Dale Farm residents plea for a solution through negotiations

Residents are voicing a plea for resolution, and have asked Basildon Counci to negotiate with them in order to find a way to avoid a forced eviction. Basildon Council have yet to begin the eviction that residents have been expecting from 8am this morning. Over the past several years, the Dale Farm community have been attempting to find a resolution to avoid a forced eviction through proposing alternative sites and through legal processes.

Local Bishops as well as the United Nations have offered to mediate between the Dale Farm community and the Council. However, recently the Foreign Office refused the request of the European Represenatve of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jan Jarab, to visit Dale Farm and attempt to conduct negotiatons. (Emails available as evidence up request).

The offer of negotiations comes at a time when Basildon Council is being criticised for not maintaining open communication with the residents. The residents have been increasingly distressed at the lack of information about what time the eviction is due to start. The mixed messages continue as the Council discusses with the press that they were considering negotiations while saying the eviction is going ahead.

The community living on the former scrapyard at Dale Farm are in the Royal Courts of Justice at 11.30 today. While the chances of success are limited, the case shows that Basildon Council’s statements that all avenues to solve the problem are exhausted are incorrect.

Several Dale Farm residents also have planning permission applictions lodged with Basildon Council pending  decision in October.

Dale Farm resident Kathleen McCarthy told the Today Program this morning, “We will give Basildon Council our land if they build us a site… The law keeps us breaking the law.” Basildon Council leader Tony Ball repsonded, “The Council is offering suitable accommodation’ to Dale Farm residents.” and and that “all avenues” for alternatives had been “exhausted”.

Letters from the Homes & Communities Agency to Richard Howitt MEP show that they offered land and funds to allow Dale Farm residents to move to a legal site. (Letters available on request). Basildon Council deemed relocation in the Basildon area unacceptable and unilaterally left the multi-agency ‘Altenative Sites Working Group’ in October 2010. Immediately after leaving the group they employed notorious anti-Traveller baliffs Constant & Co to undertake the eviction.

Since then Tony Ball has been more interested in courting the media than honestly communicating with Dale Farm residents. They get their information from the press, and not Basildon Council.

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  1. You can’t beat a bit of free speech!

  2. chris's nan says:

    if the busy moderators on here want to do something useful they could starrt looking for the next patch of land for these lawless misfits to ‘claim’ as home.

  3. Arus says:

    Why is the moderator removing stuff?
    I can still see the blatently racist comments..

    • There’re far too many comments for us to moderate all of the old ones. Future ones will be moderated, and we’ll put rules up so that you know what’s being moderated.

    • Arus says:

      I look forward to reading the rules, as I’m pretty sure that my comments were not racist, offensive or derogatory.


  4. town man says:

    …and how much is Constant & Co. (the bailif company) making out of this situation exactly?
    a fraction of the £18 million eviction budget could find these families a suitable site and end this situation, but the contractors wouldn’t be happy about that now would they? they want the ££££££’s.
    Good luck all I hope common sense finally prevails and a peaceful outcome can be found.

  5. SHAZ says:


    • tracy says:

      leave these people alone, they are human beings and need somewhere to live. life is to short.I hope that they get to stay in their homes for as long as they want to as we do. Good luck to all x

      • Arus says:

        But there is a difference, we live in our homes legally.

        Any family would make absolutely sure that they provide a safe home for their children.

        Unfortunately, those travellers that build on the illegal part of the land knew that it was illegal when they moved there.

        Yes they have their own community, and they keep themselves to themselves. But they do so in such a ferocius way that they are causing steroe typing. Its unfortunate.

        To live in my home, I basically lose all money that I work to earn. I pay taxes out of my ass and end up without a penny.

        I have nothing againt travellers. Like I said, I live directly next to a site. My kitchen window looks over their plot, and for the most of it, they are lovely people, but they keep to their ways while following the laws of the land.

        Regardless of the contreversy that follows the history of this land, that part of the plot is illegal to be lived and built on.
        Yes planning permission is a bit screwed, and yes it can and has been done retrospectively, but REGARDLESS of that, they moved there knowing it was illegal to do so.

        They may get permission in the end, and if so, good on em. But if they don’t, they only have themselves to blame.

        And no ‘B’, not all negativity towards this issue is RACIST. Grow the hell up.
        Yes there are some racists here, like ‘Stewpot’, but you cant call racist at everybody.

