Dale Farm families could be evicted from midnight tonight

The last remaining legal barrier between the eviction of 86 families from their homes at Dale Farm has now fallen. The emergency injunction we sought, which would have delayed the planned eviction, has not been granted. This means that, from midnight tonight, the bailiffs can come at any time. The homes of the Dale Farm families are at risk.

Now is the time to make your stand with in solidarity with Dale Farm.

Please come down to Camp Constant – the more people we have, the more powerful our message and the more we can support the residents to resist the eviction.

Sign up to the sms eviction alert system at https://smsalerts.tachanka.org/dalefarm/ .

Dale Farm is only 30 minutes by train from London Liverpool Street Station.  The atmosphere at Dale Farm is inspiring — check out video of residents and supporters celebrating and learning together.

We will also be demonstrating: TELL EVERYONE: Sat, 10th Sept, 1pm, see here for more information and email: savedalefarm@gmail.com to add your group’s support to the list…

This weekend at Dale Farm (in addition to site construction and other activities):

On Sunday, Sept 4th, noon [note time change]: Jewish Solidarity visit — it’s important that cultures with a shared history of oppression support each other when our fundamental human rights face being breached.  That is why this Sunday, Jewish rabbis, citizens and activists will be on a special blockade in support of residents at Dale Farm.

There is a workshop, on Sunday Sept. 4th, 2pm:  Freedom of Movement and the Right to Stay! This is the rallying cry for Roma, Gypsies and Travellers and of migrants throughout the world. A common thread of persecution, of forbidden lands, eviction and deportation connect the struggles for migrant rights and the rights of Gypsies and Travellers. These realities have met dramatically in the crack-down and deportations of Roma people from France and Italy. Come to the Workshop organised by No One Is Illegal and London No Borders including a speaker who is an activist in Amnesty International’s campaign against the persecution of Roma in Europe.

If you can’t come down, you can help in other ways:

– spread the word on Twitter (@letdalefarmlive) on Facebook (search ‘Dale Farm Solidarity’)
– talk about it to your friends
– comment online – all the newspapers are carrying the story on their websites and the majority of online comments are negative
– donate: https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/donate/

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67 Responses to Dale Farm families could be evicted from midnight tonight

  1. It much be difficult for those concerned to live with this empeding eviction.

  2. Unsettling says:

    What services have Basildon Council provided to warrant their deserving any retrospective payments of council tax by the Dale Farm community?

    The traveller way of life offers lessons to all of us as to how we might choose to live in a cohesive society without the need for extensive state control forcing us to work to finance our own enslavement.

    Whilst we are set to squabbling amongst ourselves the state rides in on white horses to rescue the poor embattled taxpayer from the tyranny of those who better understand freedom. Grateful taxpayer conditioned to feel powerless against the might of the state and so loses a little more freedom.

  3. Basildon resident who cant wait for you lot to finally leave says:

    You lot have no idea what its like living with these parasites near you do you !!!!! I bet if any ‘travelers’ turned up anywhere near you, sorry traveler’s who don’t travel, within a few days you would soon want them as far away from you as possible !!!! They openly threaten violence in their websites, press meeting etc, if any ‘normal person did that we would be arrested for incitement, so why not them??? Oh of course, we cant do that to these poor innocent law abiding non tax payers, perish the thought !!!! They wheel out their ‘sick and elderly’ when there’s any chance of getting their face’s on TV for the sympathy vote !!! I promise you, you try having them live anywhere near you and you wouldn’t be supportive at all, constantly breaking into cars and house’s, ripping off and harassing all the local old people and all the other things we all know they get upto, if you feel so sorry for them, why not offer to let them put their ‘caravans’ on your drive or outside your house !!!! Nah, didn’t think so !!!! The sooner this lot are gone the better, they live right next to me !!! You have no idea how much the local have suffered ALL BECAUSE OF THIS SCUM !!!!!!

  4. Liz says:

    Me and my partner will be there in solidarity on Saturday.

