Council failures cause serious injuries at Dale Farm

Two of the remaining residents at Dale Farm have been seriously injured. One resident fell down a six-foot trench and became trapped for an hour before going to hospital. Another suffered a broken leg after a path gave way. The injuries come as complaints have continued to mount over the cutting of electricity, streetlights and other amenities to legal plots.

Residents and their supporters will be consulting their solicitors on Monday to assess possible breaches of UK legislation by Basildon Council and will report the incidents to the Health and Safety Executive.

Nora Flynn was walking on the pathway to get some diesel for the generator so she could wash her children’s clothes. The pathway gave way underneath her. Paramedics struggled to rescue her because the roads accessing the site have been dug up. She was admitted to hospital for neck and back injuries and continues to be in serious pain.

Michelle Sheridan, Nora’s sister, said”It’s like something you see on the TV news from a third world country. My children don’t eat and they don’t sleep. The bailiffs have ignored the courts. The council said they wouldn’t dig up the roads and they did. Basildon Council have left us in hell on earth.”

Patrick Egan, whose house has planning permission at the site, fell down a trench breaking his leg while checking the damage to his property which has cracked walls, no electricity and a broken septic tank. Mr Egan’s house has never been the subject of enforcement by the council yet is has still been badly damaged. Mr Egan said: “My work is in disarray. I now can’t work.”

Ali Stephens of the Travellers Support Network, said, “Basildon Council’s £18 million pound plan for the site does not appear to include any health and safety concerns for the remaining residents. Why are excavations not fenced off and lit at night? Why is there not a safe distance between ongoing work on the site and peoples’ homes and access to them? Is Basildon Council biased against travellers, or is it just plain negligence?”

He continued, “Life for the remaining residents of Dale Farm is bleak. Their formerly vibrant community has been turned into apocalyptic scenes of rubble, broken pipes, rubbish and stinking raw sewage. It’s shocking.” Both injured residents are available for interview.

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  1. Keep up your fantastic work! Miss you all!
    At the moment I am writing about the process of the eviction and i am planning to do some street art here in Gothenburg to spread the word about how travellers are treated in England, for example.

    Is the photo project still up and going? The one with people sending photographs of them selves while holding a sign which says that they support Dale Farm? I have some photos I took at my school and I’m wondering if it is still relevant to send them over to you guys.

    I wish you all the best of luck!
    /Sanna, Sweden

  2. ycprojects says:

    There is a new official statement on the Basildon County website.
    I have copied it to my wordpress site, and I also added a piece of my personal opinion about it:

    I have searched the web for “green belt” issues actually in the UK land suitable for housing seems to be in short supply generally, while this regulation itself was created in the 1930s.

    On the satellite map you can see for yourself Dale Farm estate lies within an area that already experienced “urban sprawl”, it contributes nothing to the “green belt” whatshowever if you compare it to Wat Tyler for instance. Neither does is disturb any existing recreational or green belt area.

    I wrote on my wordpress site that I consider the eviction totally disappropiate, among other things, given it’s size, and Basildon’s budget. No matter if planning law is formally violated it is not a solution.

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  4. thats0not0me says:

    I look forward to seeing Basildon Council brought to justive over this. Should be an easy job to document the risks faced by the Dale Farm residents, how BC are culpable in this and then make them pay.

    Shouldn’t be long before we see updates on the success of taking these matters up against the council and the bailiffs – right?

  5. Doreen Ogden says:

    Sometimes I’m ashamed to be part of the human race – I say human through gritted teeth. I wish Nora and Patrick a speedy recovery and all who remain there strength, humour and love. Thinking of you .

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