As bailiffs amass at Dale Farm, residents fear brutal eviction

Following the rejection of a final bid to avoid a forced eviction through legal process, Dale Farm is set for clearance within the next week. Bailiffs and police are gathering at the compound adjacent to Dale Farm as preparations for eviction progress.

Dale Farm residents have expressed ‘severe concern’ over the conduct of Constant & Co., the bailiff company with a £2.2million [1] contract to evict the residents.

Mr Justice Stuart Edwards, who presided over one of the two legal cases brought by the Dale Farm residents, has repeatedly urged that any eviction should be ‘humane’ and treat those concerned with ‘dignity’. However, Basildon Council have contracted a bailiff company whose conduct has previously been condemned as ‘unacceptable’ and harmful by a High Court judge.

In 2008, Mr Justice Andrew Collins stated of a previous Constant & Co. eviction that, “Their conduct was unacceptable and the evictions were carried out in a fashion that inevitably would have led to harm to those affected. I have no doubt that the [Basildon] council must reconsider the use of the firm in question and ensure that any eviction is carried out in as humane a fashion as possible.” [2]

Many children and elderly residents remain on the site as they have nowhere else to go. Residents are calling upon the Council to disclose an eviction date. Following the rejection of the appeal in court on Monday, an elderly Dale Farm resident was taken to hospital by ambulance after suffering a severe asthma attack.

Dale Farm resident, Mary Flynn, said, “We’re petrified of the eviction, and we’d leave if we had someplace else to go, but we don’t – the Travelling life is pretty much illegal now.  Basildon Council doesn’t care about this community, during or after an eviction – they just want to put us out on the road.  They’re even saying the eviction date will be a surprise.”

Constant & Co. have also been criticised for using the term ‘pikey’ in their search tags to attract potential customers online. [3]

Dale Farm supporter, Lily Hayes, said, ‘It is sadly no surprise that this prejudiced eviction will be implemented by a company which uses a racist term to describe Travellers. This company is making 83 families homeless, dragging them out of the only homes they have- it’s just wrong.”

Notes to the editor:

[1] Telegraph, 2 October, The £22 million cost of evicting the Dale Farm Travellers.

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  3. I still can’t understand how your group is acting over this case. All parties respected your legal battle and waited respectfully for the court system to determine that your plot of land is unlawfully built upon. Yet when its your turn to listen to the law it somehow doesn’t apply to you.

    Just get up and go as it will only be a matter of time before you get evicted all those crude defenses will only slow down the bailiffs work. Other traveler sites have got on well with the community and respected the law , why do you insist in giving the traveler community a worse name.

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