Dale Farm residents address supporters

One thing about solidarity with Dale Farm residents — it was always easy to know why we were there. Just listen to two of the residents who addressed a gathering of several hundred supporters. One resident, a member of the media team, and Kathleen McCarthy, spokesperson for Dale Farm residents, spoke to us by phone — even in the face of loosing their community, they are so generous, optimistic and inspiring.

One resident breaks into tears as she talks about her parent’s chalet being demolished

“When yea came to Dale Farm you came just to support the cause, because you knew it was wrong. But we feel in love with each and every one of you. We did, we feel in love with yea. The best thing about Dale Farm which I’ll take away with me, was meeting all of yea, and that’s from my heart. Me and my mum had a conversation, and she went back to our great ancestors, and no body has ever stood up in history for Travelling people. And Dale Farm comes along, and we had people, really good settled people that stood up for us. And that my mum said, made history. She said ‘You’ve lost your homes, but it made history.'”

Kathleen thanks her supporters.

“It was an experience I will never forget, to watch what happened to you, and you were so lovable. I’ll never forget that, and my people will never forget that.”

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