  6. SHAZ says:


  7. flaxy says:

    better to spend maybe 2 million building a legal site than 20 million on the eviction put people out on the side of the road then spend 10s thousands evicting them again and again wake up deal with the real issues i wonder how many backhanders it took for basildon council to sell off some of its greenbelt and playing fields for housing

  8. you idiot grow up you dont no the travelling community so be quiet and do us all a favour

  9. the travellers have been there for 10 years so should be able to stay there as its there land they bought with there own money

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  11. Sue Barlow says:

    good luck residents of Dale Farm.. keep fighting for your right to live life the way that you choose. Britain’s will have to get used to the fact that Henry VIII is no longer on the throne and that the UK is a multicultural society. If Basildon Council don’t like it… they can move somewhere else.

  12. alice says:

    I am not a traveller but I am disgusted at all of the racist comments that are on this comments base. Maybe some of you feel that the racism that went on in the 1960s usa when signs were up saying ‘no coloureds’ or ‘blacks sit here or blacks door entrance’ and it was a criminal and civil offence for black people to break those rules. Sadly the travellers do not trust outsiders, especially any law authorities. But statistics of aug 2011 riots show that few if any people from the travelling community were involved, in fact majority were disgusted by events. Yes they have broken planning laws, but where do we expect them to go! And u who said back to ireland should really think hard about your own roots and family history! Travellers have a real sense of community, yes their own community and the travellers way! I know for a fact that when one of their own breaks the law they do get dealt with the travellers way. And I have always given travellers respect if they deserve it, as some don’t! But I just ignore those ones and the elders deal with it! Believe me they do. I always get respect back from them. I live in surrey which has many travellers and their manners are better than most settled people. Oh… Many of them do pay tax and NI and very few of them are on benefits (pride) which is more than we can say about most. So to any ttravellers who read this…don’t let yourselves down and sink to the levels of ignorant or racist fools, but show the country that u do all have decent morals but the ignorants need to find u proper sites! And to all u racsists…don’t ever assume u know or understand travellers ways as u clearly do not. Just think about it as who would have ever thought in the 60’s that the usa would have a black president. Especially as the traveller kids I teach are so intelligent, hard working and some have high and honest career plans! And their parents support school policies and teachers decisions (more so than many house dwelling parents) Stand by it just takes one to make it into politics to make a change to the current shameful way travellers are portrayed. And yes I do know that some travellers are bad, but that is the same in all communities!

    • Rose says:

      thank you for all you have said about us. we have had to fight evictions all our lives no matter where we are. my heart and support goes out to all on DALE FARM our prayers are with you xxx

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  14. GabberMonkey says:

    My local branch of Subway (the sandwich shop) was opened without planning permission. They applied for retrospective planning permission and got it. I looked into it a bit more and it seems that this happens rather frequently. Apparently planning laws are applied far less strictly when the “person” doing the building is a corporation.

    I think the point that lot of folk on here are missing is that laws are framed by the powerful. I can’t think of a single MP with traveller heritage in my lifetime, for example. I can think of numerous times that green belt land has been “developed” by large businesses and by the state. I used to live in a squaddy town, for example, they would frequently chuck up barracks without planning permission (and often disregarding health and safety laws). The government is actively considering changing the planning laws specifically so that large companies can build unpopular nuclear reactors against the wishes of the local population and frequently on green field sites. One rule for them and one rule for everyone else, means that if the powerful don’t like the law they change it. Normal folk like these ones at Dale Farm don’t get that luxury. They have to fight for their very survival.

    We need to show a bit of solidarity with the underdogs in this fight and stop adopting the lackeyish, slave mentality that our masters want us to have — keep the poor and the scapegoats fighting amongst themselves whilst we get the spoils. This anti-traveller shit has happened before, my Dad died in a war against fascism in Europe. I hope his death was not in vain. http://history1900s.about.com/od/holocaust/a/Gypsies-Timeline.htm

  15. christopher says:

    what else are these people suposed to do they get treated like dogs if they were polish or muslims they would be left alone,for gods sake its about a few home put up in a car park and its going to cost millions to sort out ffs surely theres more serious things in everyones lives that should be addressed just give them the planning and grow up everyone knows if tesco or asda wanted to build there green belt goes out the window specialy with the corrupt councils and mps and police so get a grip guys these people are british and should be treated like humans not dogs..

