Dale Farm supporters apply for heritage status for iconic tower

Dale Farm iconic tower gateway

Dale Farm supporters have applied to English Heritage to gain official Heritage Protection status for the iconic scaffolding tower and gateway. The tower forms a key part of the defences against the bailiffs and has become an emblem of the struggle for Travellers’ rights at Dale Farm.

The structure is adorned with banners and posters, many by Traveller children expressing their desire to continue living in the place where they were born. The application argues that ‘The Dale Farm gateway is part of history in the making’.

One of the supporters, Ali Saunders, said, ‘The unique relationship built up between the settled and Traveller community during the last four weeks is symbolised by the gateway, which has become crucial in the struggle to keep their homes.’

A Dale Farm resident, Kathleen McCarthy, added, ‘We’re here to fight for our rights to a normal family life, for our children to get an education and for us to have security for our homes. The tower is all that stands between ourselves and the bailiffs. As long as it remains standing, we know that there are people outside our community who still care about our rights.’

The tower stands upon legal hardcore and is not covered by the current planning notices issued by Basildon Council against the Dale Farm community.

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5 Responses to Dale Farm supporters apply for heritage status for iconic tower

  1. twointoone says:

    The Barricaded gate at DF is indeed a symbol..a symbol of what was needed to fight off racial oppression, a symbol of how people from different cultures came together to stand firm against said oppression, a symbol of how the tories in their guise of administrators of greenbelt land ( a land which they themselves had dumped scrap cars and hard core rubble on) decided to ethnically cleanse a ethnic minority from their homes..this gate is, in its symbolism, worth much more than the many stuffy things given protection by the establishment..

  2. UK:OK says:

    The UK will benefit enormously with heritage status for the iconic tower. Millions of tourists will spend their money here and help the UK as Human rights tourists. This is a beacon to the world of respect for human rights and solidarity in the face of oppression from the unelected and therefore most wrongly powerful dictatorship of the CONDEM regime. The truth is that millions of tourists would love to visit especially from the rishest and most civilised countries where Human rights are respected the most just to see this icon of respect for Human rights, which is a more and more beautiful structure by the day. Victory to Dale farm residents. Your heroic bravery is outstanding and you have done so much good by resisting oppression. I am proud to support Dale farm and wish you all the best. You have done so much good for the local community and now we are all stronger and more respectful to each other thanks to you.

  3. Patrick Hall says:

    I know that planning laws have been breached, but the Irish Traveller community at Dale Farm have created a clean and tidy site and I have supported their efforts to remain there and still do.

    However, I think that applying for listed status for the scaffolding is ridiculous and will not do the traveller community’s case any good at all. Why not instead replace the ugly scaffolding with a nice neat barrier in keeping with the rest of the site. In my opinion the Irish Travellers do not need the ‘help’ of the motley band of outsiders to inflame the situation.

    Their case is beiing so eloquently presented by the likes of Candy Sheridan of the Gypsy Councll and shows the Irish Travellers to be a responsible group, still open to negotiation to avoid a forced eviction.

  4. britlurker says:

    The Dale Farm residents should be allowed to stay – as long as they accomodate a reasonable number Muslims, asylum seekers, gays, Roma etc.

    Thats fair enough isnt it?

    It does make one wonder where the black travellers, the gay travellers, the Muslim travellers are though? Why is there no one like that living at the Dale Farm site?

    I think we know the answer, the repressive mainstream society is denying the benefits of enriching diversity to the Dale Farm community. Thats just plain wrong and it’s about time something was done about it.

  5. ford189 says:

    keep going dont let them win.god bless dale farm.

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