Judicial review rejected…sadly now preparing again for an eviction

13 October 2011 – Dale Farm Solidarity – Call 07583621312 for info about coming down

Calling out to all activists and legal observers – we need you to come to Dale Farm to support the families facing homelessness

Please forward to groups and supporters

After weeks of wrangling in the High Court over various rulings on the legality of the eviction operation, today the residents of Dale Farm were refused the right to a judicial review of the eviction. This means that Basildon Council is able to legally evict the community. There is no longer an injunction to stop the eviction, but Basildon Council have said in court that they will not evict until Monday at the earliest.

The residents plan to lodge an appeal on Friday, and will find out on that day whether their request for an appeal is granted. If the appeal is not granted, Basildon Council could begin the eviction. If the appeal is granted, then legal proceedings could continue for anything from a day to several. If the appeal is heard on Monday, but rejected, the eviction can begin at any point from then.

Of course we are hoping that the appeal will be heard and decided in the Dale Farm community’s favour- but experience shows that judges, the legal system and planning regulations are weighed against Travellers. This is why the Dale Farm community are asking you to come down to Dale Farm this weekend to be ready to resist an eviction on Monday. (If you can, come down before the weekend, as there is loads to be done on site, and the more people are here, the safer the residents feel.)

We know that this isn’t this first call out you have read from Dale Farm. We have had a lot of close calls, and the fact that the eviction hasn’t started yet is a testament to the power of protest. However, we are genuinely heading towards the end of the legal process, and it is really important that people are prepared to come down to resist the eviction and stand with the Dale Farm community at a time when they are at the receiving end of state violence and need our solidarity on a personal and political level.

If you can’t make it you can support in another way, we are in desperate need of funds. Please donate- https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/2011/09/17/donate/!

Activists are supporting the Travellers in defending their homes and community. There’s many different ways of getting involved – we need medics, legal observers, site defenders, cooks, etc.. More people are needed on all fronts.
Please sign up for txt alerts (https://smsalerts.tachanka.org/dalefarm/) in case urgent information needs to get relayed or follow us on twitter (@letdalefarmlive) for updates. You can send information to the legal hotline 07928669515

**Getting to the site**

Dale Farm is about 30-40 minutes from London by train, you can find directions here. (https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/2011/09/17/contact/) From Wickford Station (30 minutes journey from London), it’s a 15 minute cycle/45 minute walk from the station. To arrange a lift call the site phone: 07583621312
Please see map (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26043573/DALE%20FARM%20MAP.png) for more info on access to the site. As of Thursday 13th October, there are no restrictions on entering Dale Farm.

**Be Prepared**

Things to bring:
-warm clothes
-water bottle
-sleeping bag and roll mat
-notepads, pencils
-cameras for taking photo evidence
-clean phone

Things not to bring:
-offensive weapons
-Things you would not like the police to take off you

A vegan kitchen is running. We will be asking for donations to cover our costs, but it may be an early target of the Bailiffs, so please bring extra food.

Sleeping arrangements
Sleeping space is available in caravans and residents’ homes but we encourage you to bring a tent, and you are welcome to sleep over anytime. Please bring a sleeping bag if you can, and a roll mat is highly recommended especially since most of the tent space is on hard ground.

Legal info
Write on your arm before you get here:
Dale Farm Legal Hotline: 07928 669 515
Birds Solicitors: 07966 234 994
Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors: 07659 111 192

Other info
Camp Constant site phone: 07583621312
The welcome pack is available here https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/get-involved/. The welcome packs contain information on Dale Farm and the political context of the current eviction, Camp Constant and what to bring, Traveller history, and legal advice for activists.

People coming organised as affinity groups are very welcome.

Please promote our facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/124229427082/) through social networking sites, and call up friends and groups to get a minibus down to Dale Farm.

See you here!

Camp Constant

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10 Responses to Judicial review rejected…sadly now preparing again for an eviction

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  2. twointoone says:

    Sir/madam you do not paraphrase, your not that orignal, you trot out a worn out cliche!

    To say travellers travel is much to simplistic a way of dealing with the issue. Are you saying Travellers travel constantly and should never stop? If they stop for the night then they are not Travellers. Travellers do Travel and this has been stated many times, many of the usual sort complain the ‘legal side of dale farm is empty for long periods because people are travelling then these same people complain that the travellers on the ‘illegal’ side dont travel..what do they want, the travellers to travel or not. The moaners cant have it both ways but thats what they will want. Perhaps the travellers, for peace sake, will have to take to the air and become air travellers moving around in planes or helicopters. This is no more a absurd idea than because a people are called travellers they then have to travel. An African is called an African no matter where he is in the world, he doesn’t have to remain in Africa to be African. Please THINK before you post. This issue is more complicated than you think.

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  4. The state will abide by the rule of law if you win you case against the council which is fair. Will you do the same and live by the law if you lose your appeal?

    • twointoone says:

      a simple answer. The state can afford to, the traveller cant, the state wont be sleeping in a caravan in a layby by a motorway as many traveller have and do still in this oh civilised country..to paraphrase a famous saying “They evict Travellers dont they”

      • But remember they are in a situation that is entirely of their own making which breaches British Law.

      • twointoone says:

        @ Special Dibble

        To say they are in a situation that is “entirely of their own making” is missing the point a bit. If the provision for travellers in this country is lacking then people have to fend for themselves. Would you and others prefer them at the side of the road? Or gone altogether?

        Analogy, a person needs to get to England from France, there are no trains or boats, the only way to travel is by air. so the person gets on a plane and the plane crashes! You could say the person was in a situation entirely of their own making but would it be fair to say that?

    • paulcrame says:

      And what is a rule of law without a social contract?

      • twointoone says:

        Would you find it so easy to live by and obey a law that takes away your home? The law isn’t a living entity. It doesn’t get cold at night living in a muddy field, it doesnt get thirsty looking for water. it doesn’t have to worry of relieving itself outside for want of toilets or of finding places to wash…telling people to leave their homes to obey the law is easy, just try to do the same and see how easy it is.

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