Get ready for Thursday

Today (Monday) in court, the Judge ruled that the resident’s case had merit: and there is agreement that Basildon Council will no longer be able to engage in the full site clearance they’d intended.  The eviction of Dale Farm is looking increasingly untenable, and we have been told that tomorrow (Tuesday), Basildon council will be holding crisis talks to come to terms with the realisation that the eviction, originally priced at £18 million, is spiraling out of control.  They are still hiring diggers to sit in fields, and Tony Ball was overheard saying that no one must learn the projected cost of the bungled eviction (and that he needed a break before he heads to the Tory party conference).

On Thursday, a judge will decide whether a judicial review of the eviction brought by the Gypsy Council can go ahead.  If so, then the eviction will be delayed even further.  If the decision goes the other way, then Basildon Council will try to evict Dale Farm and could do so from 4:30 pm.  In case that happens, please prepare to come up to Dale Farm quickly, and listen to the news, and follow us on twitter @letdalefarmlive for the latest information.  Spread the word by forwarding this email and inviting your friends here:

In the meantime, we continue to need help fundraising, so if you’re on facebook, please invite your friends to this: or email this link to people you know:
And if you can organise fundraisers in your local area to support Travellers at Dale Farm and feed supporters,  please contact us for materials.

Finally, all of the companies below are profiting from the destruction of people’s homes at Dale Farm.  Consider organising a protest or action against them. Here are their phone numbers in case you want to give them a ring on Wednesday and let them know what you think.

Constant & Co Tel: (01234) 340091
H.E Services – Supplying diggers: Tel: 0871 22 70707
Longmarsh- Supplying Mini buses: Tel: (01234) 217833
CW- Supplying generators Tel: free phone 0800 3899191
Garic- Supplying cabins Tel: 01706 826189
Unit Hire -supplying cabins: Tel: 0161 766 8808
Pickerings- Supplying Plant – 01530 271618

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  2. thats0not0me says:

    Make your calls. Just be aware that many are ready to be recorded, and #141 doesn’t stop the phone system knowing what number called for the purposes of an investigation.

    Make sure and ask the bill payers permission, as they might want to talk to you later

  3. thats0not0me says:

    This really has dropped to childish levels hasn’t it? Appealing to people to disrupt the businesses and livelihoods of people just doing their jobs and supplying goods & services

    What’s next, publishing names, numbers & addresses of people who disagree?

  4. MarkT says:

    CW phone number is wrong, it should be 0800 389 9191 (without the extra 1 at the end).

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