    • i agree christopher its cos there gypsys/travellers that there being evicted and no other reason like you said if you was an immigrant you d be left alone so why dont they just leave them alone to get on with there lives

  16. b says:

    m – the land is theirs – haven’t you been following this story? What’s a proper job? And why do you care how often people wash who you don’t have to mix with? Oh wait a minute, I just saw your last three words. Racism isn’t rational. Good luck, though, with your mental development. Even if the Daily Mail probably uses too many words for you. Would you tell the queen to get a proper job?

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  19. LawAbidingCitizen says:

    Unbelieveable! They’ve been given ANOTHER reprieve. Funny how they celebrated when the High Court just postponed the eviction. They’ll happily obey this injunction – but won’t obey any of the other countless court orders telling them to get out.

    “The judge directed that Basildon should serve a schedule on the residents by noon tomorrow specifying what enforcement measures were proposed on a plot-by-plot basis with the residents responding by noon on Thursday.

    He said he would consider whether there were any remaining issues justifying a further extension of the injunction at 11.30am on Friday.”

    Our legal system is a joke. 10 years they’ve had and now this. No wonder people feel they can riot, loot and steal without fear of impunity.

    This country is well and truly finished. When a bunch of people can build on land illegally and receive the full protection of our courts – you know the game is up. Yet another day to be well and truly embarrassed to be British.


    • Steve Leigh says:

      The supporters are basically naive or professional activist chumps like V Redgrave etc. IF they had any real experience of these ‘traveller’ people. they would find out just what their ‘culture’ comprises. It’s not very nice at all.
      Bulldoze the lot and return the site to green fields.

    • Who? says:

      How could this happen? So now it drags on for a week!!!!!

    • b says:

      Unbelieveable! They’ve been given ANOTHER reprieve. Funny how they celebrated when the High Court just postponed the eviction. They’ll happily obey this injunction – but won’t obey any of the other countless court orders telling them to get out.

      The injunction isn’t against them, you idiot. (Oh, and good luck with the spelling).

      No wonder people feel they can riot, loot and steal without fear of impunity.

      Yes, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to think: vicious state-backed attacks on the lower orders are justified, because the lower orders are all criminals, feral, etc.

      You probably mean “without fear and with impunity”. You’re foaming at the mouth!

      When a bunch of people can build on land illegally and receive the full protection of our courts

      Do you actually know anything about the history of planning permission? I’ll tell you something about it. It was introduced after the first world war, to stop working class people from buying up small plots and building on them. Then they might be in a stronger position to stand up for themselves at work. Do you get it? Look up “Peacehaven” if you’re interested. Do you realise that the planning permission system works to inflate land prices to about 100 times what they’d otherwise be? Thanks, say the banks. Did you even know that house prices in Britain are much higher than they are in nearby comparable countries such as France, Germany, and Spain, even if British wages are lower? And average debt is much higher too. These two facts are related.

      Stop just referring to planning permission without ever having thought what it’s about!

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  21. Alec Wood says:

    There’s a lot of bigoted hate comments on here, which is a shame, since we lose an opportunity to interact not often granted.

    I have only one question really, if you want to set up a site like this, why not buy one where it would be legal to do so, and existing caravan park or something? Why not do what we all do, and obey the due process of planning law?

    Problem with this site is the media attention it has means the establishment can not afford to allow anything less than razing it to the ground, otherwise all planning controls become effectively useless, and while that might seem like a good idea to some, a little consideration of the implications of such a situation quickly show it would be disastrous for us all, the settled community certainly.

  22. Stella H Howell says:

    ‘This land was made for you and me…’
    enjoy me with this song …

    Peace!! not P-I-E-C-E-S!

    • Jimmy (not the thug one) says:

      I don’t think Woody would approve of keeping human slaves and tipping building waste everywhere. Just a thought…..

      I feel sorry for the legitimate residents of Dale Farm who’ve done everthing properly. They’re being punished for their neighbours’ transgressions by having this media circus come to just outside their homes. The travellers complain about their childrens’ lives being disrupted, surely having Swampy and his mates around preparing for an almighty ruck can’t be good for these kids. I bet that they were the first to condemn Saddam Hussain and Colonel Gadaffi for using children as human shields.

