Legal observers still urgently needed!

The eviction is still ongoing and we still need legal observers – they are the main support Dale Farm residents have right now. We expect the clearance operation to continue for two to three weeks and we are understaffed this weekend (29/30 October). Bailiffs are damaging property and remaining residents feel intimidated.

If you can help please fill out the extended doodle poll at

Before you go, ring 07928632302, or if that doesn’t work, 07583621312, to check the situation.

Finally, a reminder that as a legal observer you absolutely can’t participate in direct action, and you need to have been trained (though if you haven’t done it before hopefully there’ll be more experienced LOs to pair you up with!). Legal observers were under threat of being barred from site yesterday and we need to make sure we maintain our credibility

Things to bring:

  • camera/video camera
  • spare batteries
  • notebook
  • 2-3 pens
  • torch and batteries
  • Spare toothbrushes & toothpaste
  • If possible, hard hat & Hi-Viz jacket
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One Response to Legal observers still urgently needed!

  1. Things to bring:
    Sleeping bag
    Camera/video camera (if you have one) & spare batteries of course
    Noteboook & 2-3 pens (as spare for yourself)
    Torch and batteries (for when its dark)
    Toothbrush & toothpaste
    More clothes than you think you need (socks & underwear)
    If possible, Hard hat & Hi-Viz jacket

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