Dale Farm – a community under siege

As the second day of the eviction of Dale Farm begins, police and bailiffs continue to occupy Dale Farm and restrict many residents’ access to their homes as part of the ongoing operation to evict the Dale Farm community. Dale Farm residents and supporters remain defiant in the face of police and bailiff presence, and residents have declared that most of them will remain at Dale Farm for as long as possible. Supporters have agreed to stay for as long as the community is resisting. There is a large police presence on half the site, focussed around the iconic tower, which remains standing. Police are removing the final supporters from lock-ons. The electricity to the site continues to be cut off, and helicopters have been circling over the site from early in the morning.

Mary Sheridan, a resident, said “This isn’t an eviction, it’s a massacre. We’re only still here because we have nowhere else to go, and now we are under siege by the police.”

Lily Hayes, a supporter, said:
“The ball is, as ever, in Basildon Council’s court- they can still work with the residents to approve an appropriate alternative site for the families to move to. I can’t believe they have chosen to go through with this brutal and wasteful eviction, choosing to make families homeless rather than accepting one of the many solutions.”

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5 Responses to Dale Farm – a community under siege

  1. twointoone says:

    The police are mercenaries for hire.

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  4. mhairi says:

    What happened yesterday at Dale Farm was disgusting.

    The *must* be a public inquiry into the use of police in a civil dispute, the use of tasers in a public order situation & the health and safety of vulnerable adults and children during an eviction. You may not be the first to face a brutal eviction from your homes given the changes to housing benefit, but the racism that surrounds travelers makes you an easy target. If they get away with this without an outcry, they will come for the rest of us…with tasers.

    Best wishes for finding somewhere to stay for the time being until something more suitable is sorted out.

  5. Doreen Ogden says:

    Heartbreaking – ashamed to be British. Bigot Ball – The man with no heart – could have found a way if he had had a mind to . May he get his just rewards.

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