it’s not.

      Yeh they’re being dragged off to concentration camps or disappearing …oh hang on, they’re not.

      People aren’t even being arrested (unless they’re getting in the way of the legal process)

  8. a pikey says:

    They are scum they are dirty tax dogers claim benefits
    Give nothing to the community

    Let them stay
    Charge them council tax for every person there make them pay their way
    Sure they won’t
    So pikey travelers off u go

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  10. steve says:

    who;s going to dispose of all them tyres stacked up by the front gate of dale farm, need i say anymore.

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  12. mr me says:

    I’m Irish and ashamed by these scum. We had some move on to a local park. Let their dogs shit all over the football pitch. Yes it was their dogs because someone took pix of them letting their dogs do it. The lady who was taking the pix was chased and they said they would find her and beat her up. Vanessa bloody Redrave why dont you let them live on your big pile of land.

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  15. James Cannon says:

    John, people can build where they like, when they like. These people are called “supermarkets” and “property developers”. They build without planning permission routinely, then apply the financial pressure of legal proceedings to force through retrospective permission or tie it up in courts. The rest of us can’t, as you say. That’s because we don’t have millions to throw at every building project – money and power.

    Do you not think that, seeing as an eviction will make hundreds of people homeless, they should be allowed to stay where they’ve chosen? As they’ve seen common grounds where they used to park up taken away, as they’ve been harried from area to area any time they do park up, as they’ve had constant harassment over the years, if they’re happy there why can’t they stay? Where else do you think they should go?

    The people on Dale Farm identify as Travelers because that’s both their ethnic origin and their community identity. Who are you to tell people what they should call themselves?

    Again, who are you to talk about the Travelers way? You certainly don’t sound like you’ve ever met any. what gives you the idea that you can make proclamations as to how their lifestyles have changed over time? Was it something you read in the Daily Mail?

    I feel so sorry for you, living in such ignorance. My only hope is that you do a little research before the next time you say something so dismally incorrect.

  16. John Pennycuik says:

    For all the whipped up media frenzy the bottom line is that NO ONE can just build where they want in this country – and these caravans are static, I doubt many can move, so the word ‘traveller’ seems a bit out of place, You’ve had 10 years, its was a good run, now its time to go – that used to be the Travellers way but now its simply a greedy group of people who want the benefits of settled life but only on their terms. No sympathy folks

    • Warren Count says:

      People like you John Pennycuik are naive. You live in a country where your government went to war with Bush via a lie of supposed WMD. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens have died as a result ( yes look at that number ignorant one). You are a citizen of a country which blames riots on ridiculous notions when it is completely obvious that they were caused by disparity between the rich and the poor. The post by James Cannon above you is completely correct in its statements. You say at the end of your post “no sympathy”…I am sure you are also a man with no empathy as well. Empathy for the world and people you live in. You are simply an ignorant man who has been completely sucked in by the mainstream values that you have been fed all your life.
      I am posting this from 10,000s of kms away. All over the western world people are seemingly powerless in the face of big business and its stranglehold on the press and politicians. You simply show yourself as part of the ignorant mass who wouldn’t have a real clue what is going on. Freedom is the real human being. You are simply a man who is a slave to what you have been fed by corrupt rich uncaring sub human beings who dictate and enslave minds and freedom…. and are also heading towards destroying this beautiful planet we live in. So I say from afar good on you Dale Farm residents. Rich property developers with politicians in their pockets and currency in their eyes have no real life in their hearts. They are the scourge of their fellow human beings and deserve to be divested of their wealth and shamed in front of humanity. Selfish pigs. But what you and your ignorant friends do not understand is that the time is coming when all of this shameful stockmarket casino, rich oppressing their fellow human beings, absurd notions of always increaing productivity will fall apart. It is simple destiny. Your ilk will not survive because you are a virus on the planet. Over the coming century humanity will rise up against the inhuman beings who destroy this planet and destroy true community.

      The benefits of a settled life on “their terms”.
      Seems like you simply live on the basis of terms created by others than yourself.
      You are a pawn powerless within a system that is corrupt and bound to shatter in the not so distant future.

      • Diana Morrison says:

        Very nicely put Warren. Good man.
        Fight on, Dale Farm!

      • brighton danny says:

        well said Warren,
        So many people are too quick to generalise all travellers’ / pikeys / gipsies / van dwellers / whatever, into one group to then dislike. Not all travellers are the same just as not all people living in houses are the same. I live in a house and am quite different to some of my neighbours.
        Just because you may have seen one group of travellers let their dogs sh1t on a football pitch or dump rubbish in a car park doesn’t mean all travelers will. People only remember the bad things that other people do then they tell others about it so that is what gets remembered by everyone. Good news is not news so it doesn’t get spread to others..
        There can be a great sense of community with travellers, and that should be celebrated. I wish we had that community spirit in my road.
        No one has a go at people who live on the canals do they…. they are given the space to live there and it is socially accepted. Van dwellers, however, have no where to park, no where to spend a night. In fact it is even illegal just to live in a van on the road! Who has that right to say such a thing! They have to pay road tax and insurance like i do so why can’t they live in their truck? Even if they wanted to they probably couldn’t pay council tax because their lifestyle isn’t included in society.
        What I believe is important is that people need to respect each other and their chosen way of life. Just try an be mindful and see it from the other persons point of view – whether that person is a traveler, a neighbor or EVEN a policeman (oooo i said it – don’t hate me 😉 )
        So come on folks everyone is different and we need to respect that and so long as they are nice and not agressive then why not let them. Our society doesn’t exactly welcome their lifestyle choice just because they don’t live in a house. Who are we to say houses are better than trucks or caravans?
        Yes i understand planning is something we all have to accept in life today but we also have to acknowledge that live is different for different people.
        Group hug anyone? 😉

    • Pikeys Out says:

      Here here! If they are so called travellers, then let them travel! Out of the UK preferably!

      These are nothing but a bunch of lazy good for nothing petty criminals intent on abusing their status as “travellers” to avoid paying taxes and live comfortably on the wrong side of the law.

      Torch the place for all I care.

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