Update from Dale Farm

Following a difficult and intense day defending Dale Farm yesterday from brutal police and bailiff action, supporters and residents remain on site- some still locked on around the front gate, and most preparing to continue resisting the eviction today. Many of the residents are frightened by the scenes of police violence yesterday, but are determined to stay for as long as possible- the brutality of homelessness on the roadside is the only alternative.

The situation on site is that there is a large police presence on half the site, especially around the front tower (still standing!), where people in lock-ons are still being removed. However, half the site still has supporters and residents on it. The electricity on site has been cut off, but we have a few generators.

It is impossible to say what will happen today, but support of any kind would be appreciated. If you are able to come down and help with legal observing, documenting the eviction, arrestee support or simply a supportive presence inside or outside the site that would be a great help. Call the site phone 07583621312 to find out about how to help or to get on site. Please bring bedding, warm clothes, high-energy food and torches, for yourself and to share.
The trains appear to be running normally to Wickford and Basildon.

We are here a lot longer that was initially expected, and if you come down to resist and support we can do it even longer. Even if we don’t manage to hold the site, it is still incredibly important that the Dale Farm community sees that they are supported by more and more people every day.

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