Dale Farm Solidarity: ACTION NOW!

These beloved homes (Dale Farm residents’ homes, pictured above) are targeted for bull-dozing by Constant & Co. bailiffs from midnight on 31st August, 2011. Eviction notices have been served. This is a devastating act of targeted persecution designed to break-up and destroy the families who make up this Traveller community, irrespective of the cost to human lives. There are very many young children and elderly residents whose health, education, family and community life will be devastated by this action.
We say: No Pasaran!


SATURDAY, 16th July: Meeting and activity workshops at Dale Farm
Starts 11am. https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/activity/
Dale Farm Solidarity meeting, construction/resistance workshops, and time with Dale Farm residents.

SUNDAY, 17th July: Dale Farm discussion at Squattastic
Starts at 2pm. http://squattastic.blogspot.com/
at ‘Well Furnished’ Valentine Road/Well St. Hackney E9

CAMP CONSTANT, from 27th August: A mass gathering of national and international supporters of the Dale Farm community will begin Saturday, August 27th: * You can sign up to our email bulletins here:
27th – 29th August – there will be a weekend of Traveller history & celebration, practical eviction resistance training, training for legal observers and human rights monitors, and an opening party on Saturday night. Sleeping space is available in caravans or you can bring a tent.
From midnight August 31st: an eviction could happen at any time, and we might not know when. We’ll need people to be on standby to come up to Dale Farm in the event of an eviction. We also need people to spend the night at Dale Farm to provide around the clock support to the community and resistance to the eviction. We are looking for groups and individuals to pledge to stay overnight. See: https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/hrm/ for details.

* Dale Farm residents live on land they own. They bought the land legally. Arbitrary changes in regulation have been used by national governments and local councils to systematically restrict and remove Traveller communities, serving to promote local racism and intolerance.
* This has nothing to do with Greenbelt land. The council argues that it is a critical issue is that the land is ‘Greenbelt land’. This technicality is essential to protect the council from the accusation of racist persecution. But be in no doubt: the council used this land as a brown field site before the Travellers lived here. Far from beautiful green fields, this land was a concreted scrap yard when it was sold to the residents of Dale Farm. The council has failed to honestly acknowledge the prior use of the land in its cynical arguments.
* This is not about ‘upholding the law’. The council says ‘everyone must be treated the same’, but Travellers are not treated the same: 95% of Travellers’ requests for permission to build are turned down by council planners across the UK. Councils do not act to protect the rights of Traveller communities to live in peace, although it is their duty to do so. Basildon Council has made it clear they want to break up the community and reduce the numbers of Travellers in the area. Refusing permission to build and evicting the settled Traveller community from Dale Farm is a targeted campaign of persecution.
* Dale Farm residents have offered to leave peacefully, so long as families are not broken up. They have worked hard with local supporters, solicitors, and architects to find alternative plots of empty, non-Greenbelt, land which they would be willing to peacefully move on to, to avoid brutal and expensive evictions at Dale Farm. The council has refused to consider or accept these alternatives, seeking only to evict and remove. As a consequence every planned eviction will cause homelessness and devastation to families and to the community.
* The council and government intend together to spend £18 Million – despite national and local cuts to services, they are targeting precious budgetary resources on a senseless campaign of destruction. Taking away homes and leaving people homeless, removing children from their local schools, leaving the sick and elderly and many children on the roadside.

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  1. kevinneil57 says:

    One of the most ironic and at the same time offensive things about the planned evictions is that many brick built homes in the area, are on sites first occupied without planning permission. Between the wars many people moved onto ‘plotland’ sites that started out as weekend getaways for Londoners. The impetus for this increased during WW2 as London was bombed by the Nazis.

    The many ‘plotland’ homes in the area largely shaped the history of Basildon, Billericay and Wickford, as the Billericay Urban District Council struggled to cope with the uncontrolled growth of the district. This led the council to invite the post war Labour Government to create Basildon New Town, as it seemed the only way to formalise the area. Many homes lacked almost all amenities, even lacking sewerage and being on unmade roads; and had been created without consent. Yet people now living on those sites, including surviving ‘plotland’ homeowners and their descendants, now oppose the same rights for residents at Dale Farm.

    Many ‘plotland’ developments continued to lack amenities for many years, such as nearby Sugden Avenue, and yet these areas did not attract any vilification by press, public, or politicians. The persecution of Dale Farm residents us clearly racially motivated and those who support the evictions should hang their heads in shame.

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