Legal Observers Urgently Needed

Dear all,
The eviction continues, with concrete being dug up, the local chapel being demolished, & chalets removed or destroyed.  However, the site is largely calm, and legal monitoring and supporting should be an entirely non-arrestable and safe role. We still need legal monitors this week to ensure that the area is livable for those residents who will be allowed back.  We have enough for today, but more are needed tomorrow and onwards. Residents are also really encouraging supporters and witnesses to come down as this is an indescribably difficult time for those who have remained. Independent media can also take video and photos for the legal observing team, and to get images out to the world.

Please contact dalefarmbackoffice [at] or 07583621312 [note number change] to get info about legal monitoring or supporting, and to say when you can come up. We need to co-ordinate the monitoring, so please do get in touch before you go.
Also, if you witnessed arrests, property damage or assaults during the eviction, please get in touch with dalefarmbackoffice [at] to submit witness statements.
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