      • b says:

        I don’t think Woody would approve of keeping human slaves and tipping building waste everywhere. Just a thought…..

        Admit you’re racist or change your views. I’m against white working class people from Yorkshire getting shat on. That means I’m soft on the Yorkshire Ripper, does it? Don’t judge everyone in an ethnic group by what some members of that group do. How fucking hard is that to understand? Some of the Travellers at Dale Park may well be rolling in money; most of them aren’t.

        As for what you say about the children who live at Dale Farm, please try to recognise real community when you see it. A real community includes old people and children. Travellers are much less likely than non-Travellers in the UK to put their mums into old people’s homes. Yes, sure, that’s a generalisation, and some Travellers are probably vile to their mums and many non-Travellers are great to theirs. But do you get the point?

    • Jimmy (not the thug one) says:

      I’m not racist, I’m not keen on people who take the piss though. I’ve seen the mess made at more than my fair share of travellers’ sites in my area. Travelling obviously doesn’t include the local rubbish tip as a destination. If your idea of community is to do what you like well good luck to you. Let them set up home in your garden and you can pay for all the amenities they use. You can enjoy your new found community while you admire all the waste from illegal tarmac jobs.

  23. Arus says:

    Dale Farm was started in the 1970s when Basildon District Council gave planning permission to 40 families. The entirety of Dale Farm, legal and unauthorised, now contains about 100 families. The disputed section is a “former scrapyard on seven acres of greenbelt land”[2] which, according to its previous owner, “was originally concreted over by Basildon council.” Basildon council deny this, although a contractor who worked for the previous owner said, “Basildon council regularly brought waste tarmac and rubble from roadworks and dumped it on Dale Farm for a period of 10 years until the 1990s.” Basildon council says “it served enforcement notices against [the previous owner] in 1992 and 1994 and council contractors did not put down any hardstanding on the farm. The Guardian newspaper reported that “While Dale Farm has never been granted planning permission, except one temporary order by the then secretary of state, John Prescott, there have been a number of developments on green areas in the Basildon area recently.”

    • Arus says:

      Basically, regardless of what the council may or may not have done in the past, the travellers are there illegaly.

      “While Dale Farm has never been granted planning permission, except one temporary order by the then secretary of state, John Prescott, there have been a number of developments on green areas in the Basildon area recently.”

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  26. travellersinstatichomesarenotreallytravellers says:

    im not a tory nor labour in fact i have no politica leanings but i am firmly against mans inhumanity towards man,and travellers and non travellers are guilty of this.
    The hatred is only bringing your coronary a bit sooner so chill yaself out and take your big political speech to speakers corner or somewhere else they appreciate windbags.
    Good day to you.

    • b says:

      “Good day to you.” Can you talk without being sarcastic? Don’t tell someone to fuck off and then say “good day” to them. Phony!

      And your handle here is stupid, btw. Travellers who don’t travel aren’t travellers? Goodness, how clever. And why do you think your observation is so important that you name yourself after it? What you’re really saying is these people and what they say about how they live shouldn’t be listened to.

  27. b says:

    @sdf. You say “they” flout the laws, and “they” claim they’re discriminated against. Why don’t you call yourself the racist you so obviously are? Are you ashamed or something?

    • C says:

      Why is it racis to state facts? “They” is the travellers, or to rephrase it:

      The travellers, in this case, are definatively breaking the law in relation to this site. This is overt, and has been happening for a decade.

      Its also highly likely, that many many other laws are being broken (everything from abstraction of electricity, to enviromental laws.

      The travellers (they) should be prosecuted for this, in the same way as any other person would, no different, no better and no worse.

      • b says:

        Do you actually know the difference between civil and criminal law? The whole “green belt” line of the Council is a lie anyway. The law’s just used by the rich as and when they see fit. I mean look at all the wars British forces are fighting. They’re “overtly” illegal, to use your term, but no-one gets prosecuted. And I’m not going to stoop to answer the question “why is it racist to state facts?” I was responding to sdf, who obviously meant “all travellers”, when he or she wrote that ” they repeatedly flout the laws *everyone else* has to abide by”. That’s not a “fact” that I am somehow pointlessly questioning. Its meaning depends on who are denoted by “they”. The whole way racist fuckers talk (and I exclude honest racists who admit they’re racists) is phoney.