    • Mr X says:

      Why would you want to….? Do you have any link with these people? do you pay tax? if so why would you want to support folk who rip folk off and intimidate poeple….

  5. Linzilla says:

    This is completely outrageous. Sure theyve broken planning laws, 90% of buildings in the country probably do in some technical form or other. Losing their homes is too great a punishment for this infraction, its just not right.
    The next thing of course is the practicalities. Its their land, so once the bonehead bailiffs go in and demolish the illegal structures their court work will be over and will instantly become trespassers on the traveller’s fully paid up and owned land property. I sure wouldnt want to be them at that stage, wasnt it this very government who recently affirmed the right of all reasonable force to protect your land, upto and including killing the intruder.
    Its absurd, what will the bailiffs be saying ‘Go, get out, get off YOUR land!’ .
    If I was these travellers Id probably not put up too much fight because obviously massively outnumbered against the system’s paid thugs it will be a losing battle from the start. Fight them in the courts, in the offices, the inboxes and the commons.

    • gtr says:

      Unfortunately, Linzilla, the bailiffs tend to seize the land, sell it off dirt-cheap, and pocket the proceeds to cover eviction costs. If you’re a Traveller, that is.

      If you’re a supermarket that’s ignored planning permission, it’s probably a different story.

      • Mr X says:

        At least supermarkets pay tax, employ people, and provide a service…. what do the so called travellers do…..?

  6. ubishere says:

    The Irish travellers moved to England because of law changes in their own country of Ireland…
    Illegal occupation of land with a caravan is a criminal offence in Ireland, whereas in England it is a only a civil offence.

    This would have been sorted out if the travellers had been moved off the portion of the land they do not have planning for at a much earlier stage. They have been given the opportunity to illegally build for 10 years!

    There is currently a petition asking to change the law in the UK to the same as Ireland.

  7. Its not fair, you can’t build on land that you do not have permission to do so. I cannot, Joe Bloggs can’t so why should Travellers? I hear the Travellers turned down the council houses offered if anyone ended up homes, but they were not culturally correct. You live in Britain, you abide by our laws and traditions-if you do this you prosper and become accepted.

    The reason the Travellers do no go back to Ireland is because the Irish do not put up with them breaking the law and move them on promptly. Whereas in Britain I feel travellers exploit our lax attitude and British sense of fair play. For 10 years the Travellers have ignored British law. I know the tactics used, the travellers buy green belt land that has no prospect of attaining planning permission, they then move onto it on a bank holiday and start building. How is this fair? How can you justify this? Why can’t the travellers travel?

    • gtr says:

      What you haven’t mentioned is that when Travellers *do* attempt to play by the rules and apply for planning permission they nearly always get turned down because of local prejudice. They are forced to break the planning rules in order to have somewhere to pitch up.

      • Which as you rightly point out is very unfair, but that is not justification for breaking the law.

      • Mr X says:

        Thgey get refused because they try to use the land in the wrong type of way i.e commerically when the land/location is not suitable. They always end up making an unhealthy mess, added to the trouble they always cause it’s no surprise…. again I will say it let them move into YOUR back garden/town and see if you feel the same then….

  8. George says:

    Apparently according to some we should obey the law and pay our tax – government and police wages, finance wars they take us to and they in return can rob us and have the cheek to ask us to pay for the damage and if we don’t they send the police we have paid for as well, wonderful!
    Full support to the families of Dale Farm!!!

    • Kath Woodford says:

      Oh do grow up, George! It’s called democracy. If you don’t like the government, and the laws it makes, you get a chance to vote them out at the next election. If you don’t like democracy, go and live in a country that doesn’t have it (if they’d have you) and see if you like that. (I have, and it wasn’t good.) They’d make mincemeat out of people like you and me.

      • Dave S says:

        “If you don’t like the government, and the laws it makes, you get a chance to vote them out at the next election.”

        Trouble is Kath, they’re all rather the same – slightly different flavours of largely middle-class capitalist, squabbling over largely the same bit of political territory, wouldn’t you say?

