Demolition of Dale Farm set to ramp up today

A 48 hours notice is set to expire today, giving bailiffs at Dale Farm free rein as they continue their destruction of the community.

Resident Mary Sheridan, who is temporarily staying with family on the legal half of the Crays Hill settlement, said “It’s finally hitting us, we’re seeing our homes destroyed.  I just saw my cousin’s house broken apart.  Now we have to pick up and find somewhere to go.”

The media have been unable to witness this due to Basildon Council’s media blackout. Journalists have been questioning the Council’s refusal to let press on site.

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5 Responses to Demolition of Dale Farm set to ramp up today

  1. ycprojects says:

    what about each time you see a traveller you could say to them “you are stipulating the status of the green belt”.

    I checked the county council website and interestingly there is this aerial photo:

    £18 million is £45000 for each person evicted from land they legally own. How many jobs could be created using this money? Are there any corporate/council run projects to create jobs at all in the UK? I mean are they able to create any jobs at all for instance if they have some million pounds available?

    on the council website there is also the information they have sought to work out a solution over the past 10 years, they have addressed all relevant health and safety questions, they even checked the site for protected species.

    the demolition legally counts as “construction developement”, so it is fenced off and any access will be restricted.

    I understand the council wants to get rid of the travellers or prevent further expansion altogether. But actually there is information before 2000 they encouraced the travellers to buy this land. Is it right they change their mind and decide “the people just have to move”?

    If there is really big nuisance caused by the travellers why don’t they install infrastructure there for instance police station. Kinda Detroit downtown you can’t really go there not in night not in the daylight as well. Would be hard to evict because the majority of people living there once hired to assemble cars actually is black! Call the police from there if you fancy they won’t move out.

    But of course it is ridiculous to compare black people with travellers and assume all of them are criminals, even if there are burnt down buildings and most white people won’t go there at all. you can’t really discriminate them anymore, there are even black people employed inside big corporations.

    As it looks in the UK is it OK to write on the internet the expressed wish or proposal to do atrocities to them.

  2. thats0not0me says:

    Media blackout? It’s not a media blackout. The story just isn’t big enough that it beats out earthquakes, gaddafi celebrations, euro referendum debates etc.

    Bit melodramatic don’t you think?

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  4. I would also be very grateful if you could post it onto the Facebook group page for the Donovan family, many thanks in advance, keep up the spirit, best wishes & support from Glasgow

  5. This is a poem I’ve written as a show of solidarity with friends at Dale Farm called “The Day They Came”
    You enter this corrupted world like a gift sent from above
    With the soft sweet smell of innocence a child borne out of love
    Guarded and protected from a world that doesn’t care
    Not knowing what the future holds, so blissfully unaware

    There are those that will decry you from the day that you are born
    Be it colour or religion, in their side you are a thorn
    But the good must rise above this, yet never fear to speak
    Racial hate and prejudice are the weapons of the weak

    Be proud my child and ne’r forget to hold your head up high
    You are what God has made you, there’s no need to live a lie
    Let all the weak around you bring shame upon themselves
    For once they tire of taunting you, they’ll target someone else

    The righteous people of this world shall always have their day
    When tables turn and you decide to play the game your way
    The bully taunts the brave no more, the child becomes a man
    And strikes a blow for all of those who suffer by their hand

    Culture is a way of life passed down throughout the years
    Their spirit strong as ever still, despite the blood and tears
    The day they came to punish us, in who’s name did they serve
    One day they shall be treated with the contempt they deserve

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