        You wallies who are presenting yourself as zealots of the law – why choose Dale Farm as your issue, rather than tax evasion by big business, or corruption down at your local town hall (and let’s face it, they’re all as corrupt as fuck), etc. etc. etc.? Because you have contempt for ‘gyppo scum’ who stand up for themselves against inhuman attacks, that’s why? Nobody’s saying all Travellers are wonderful human beings, any more than you think that about honkies, you silly bastards!

      • buddyhell says:

        Big business and the wealthy routinely flout planning laws. Why was a scrapyard allowed to be built on so-called greenbelt land? You don’t seem to have your facts straight about this or anything else.

      • Arus says:

        The ‘attacks’ would be inhumane if this came as some sort of surprise.
        They knew this was going to happen for 10 years. 10 YEARS!
        Green belt has nothing to do with ‘the rich’. It is a law. If Lord and Lady Flibble decided to buils a house there without permission, guess what would happen?

        ‘look at all the wars British forces are fighting. They’re “overtly” illegal’
        -What has this got to do with this issue? There is lots of illegal stuff going on all the time. This is one of them, and this issue is the focus…

        [Text removed by moderator]
        If they want their own community, thats fine, but they have to abide by the law of the land.

        ‘They’ are the travellers we are talking about. Dont be so petty! The word ‘they’, when talking about a specific group of people does not mean you are racist.

      • Arus says:

        And 2 wrongs do not make a right, otherwise as long as serial killers stay in even numbers they would be fine.

    • C says:


      “Do you actually know the difference between civil and criminal law? ”
      Yes. I would suspect that they are breaking both, but only the former is being dealt with.

      “You wallies who are presenting yourself as zealots of the law – why choose Dale Farm as your issue, rather than tax evasion by big business, or corruption down at your local town hall”

      Why does saying something is bad mean that you have to think something else is good? I think burglary is bad, but I also think murer is bad as well. The two are not mutally exclusive. This is a site in support of Dale Farm, so it seemed appropiate to comment in the issue of Dale Farm rather than issues relating to the middle east conflict, the crimes in Rawanda, Serbia, Israel or other (far) more important issues.

      “Because you have contempt for ‘gyppo scum’ who stand up for themselves against inhuman attacks, that’s why?”

      What is inhuman about being evicted from an illegal site? The term inhuman should really be put in context with the true crimes we have seen in our generation, the death toll, the abuse and torture is staggering. What has happened here is a law, in place by a goverment, has been backed by court after court. The travellers have been given every opportunity afforded under law, and many more besides. Its hardly been a rush decision, its not one person or one corrupt council, its multiple national goverments backing a law, multiple courts supporting that law and mulitple councils going through with the decision to evict them.

      Democracy does not always support the individual (it can’t its working on a national scale), nor can it side with exactly my opionions or yours, but that doesn’t mean to say the whole thing is bankrupt.

      • b says:

        I asked: “Do you actually know the difference between civil and criminal law?”

        C replied: Yes. I would suspect that they are breaking both, but only the former is being dealt with.

        For all your petty-bureaucratic use of the conditional mood, it appears that no, you do not know as much about the difference as you think. Defying an eviction order, or any other court order, is an offence. (That makes it criminal, in case there’s any confusion).

        Anyway, the latest news is that residents have won an injunction preventing the eviction from going ahead, for the time being.

  28. b says:

    Grattan – please make sure someone keeps updating this blog through the day, preferably hour by hour, because this is the only source of reliable information I’m aware of.

    The physical defence of the site sounds well organised. You need to ensure your communications are also well organised. Be absolutely clear that the enemy have a lot more lies they can tell about residents and their supporters. Over the next few days, they WILL do so.

    The Council have lyingly said that they want to communicate with residents but “anarchists” won’t let them.

    You can hear the extreme hatred in almost everything the Council say. E.g. they have “made the Travellers aware” of other sites, and that if the Travellers live on the roadside, it’s only by their own choice. That’s how Tory bastards minds work – people in the lower orders are responsible for their own poverty – “ugh, what guttersnipes! we wouldn’t want to live the way they do!”

    We must HATE the Tory bastards back.

    People should realise that the great Tory dream is to chuck poor people and their kids out onto the streets, like vermin. This has LONG been their attitude to single mothers, council tenants, whatever low-income working class group is near at hand. I’ve met Tory supporters who get enraged that anyone does anything to support refugees. They would much rather let refugees ships sink. They think that would show “courage”. They think the last politician who showed “courage” was Enoch Powell.

