Fears Mount of Dale Farm like Eviction at St Paul’s

Fears Mount of Dale Farm like Eviction at St Paul’s

Councillor Brian Mooney today echoed Canon Giles Fraser’s concerns that police will attempt to clear Occupy London protesters at St Paul’s using the same violent tactics that were used against travellers and their supporters at Dale Farm.[1]

Riot Police waded into Dale Farm firing tasers, and used batons, shields and fists to take control of the site.


Resident Nora Egan was baton charged and was taken to hospital twice with spinal injuries. Bailiffs later smashed their way into her chalet while she was inside. Two supporters were hit with tasers, one in the back, and another was taken to hospital after brutal treatment from Police when they removed him from the scaffolding tower. Residents of Dale Farm were severely traumatised by the level of violence and intimidation they witnessed form the Police.

Ali Saunders of Dale Farm Solidarity said:

“The eviction at Dale Farm show that Canon Giles Fraser is right to fear police brutality against the Occupy London camp. Travellers are constantly in fear of violence from the State. As the economic crisis spirals out of government control, anyone whose actions or way of life challenges the way our capitalist society is organised can become a target for this kind of brutality.”

Dale Farm resident Kathleen McCarthy said:

“I went to St Paul’s and they were good people. I don’t want to see them go through the violence shown to us at Dale Farm. I pray they all stay safe.”

Dale Farm residents who have moved temporarily to friends plots on the legal side of Dale Farm are now being threatened with imminent eviction.

Ali Saunders of Dale Farm Solidarity added:

“They are desperate and have no where to go. Why else would they be there living there among the shattered wrecks of their homes, clinging onto what is left of their community and children’s future.”



Notes to the Editor


[1] Brian Mooney warned that the situation could turn into a “Dale Farm-like eviction” in the Guardian saying “There is now a serious danger it will go all the way through and end up with a Dale Farm-like eviction. It’s a long way down the line but… at some stage bailiffs are brought in and police are rigged up in gear and then there is an unpleasant eviction on the steps of St Paul’s and the heart of the City.” ”:



Canon Giles Fraser expressed similar concerns in resigning from the Cathedral on Thursday 27 October saying “I could not countenance the idea that we would have the sort of scenes we had at Dale Farm done in the name of the church on the steps of St Paul’s.”


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  1. twointoone says:

    The precedent was set at Dale farm to use tazers in crowd control and a public order issue..They did that knowing not many in society would complain to much about the use of tazers, after all ” its just pikey’s their tazering” now they might see how this will be expanded to all and sundry…

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