The state of play now at Dale Farm — Gypsy Council

From Candy Sheridan, of the Gypsy Council

Well it has been a roller coaster ride for everyone, most of all the residents. We obtained an emergency injunction on Monday 19th, 17 days ago. This was an amazing victory because it literally stopped yet another ‘unlawful eviction against Travellers’. It was identified by the court that Basildon Council was going to clear Dale Farm unlawfully and re instate it for a green field, grass seeded site. Although it was not one before.

Councils over enforce against my community on a regular basis, but not from now on. We have also been awarded costs, as the Judge stated that our apprehension was justified — another far reaching victory. Councils in this country need to treat my community with some basic respect and dignity and from now on tell each Traveller what they require them to do in each and every enforcement notice.This was all we asked of Basildon, but we literally had to go to court to gain it. The court agreed with us that they were flaws and the council have ‘conceded many points with us.’ The flaws in their decision making at Basildon were the responsibility of the officers.

We are still awaiting the final judgement as to whether Basildon Council can proceed. The battle of ‘up holding planning Law, restoring the Greenbelt and finally creating the openness back at Dale Farm, have all been LOST. Dale Farm will remain and the human misery needs to end.

We accept and always have done that there is a breach of planning control at Dale Farm. We have worked on sourcing and applying for alternative sites and have always wished to avoid this costly and ill informed court battle. We are now informed that this final judgement will not be tomorrow but next Wednesday 12th at 2pm, some 23 days after Basildon wished to begin their ‘over enforcement’ at Dale Farm.

They are few winners and more losers in all this political posturing. The residents have experienced much earlier deaths and extreme stress, the sheer waste of public money is obscene and has literally been frittered away at a time of great financial crisis in this country. Basildon have been the most watched council in this country and other nations have been appalled by this ‘localism’ funded by national money.

But as we await there is still time to talk and we have kept that door open throughout and look forward to that call from Tony Balls. Let’s all show courage and wisdom and sit down away from all the media and discuss what Dale Farm could look like. Lets work together to end this national issue and solve it first and foremost in Basildon.

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5 Responses to The state of play now at Dale Farm — Gypsy Council

  1. It has been a privilege and an education to spend time getting to know Dale Farm folk over the past few years, and in recent days, in such extraordinary circumstances, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions and expectations.

    I do hope, now, that a little space may open up for all to speak and listen carefully – away from the glare and sensationalism of the media – and to seek a sensible, compassionate way forward from here.

    I would like to reiterate that there remains an open offer from two constituencies which I represent to act as a mediator-partner, should that be helpful:
    i) as Chair of the Basildon (Borough) Forum of Faiths, may I repeat our open offer – made by letter to Dale Farm residents, Crays Hill residents and the Members of the Council, on August 31st 2011 – to act in a mediation role;
    ii) as Advisor to the Bishop of Chelmsford (The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell) on a variety of public life matters, may I please reiterate that both he and his Roman Catholic counterpart (The Rt Revd Thomas McMahon) have made an open offer to host and mediate any such quiet discussions.

    I do hope that such an opportunity may be grasped in this ‘reflecting time’ which yet exists prior to the next round of High Court judgments and statements…

    Go well,

    Fr Paul Trathen

  2. twointoone says:

    Candy, you seemed to have changed your tune…you had agreed with a ‘peaceful eviction’ and stated so on many occasions but now that it looks as if the tide is turning you are manning the barricades and demanding the council negotiate..I think the travellers at DF know who was for them and who was not…you had cambridge half evicted and tried the same tactic here…we know candy we know..

  3. Where are all the male travellers? In all of the photos of placard bearing travellers or court attending travellers there’s not one man to be seen. There are elderly women, young women, children and babies pictured but not one man. Why is this, does anyone know?

  4. ouchcouch says:

    Using every possible loop hole in the legal system to hold up an illegal squat! That’s not a victory Candy that is called buying your time at yet more expense to the tax payers of this country. Why don’t we all buy caravans and camp up next to you? There will be a couple of problems though who’s going to pay for our water, electricity and our new Audi’s?

    • beano22 says:

      what about all the expense of the tax payers money on building mosques and other places of worship for people who are not even british! let me put it to you like this what if your street/road and home you live in was being evicted by the council i dont think you would be using comments like you made

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