First arrests for Dale Farm support campaign at Council protest

Update on pro-Dale Farm protest at Basildon Council

The two supporters of the Dale Farm community who scaled Basildon Council building to unfurl a banner calling on Tony Ball to resign have been arrested. They stayed out of reach of police for nearly an hour before coming down voluntarily.

Photos of protest


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3 Responses to First arrests for Dale Farm support campaign at Council protest

  1. twointoone says:

    Id say your friend was scaremongering!

  2. Jim Charmer says:

    hi there, I was protesting at dale farm last monday and since my return a lady i know who had seen me on the news asked me to pass on some info to dale farm residents. here goes:
    she is an ex employee of essex county council, and had been contacted by a friend who still works at ecc, as a press officer, she had been briefed by ecc social services to expect a barrage of calls relating to travelers children being taken into care AND TO DENY EVERYTHING! on further enquiries with social services they admitted that they had orders from above to find reason to put the children into care. they have foster families ready to place the children with and have spoken with the school and briefed the school to inform them immediately if the parents of the traveler children are so much as a minute late in collecting the children or if a child is ill at school and the parents are not able to collect them right away. It would seem that the council are determined to have the children placed in care regardless.

    secondly, an engineering firm that i have business dealings with, mentioned in passing that anybody who regularly deals with the dale farm residents legitimate scrap metal dealers have been targeted by the councils waste management team looking into licences etc. it would appear that no other scrap dealers in basildon have been targeted in this way.
    I can supply sources for this info but as one of them still works for ECC i would rather not as she may loose her jjob for doing in my eyes as the right thing.
    make of this what you will, but please warn the residents to be on thier guard.
    I will be back to protest on thursday night/friday.
    kind regards Jim
    ps if you need to discuss, feel free to message me through facebook.

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