        Besides, the politicians don’t really run things – the corporations and especially the big media corporations are the ones pulling the strings. They have the loudest voice, and they usually get to decide what “public opinion” will be.

        Thus, whoever gets in, the rich win and the poor lose, and with hard-won rights going out of the window on a daily basis, is it any wonder people have zero faith in government?

        One example of such a right which has been eradicated, for example, would be the right of freeholders to build on land that they own, which was removed in 1947. But looking further back, there was the enclosure of common land 400 years ago, and no doubt it wasn’t exactly peachy before that.

        Meanwhile, life goes on, everybody needs somewhere to live and some food to eat. But our ability to provide for ourselves has been systematically attacked and removed over the centuries, in order to make us all little more than totally dependent serfs to the whims of the ruling political elites du jour.

        I ask myself daily “Why do people put up with this?”, and I have never yet come up with a convincing answer. My only guess is that we’re mostly too scared to find out if anything else is possible.

        There are plenty of other options than liberal democracy and totalalitarian dictatorship though!

  9. Diana Morrison says:

    It’s disheartening to see that there is still prejudice against traveller communities. I feel so sorry for the people who have posted hurtful and patently racist comments on here – they would lead much happier lives if they could find some tolerance and compassion.

    Fight on Dale Farm – I’m with you in spirit. x

    • How much tolerance can one give if Britain’s laws have been pushed and broken to the limit? Travellers are not a race, Caucasian, African and Asians are races, these people are Irish and are not British citizens. They should travel back to Ireland or stay here and abide by British law, traditions, customs and culture. Even immigrants come from the far reaches of the planet and adopt the British life style to their credit. If I built and extension on the back of my house without permission, the council would correctly come and knock it down. Now why does that law apply to me, and not the Travellers who turn up on a bank holiday and build houses on green belt land? That in my eyes is discrimination right there as I am not an Irish Traveller.

      • gtr says:

        Firstly, because you would face a decent chance of getting planning permission, whereas if you check the stats Travellers face a very low chance of ever getting permission because of systemic prejudice.

        Secondly, if you don’t get your house extension then you might be upset but you’ll survive. If these people get evicted they will have NOWHERE TO LIVE except to go on some long waiting list somewhere for (eventual) council housing. Forcing a Traveller to live in a house is like forcing you to live in a caravan. The suffering these families will go through as a result is a bit more than you not getting a house extension!

      • well I would expect them to live in a house here, because this is Britain, and they should live like us and get on like everyone else. They choose to live outside the norm and surpirse, surprise they suffer. They are travellers, not refugees.

      • Unsettling says:

        Special Dibble – could you define exactly what you mean by a the British norm? I was born in this country but I bet your idea of a ‘norm’ is entirely alien to mine. So what gives you the right to say your definition is the right one?

    • Mr X says:

      They don’t TRAVEL!!!! ergo they are citizens that should pay tax and be law abiding and not go round intimidating folk!!!!

      • Unsettling says:

        I have never been intimidated by any traveller – but then I don’t go round looking for confrontation either.

    • Mr X says:

      Again have them move into YOUR town and backgarden then come back and tell me you feel the same…. They are not travellers they DO NOT travel if they did they would not need a patch of land with permanent buildings now would they you numpty!

    • Kath Woodford says:

      You know what I find disheartening, Diana? A natural antipathy for law breakers being termed prejudice and racism by those who have not experienced how ‘travellers’ can deeply upset and offend local communities (stealing elderly dogs to set against pit bulls for gambling; dressing their eight-year-old girls like WAGS for First Communion; councils and sports facilities having to put up expensive fencing to stop them invading playing fields, pleading ‘special case’ for spurious traditions when others have to abide by the regulations; litter; theft; cruelty to animals, I could go on. Objecting to this is not racism. These travellers are no different ‘racially’ to most of the people around them. So how could it be racism?
      They’ve had more tolerance and compassion than they would get in most other countries – anywhere – and they’ve learned to exploit it.
      If they want happier lives they know what to do about it. Stop making idiots out of us, and work and pay taxes like most of us honestly try to do..

