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– Legal Observers Needed
– Youth Worker Needed
– 5th of November Meeting
– Residents Address Dale Farm Supporters
– Court Support Needed
– Donations Needed

Legal Observers Needed

The eviction continues, with concrete being dug up, the local chapel being demolished, & chalets removed or destroyed. However, the site is largely calm, and legal monitoring and supporting should be an entirely non-arrestable and safe role. We still need legal monitors this week to ensure that the area is liveable for those residents who will be allowed back. We have enough for today, but more are needed tomorrow and onwards. Residents are also really encouraging supporters and witnesses to come down as this is an indescribably difficult time for those who have remained.
Please contact or 07583621312 [note number change] to get info about legal monitoring or supporting, and to say when you can come up. We need to co-ordinate the monitoring, so please do get in touch before you go.

Youth Worker Needed
Half term has started which means that the children of Dale Farm will not be able to escape the brutality of this eviction by going to school. Volunteers have taken upon themselves to keep the children busy but are running out of idea’s. We are currently looking for persons who have experience in youth work who could go down to Dale Farm and/or provide assistance to the persons who are already working with the children. Please reply to savedalefarm@ [at] for contacts.

5th of November Meeting
The ongoing Dale Farm eviction does not mean that we as a Travellers solidarity movement have failed. This is only the beginning as the struggle of Travellers all over Britain continues with multiple communities under the threat of eviction. There will be a meeting of in-depth debate and discussion on the 5th of November 11 am at Cityside House, 40 Adler St, London E1 1EE. Please disseminate this meeting widely and rsvp to savedalefarm [at] to attend.

Residents address Dale Farm Supporters
During the Dale Farm meeting at the London Anarchist Book Fair Dale Farm residents addressed hundreds of assembled supporters. We are planning on maintaining links with residents through the Traveller Solidarity Network. You can listen to the audioclip on

Court Support Needed
During the eviction many supporters were arrested on various charges. Some of those supporters have their bail day this week and support would be greatly appreciated. Please contact dalefarmbackoffice [at] for more info.

Donations Needed
As ever, we are in desperate need of funds to cover our costs. Please donate at organise a fundraiser, ask your friends and family, run a marathon: whatever you can do, do it.

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  1. Were praying everything turns out good and well for you all! Tom n Maz

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