What’s the deal with Dale Farm, and the appeal?

On Friday solicitors for residents at Dale Farm were granted a hearing on Monday at the High Court to apply for permission to appeal. Residents are appealing against the decision of Mr Justice Ouseley on Wednesday 11 October which gave permission for Basildon Council to evict Dale Farm. The appeal will be heard before Lord Justice Sullivan in Court 69 at 12am on Monday.

Residents don’t yet know when the eviction will occur, adding to the stress and anxiety that they are dealing with. We know that Basildon Council will have to regroup, and recall the police and bailiffs, so we don’t expect a Monday evic

tion, especially given the appeal hearing. However, as always, residents are asking supporters to be ready to come up quickly just in case. Please be ready to get here at short notice, and monitor twitter , text alerts, and email. At the moment, residents are extremely stressed given the uncertainty they face. If you can, come up to support Dale Farm – residents draw a lot of strength from people who are here.

Jon Davies, a charity worker from South London, shows how easy it is.

If you are definitely unable to come to Dale Farm, or would like to help in other ways, think about holding a fundraiser, handing out leaflets in your local area (get in contact for resources), making a donation or participating in the Dale Farm Solidarity photo campaign (see left). Or just get the word out about Dale Farm through social networking sites and

email lists.

As Kathleen MacCarthy of Dale Farm said;

“It’s illegal for us to live by the roadside and it’s illegal for us to live in our homes at Dale Farm. The government and the council are leaving us no legal means of continuing our way of life. We are tired of being made criminals by an unjust system that discriminates against us.”

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