Dale Farm residents walk out of “sham meeting” with Council

Statement from Kathleen McCarthy after meeting with Basildon Council

“Basildon Council have demanded that we leave, but we have nowhere else to go and our travelling way of life has been made illegal. We’ve asked them to accept the offer of free land and resources from the Homes and Communities Agency [1], since they’re driving us off our own land, but they refused. I can’t believe that they are going to tear apart our community like this, putting us and our kids out on the road. Justice Stuart Edwards said that any eviction should be humane, but they won’t even tell us when the bulldozers will come in. An elderly resident was taken to hospital last night following Basildon’s announcement that they’re going ahead with the eviction — this clearance is not safe and it’s not humane.”

When it became clear that the meeting was not genuine, Mrs McCarthy led a walkout of the meeting, with residents extremely upset. “It was a public relations stunt rather than a meaningful attempt at engagement,” she said.

Amnesty International have issued an urgent action update on Dale Farm, condemning the forced eviction.

[1] https://dalefarm.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/110831-richard-howitt-mep-3.pdf

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