Key Court Case Coming Up for Dale Farm families- come along!

MARY FLYNN, JOHN SHERIDAN & BARBARA O’BRIEN v BASILDON in HIGH COURT Tomorrow and Thursday – Feb 29/March 1, The Rolls Building, 100 Fetter Lane, London EC4

This hugely significant appeal regarding the issue as to whether Basildon
must provide plots to those initially offered, but refusing, bricks and
mortar is now to be heard tomorrow. What is at stake is whether local council’s have a duty to provide culturally suitable accommodation for their population.
The hearing will take place on Wednesday, 29
February and Thursday, 1 March before the Chancellor of the High Court,
Lord Justice Patten and Lord Justice Pitchford in Court 23 of the Rolls
Building. The expected start time is 10.30 am although times are regularly pushed back.

The Rolls Building is located in Holborn [a few blocks away from the main High Court Building] at 100 Fetter Lane, London EC4. The Map is here

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