  10. Miles says:

    Why would anyone build without the proper planning permission? It’s not like this should be a surprise to the residents therefore? Rules are put in place for good reason? If we all ignored them we’d lose civil order and this country would be in even more of a mess.

    I rent in London, it’s expensive and requires hard graft to make enough to keep my head above water. I don’t have any other choice but that’s how it is. You have to take a pragmatic stance on life and think ahead – especially if you have a family.

    Ensure the children of Dale Farm in this instance are safe, fed and sheltered. We unfortunately need to stick to the law for the sake of the bigger picture and this country’s preservation.

    • gtr says:

      Miles, the reason Travellers go ahead without planning permission is because when they apply, 90% of the time they get turned down (as opposed to 20% on average for all planning applications), and this can involve the council putting an injunction on the land limiting its use, so not only are they denied permission to use the land because of local prejudice, but they can’t even sell it on because it loses its value once one of these injunctions has been put on it.

      Basically, they have found that they rarely get permission, so they are forced to choose between living on the land without permission (and eventual eviction), homelessness, or abandoning their culture and heritage and trying to get housing (which is an alien situation to them and usually results in mental illness).

      I wish more people would inform themselves about this before posting such ignorant stuff. I’m not blaming you personally Miles; I guess I can’t expect people to know any better when the media never mentions anything about the actual realities of life as a Traveller.

      • Mr X says:

        Clearly you have never dealt with a so called “traveller” the nearset thing these ignorant, thieving, rude, aggressive, unhealty, ill educated idoits have ever done to travelling is to move there ramshakle mess 10 feet to the left to get more sun at the end of the day. I really wish all the people who don’t live in or around Basildon and it’s surrounding areas would comment as you have absolutely no basis for doing so! These people are scum… they do not deserve to be housed by any council and should learn to act responsibly and contrubute…. Not one of them will ever say please or thank you, they will rob you blind, intimidate and con you…. there is not one good traite amoung them. If you like them so much please have them move into YOUR town and preferably YOUR back garden and see how you feel then…. I suspect your opinion would change dramatically…. think before you type!

      • John Bull says:

        You are a rise tinted idiot. Local crime went up ten years ago when this bunch of foul mouthed heathen scum arrived. I will be there to cheer on the police and bailiffs. Ha! Good bye pikey scum.

    • Dave S says:

      Miles, you say: “I rent in London, it’s expensive and requires hard graft to make enough to keep my head above water. I don’t have any other choice but that’s how it is. You have to take a pragmatic stance on life and think ahead – especially if you have a family.”

      I’m curious as to why you don’t think you have a choice? Everybody has a choice, it’s just that the majority of people seem to be too scared to exercise that choice.

      I ask to you consider why it is that you are spending your life away from your family at work, struggling to pay rent and to keep your head above water? If you and your family so wished, you could build yourselves a small house on a cheap plot of land and become largely self-sufficient (perhaps even as part of a larger self-sufficient community), and spend your time with your family, meeting your needs directly, and doing things you enjoy together.

      That is why this is a political issue: someone else has a lot to gain from keeping you believing that you have no choice in the matter. Because if you DID see that you have a choice, and if a lot of people simultaneously declared that we DO have the choice to build our own houses cheaply, so that we can meet our basic need of having somewhere to live, then several things would happen.

      1. The pyramid scheme known as “The Housing Market” would collapse – which, by the way, it is already doing under the weight of it’s own unsustainability. (And I mean “unsustainable” in terms of “cannot be continued”, rather than anything specifically ecological.)

      2. The pyramid scheme known as “The Jobs Market” would collapse – which, by the way, it is already doing, as it can no longer be supported by the dwindling natural resources (particularly the cheap oil) that have been propping it up thus far.

      3. Corporate power would be significantly weakened – why work for someone else on their terms when you can when you can support yourself, your family and your community directly? Why buy useless, overpriced corporate products when you can create your own happiness, make your own things, trade with others directly, or just do without?

