Dale Farm Families return as planning inquiry opens

Undeterred by last month’s brutal clearance, many families are returning to Dale Farm for Christmas.

In response Tory council leader Tony Ball is threatening to have them committed to prison for contempt of court if they breach an injunction preventing re-occupation.

They have nowhere to go,” says Patrick Egan, owner of Dale Farm House, who is presently giving refuge to 5 caravans on his property. “If forced off here they’ll have to move onto car parks. We’re not leaving Basildon.”

Next week, however, Travellers are meeting head on Ball’s challenge to seek planning permission before occupying another location. A public inquiry opens on Tuesday (22 Nov) into Dale Farm Housing Association’s bid to open a mobile-home park on nearby land for all those made homeless.

The land at Church Road, Laindon, was originally offered by the HCA, a government quango, to Basildon council to help it meet its duty to provide 62 new plots for homeless Travellers in ther district. It refused the offer.

Under the new plan, Basildon could be required to facilitate the release of funds by the HCA for the development. This envisages 12 permanent and 60 temporary plots, which would be made ready as soon as possible for those left without homes at Dale Farm since the eviction.

Meanwhile, costs arising out of the direct action operation continue to multipy. Residents are mounting numerous claims for injuries and damage to property, which may add further millions to the original 18m bill for the police-led assault and clearance, which now appears to have been entirely futile.

Residents are urging supporters to attend the Inquiry which opens at 10 am on Tuesday (22 Nov) at the Basildon Centre, St Martins Square, Basildon SS14 1DL

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3 Responses to Dale Farm Families return as planning inquiry opens

  1. ycprojects says:

    I wonder if the residents agreed having their names/income situation listed on a public accessible forum. As the law is the same for all I also wonder myself- if there is something to discuss, maybe also my name+income situation will be published on a public forum.

    I do not understand who is legally responsible for the travellers or who is representing them seems to be a lot of different groups involved here.

    But I think it is not legal to publish such a list on a public forum, I also do not see a particular advantage or need to include it.

    Copyright/fair use, I republish photos, sometimes, on the internet, for instance press photos that already experienced commercial exploitation. A landscape in example is not highly protectionworthy. On the other hand I almost never republish photographies of people for legal reasons


  2. ycprojects says:


    many people think Dale Farm Estate is a peaceful village.

    the Dungeon Siege plot!

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