Dale Farm residents bring negotiation table to the High Court

Tired of waiting for Tony Ball to open negotiations, today the Dale Farm negotiation team will literally bring the negotiating table to Tony Ball.

Dale Farm residents are finally expecting to receive a judgement on whether a judicial review will be heard about the legality of Basildon Council’s attempted eviction. The judgement will be heard no earlier than 2pm in Court 76 at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Ahead of the verdict, members of the negotiation team put forward by Dale Farm residents will set up a table, complete with tea, sandwiches and a place reserved for Council leader Tony Ball, outside the High Court. [1] This symbolic gesture aims to make it clear that it’s not too late to reach a common sense solution.

Dale Farm resident and negotiation team member, Kathleen McCarthy, says, “Whatever the outcome of today’s judgement, the families of Dale Farm still need a home. Basildon Council are selling off sports fields to housing developers, but they won’t let us live on a former scrapyard. By getting around the table to talk, we can save both public money and the future of our community – it’s just common sense, isn’t it?” [2]

Basildon Council has been offered free land and resources to resettle Dale Farm residents, but refuses to do so [3].

Notes to the editor:

[1] The Dale Farm negotiation team is composed of six representatives from different families agreed on by Dale Farm residents. They are empowered to enter talks with Basildon Council on behalf of Dale Farm and reflect the residents’ wish to find a positive solution to the dispute.

[2] “Councillors vote against saving playing fields” 10/10/2011, Essex Echo: http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/local_news/basildon/9297899.Councillors_vote_against_saving_playing_fields/ .

[3] https://dalefarm.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/110831-richard-howitt-mep-3.pdf

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