      4. Communities everywhere would be significantly strengthened. Why? Because the focus of life would most likely switch towards simply living and supporting each other (as the Dale Farm folks seem to do), and with nobody needing to be employed, we’d have a lot more time and human resources to put into it.

      I request that you please consider my points, and I hope that you will join me in recognising that a lot of very powerful vested interests have everything to lose from ordinary people like us standing up and staking claim to our most basic of rights: that of access to the resources of the planet which we all belong to, and the means of creating for ourselves a home and a community, and growing our own food and fuel, rather than remaining as a perpetual slave inside a system that is not designed for our benefit, and that is already collapsing under the strain of it’s own unsustainable (in all senses of that word) inertia.

      We can all choose something better for ourselves, if we realise it and act together. This is what governments and corporations fear the most, because they need us a whole lot more than we need them.

      • Kath Woodford says:

        Dave, you are clearly not illiterate, but I wonder where you got your ideas of how developed countries actually function. Where do you get this stuff? Go and work in a country where they don’t have a housing market – they build their own shacks. Try and get enough to eat somewhere where they grow all their own food, with no back up from outside (us) when there’s a famine. Ask yourself why people in countries where REAL slavery still exists, with not even a semblance of functioning government, where the rich are so corrupt it would make you cry, and do nothing for their own poor, are so desperate to get out that they risk their health, savings and even death to come here.
        Don’t waste your life believing such twaddle, Dave. It doesn’t work. What we have here isn’t perfect – in fact has some bad flaws – but it’s better than your totally unworkable alternative any day.

  11. Simon says:

    Gypsy may refer to any of the following nomadic peoples
    Roma (Romani subgroup), a major Romani subgroup in Central and Eastern Europe

    Nomadic people (Greek: νομάδες, nomádes, “those who let pasture herds”), commonly known as itinerants in modern-day contexts, are communities of people who move from one place to another, rather than settling permanently in one location.

    Now i ask, are you Gypsies or settlers? If the latter then live like a settler and pay you taxes and follow the law of the land. If you are true Gypsies then jog on, sling your hook and stop draining local resources. Do you not think you infringe our human rights – oh you make me sick bitching about the young, old and infirm being evicted, take a look at the world you live in, some people would sell their sole to live in the luxury you do.

    • Exactly my thoughts and many other’s feelings on the matter.

    • gtr says:

      You heartless fuckwit. Come and visit Dale Farm, meet some of the actual human residents, and the “luxury” you think they live in, then let’s see if you still feel like spouting this hateful crap.

      • Its surprising (or maybe not) how un-liberal people become when you dare question someone else. Fuckfit, right. I’m from Cork, these people are a total embarrassment to Ireland so the Irish got rid of them and quite rightly so. There’s a travellers site near my patch (I’m a copper), they spat at me on finding out my name, ‘you’ve turned on your own’ and ‘fucking filth’ these travelling foke are not pleasant people, they openly break the law, they instruct their children to steal and they keep their women chained to the cooker. I know of a fella who had to leave the ‘travelling community’ because he was gay, the abuse that man received was unimaginable. The site near me is so dangerous, we have escort social workers on site as they get attacked. They are checking the children’s welfare, many can’t read, underfed and beaten but when we ‘poke our noses in’ they fight us.

        These are Daily Wail rants, i can’t stand that rag, but these people are bang to rights and must face the consequences of their actions.

      • Experienced traveller theft says:

        Go home you leftie anarchist, paid up member of the great unwashed, this is nothing to do with you.

        The Diddys are not a race just a modern version of the Victorian ghettos breeding those who live by thieving and dodging the law of the land. If they are so proud to be Irish then GO HOME and stop making this nation expending money to counter your decisions to challenge the law.

        The sick members will doubtless be treated with care by the NHS and thence by the local authority as they will doubtless hide away their fortunes, to avoid paying for their care like we have to.

        The day cannot come fast enough for the clearing of this nest of vipers and hopefully special treatment is reserved for the Anarchists.

