Justice system fails Dale Farm community

The High Court has rejected the Dale Farm residents’ application for a judicial review, threatening 83 families with homelessness. This paves the way for Basildon Council to pursue an eviction which will leave Dale Farm as a patchwork of concrete and fences, along with a few isolated residential plots. Lawyers for the Dale Farm residents will appeal the decision.

Dale Farm resident, Kathleen McCarthy, said, “Travellers have always faced persecution under the law – we hoped that this time would be different, but it seems like the High Court cares more about planning regulations than our human rights. I can’t believe they would carry on with this senseless eviction, that will separate families and tear apart a community, just to make Dale Farm into a scrapyard again.”

The Dale Farm community has repeatedly offered to negotiate with the Council to find a positive solution. Basildon Council has turned down a number of alternatives to eviction, including the offer of free land for alternative sites from the Homes and Communities Agency. [1] Dale Farm residents are calling on Basildon Council to notify them of an eviction date.

Lily Hayes, a Dale Farm supporter, said “This isn’t about planning regulations, it’s about prejudice. Basildon Council and the government don’t care about the welfare of this community – instead, they are intent on clearing them out of Basildon and willing to spend £22 million in the process. Today, the law has failed the Dale Farm community, leaving them at the mercy of the Tory’s confrontational eviction strategy.”

Upon leaving the court, Travellers and supporters announced the launch of the Traveller Solidarity Network that will bring together people to resist eviction and fight for the recognition of Traveller’s rights. [1]

Notes to the editor:

[1] http://travellersolidarity.org/.

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  1. thats0not0me says:

    Not still thinking that the judge is fair and listens to all? This is hugely two faced to accept the judgement if it goes your way and abide by the outcome, but ignore it if it doesn’t go your way & resist

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