  12. When we look at the antics that have happened in Dale Farm, we can see that prejudice is alive and kicking towards the traveller community.

    It is a fact that planning permission can be declined for anyone, yet the traveller community faces a 90% chance of having planning applications rejected before they even submit an application, even when they own the land they want to build on.

    I’m not a traveller, but I know that this prejudice has to stop. How can the traveller community be expected to accept how we live, when the majority of settled folk will not accept them?

    The traveller community often get allocated land from local authorities that is, all but waste land and very small parcels at that.

    Go around your borough and see where they are placed, you will find them tucked away in some corner, out of sight and in areas you certainly wouldn’t build houses or want to live yourself.

    I’ve visited my local traveller community, then went to visit a dog kennel. It really comes to something when dogs live in greater luxury that people.

    I hope that people watch things like Big Brother, where they can see men like Paddy Doherty, a man of strength and honour and a proud traveller, this man is typical of their character, strength and sense of community.

    I for one openly support the traveller community and I am proud to do so.

    • Mr X says:

      These people chosse to live in their own crap and act like arseholes let them live it, but keep moving…. preferably off the end of a cliff! They make thier choices just as well all do…! why should traveller be given any land….? even if it is small…. no one else gets free land because they don’t want to pay tax or act in a decent responsible manor….. all the arguments for will always be viod until tax is paid, the law is followed by said “travellers” who don’t travel the clue is in the title travel…. I see very little evidence of travel….

  13. Sunnie says:

    If the travelers own the land…how can they be turfed out? I know they didn’t get planning permission to build but still, they own the land. Also, where will these people go?, will we see them travelling up and down motorways in long convoys, nestling into hedges for the night? What a bunch of hypocrites the council is. Those people worried about the value of their houses falling because of the site are blind to their own spiritual needs and only look to profit as their salvation. If Dale farm closes, I hope the locals who are expressing such hatred experience karma one way or another. My thoughts and prayers are with the travelers, I hope a solution is found. :)x

    • Mr X says:

      Again another person who has never dealt with these people. Please let them move into YOUR town and live in YOUR back garden and see what you think then? These people are just the pits every where they go they cause trouble and make mess… just purely unreasonable behaviour…. They may own the land but that means nothing when they have no premission to build on it and pay no tax to use the facilities like hospitals etc. we all have to pay so why should they not… how many folk have been intimidated and ripped off by these “travellers” I hope you get ripped off/intimidated then you’ll stop pulling the karma card on folk who have put up with this rubbish for long enough

  14. Dee Craig says:

    My heart and prayers are with you all. I pray that there is a happy conclusion to your persecution, and that you be allowed to live in peace on your own land.

    • Experienced traveller theft says:

      You DONUT their own land is in Ireland, or should we say EIre

    • Kath Woodford says:

      My heart and prayers are with YOU, Dee, if you think that ten years isn’t long enough for these people to have manipulated the system so cleverly that they still have your sympathy. I’m sure you’re a kind person, but, as my old Irish grandma used to say, ‘That may be a small thing to you, but suppose everyone did it.’ They knew when they bought the land that they probably wouldn’t get planning permission, and have been manipulating the situation ever since – to everyone’s cost except theirs. Until now.

  15. We the Communists says:

    This government has enough money to spend on investment bankers and their bonuses (remember, the tax payer owns Northern Rock and hence pay the bonuses). Why is it quiet on Dale Farm issue? Does it not have obligation and responsibility towards its own citizens who are facing eviction? If the old and children are thrown out to the streets in already-winter-conditions of September, what will happen to them?

    What is the stand of Labour and LibDems? Do they too agree to the Conservative Basildon Council? Or – are we expecting too much from these politicians? Those small, temporary houses and its occupants may not be that relevant compared to moat http://wp.me/p1FXBz-45

    • Mr X says:

      The point is they are not it’s citizens they DO NOT PAY TAX!!!! end of! Go and worry about your own life and stop poking your nose into others lives it’s people like you that caused a nation of dumb retards to roit in the street because no one can be told off or punsihed any more… Bugger off you lefty wally and play with your beard….

      • We the Communists says:

        Mr X, if foul-mouthing can win arguments and resolve issues, I would agree you are doing a superb job. Sadly, issues are not that easy to resolve. I do not think this nation is of dumb retards; there may be a few who riots and bad-mouth others, but one cannot generalise the whole nation. While rioters should be appropriately punished, unfortunately it is very difficult for the law to track online abusive language and punish the offenders. Let us hope that too happen soon in the near future.

        That said, your other advice is to worry about own life, and don’t look in to matters around us. If you believe what you say, Mr X, you should not have been in this website in first place.

        I am not saying Dale Farm families should not pay tax; they should be treated like any other individual in terms of tax.

        Any of above does not answer my initial question. Why the national level politicians are quiet on this matter?

  16. We the Communists says:

    This government has enough money to spend on investment bankers and their bonuses (remember, the tax payer owns Northern Rock and hence pay the bonuses). Why is it quiet on Dale Farm issue? Does it not have obligation and responsibility towards its own citizens who are facing eviction? If the old and children are thrown out to the streets in already-winter-conditions of September, what will happen to them?

    What is the stand of Labour and LibDems? Do they too agree to the Conservative Basildon Council? Or – are we expecting too much from these politicians? Those small, temporary houses and its occupants may not be that relevant compared to moat ..http://wp.me/p1FXBz-45

  17. SilentMajority says:

    Perhaps the balifs and police can recover the contents of many of the houses/farms that have been robbed in the last few years. No one has that many propane bottles, without them being under someone elses contract.

  18. john says:

    why should the travellers be exempt from planning permission and do what they like?
    Its about time they complied with the law !

  19. adrian leahy says:

    The bailiffs involved with ths eviction are a bunch of thugs called Constant & Co, it’s important as many people as possible front these bullies up, whether you’re a traveller or from the settled community let’s stand together and fight for the right to live our lifes without oppression. Bury me standing………

    • SP says:

      Not being funny mate but you wouldn’t send in the pansy brigade would you? Especially when you consider the promise of violence that has been hinted on other websites.

  20. Pikeys Out says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, I hope the bulldozers run over a few for good measure!

    • gypsygirl says:

      Oi pig head y don’t you drive on there and say it to there faces, And remember one thing div if they go they could be parking up your street numbnut’s. and pikey is like calling a black man a n…..er It racist. So get you fact right.. there travelers Div.

      • Robbie says:

        If your travellers why aren’t you travelling then? Seems rather at odds with demanding the freedom to be travellers yet wanting to be in the same place in a settled community for ten years. I don’t understand why that can’t be done in a house, which has been offered, after all that’s what’s been built there in many cases.

      • Simon says:

        D- that’s the marks you would have got for your english literature if you had attended school and i only gave you a D cause you made an effort.

        And another lesson for you, fact is that if you want to be classed as travellers then act like a traveller and move on.

      • Mr X says:

        They don’t travel though so his point stands! Pay tax and abide by the law and folk will stop pointing out these facts and upsetting you

    • Bm says:

      Youd son or daughter could marry a traveller and stay on a site, would you like your child to go under a bulldozer??

      • Mr X says:

        They could but they would soon be disowned for being an idiot! so fair game get splattered such is life

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  22. carol says:

    They rant and rave about the human rights of the people in Libya, so they invade under the guise of Nato to ”free” the people, yet, in the next breath, they do this to their own citizens. I despair…

    • 10 years ago, this land was a scrapyard, now it is home to many families who want to live a peaceful and settled life. Many people have successfully obtained retrospective planning permission all over the U.K., Why can this not be the case here and why are the council spending millions of taxpayers money to uproot this community and then will have to spend millions more finding a satisfactory solution and homes for these families. This money could be spent in a much better way, improving services for a start. I too, stand in solidarity with you and all and pray for a happy ending.

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