    Make no mistake – the Daily Mail editors would LOVE to print pictures of smashed-up homes and Traveller children forced out on to the street. Meanwhile they’ll say it’s all the fault of the Travellers themselves and of course any non-Travellers who have dared to support them. The Tory bastards would also love it if people die defending their homes at Dale Farm. Don’t be in any doubt about this whatsoever. This battle is therefore not just of its obvious importance; it’s also of major iconic importance, and it really would be the THIN END OF THE WEDGE if the Tory bastards and Constant & Co are allowed to win. They want a dehumanised Britain where “decent ordinary folk” enjoy it when people in the poorest 10-20% are viciously attacked and lose almost everything. Of course the percentage of people who really face the possibility od such devastation will then be increased. How many people are really secure in current conditions??

    Of course the eviction and its supporters are racist – they are racist in every possible way. This can be judged by all the pro-eviction scumbags who post to blogs such as this one, obviously full of hatred not just against a few score Traveller families, but against all Travellers, who – as they see it – these families at Dale Farm “represent”. They cannot see them as people. This might sound a trite observation, but it is true. If they had any honesty about them, they would come into the open and say “yes, we’re racist”, rather than hypocritically and lyingly claiming “I’m not racist, but those Travellers have got it coming to them”.

    Meanwhile in the British army (check this yourself by going to their “rumour” site at arrse.co.uk), many squaddies are hypocritically saying the evictions haven’t got anything to do with racism. Some of them are so stupid that AT THE VERY SAME TIME they are saying 1) no-one can tell THEM anything about racism, because they were in Bosnia and Kosovo where one group killed members of another group for being of the wrong ethnicity, and it’s not like that at Dale Farm, and 2) how much they’d love it if the RAF came in and killed all the Irish Travellers at Dale Farm.


    • Arus says:

      Not all the supporters of the eviction are racist. Don’t be so narrow minded.
      This is a case of law. Yes LAW.
      The inhabitants of this half of the site have been living ILLEGALLY.
      If this happened to a group of squatting chavs, would you defend, no.
      Just because they are an ‘Ethnic minority’, doesn’t make it right to break the law and expect to get away with it.

    • Jimmy (not the thug one) says:

      I’m not a Tory and just because I support the eviction don’t label me one. In the most anarchist/socialist/communist idology you’re supposed to CONTRIBUTE to make a better society, not take advantage of your fellow human beings, leave that to the capitalists. It’s got nothing to do with racism either, it’s simply about a group of people not conforming to the accepted norms of society, this is a moral issue, not race or class. The people who suffer most from the travellers presence are usually at the lower end of society anyway who see their obedience of the law and their contribution to local services mocked and the educational standards of their children eroded. I think that you’ve got a cheek to use the motto of the republicans from the Spanish Civil War, they were fighting against fascism and for all people, not just a small group who do as they please without any regard for anyone else.

      • Justin says:

        Just to correct you there. Marxism, (communism) is a science, it was Stalin who buthered Marxism into an incoherent, confused ideology.

  29. travellersinstatichomesarenotreallytravellers says:

    pmsl @ the hysterical posts on here, by the way i dont think child rape will be as common in traveller communities as it is in our cities all over england…why would i think this? Well mainly because travellers do actually have some code of conduct and being a peedo is a big no no in their community if you wish to carry on living that is…
    [Text removed by moderator] kiddie fiddling is a non traveller thing so lets keep it real

  30. Wave Lindsay says:

    Irish police are coming to the uk with arrest warrants for a number of residanst now identified living at dale farm , crimes involve theft , burglary and 1 account of rape of a child….

  31. travellersinstatichomesarenotreallytravellers says:

    by the way if they have been there 10 years they arent very good travellers are they? Why dont they go and roam through ireland where they come from? Simply because the irish government wouldnt put up with them for a single hour and they know it.
    Its about time this silly argument regarding it being their god given right to live how they want to,yes you have freedom to choose your lifestyle but with freedom comes responsibility,you cant have it both ways,play by the rules or dont play at all…and if you dont play at all then you cant be expecting anyone to respect your rights because you have shown no respect for others rights.

  32. travellersinstatichomesarenotreallytravellers says:

    The real irony in this sorry episode is that the totally lawless community are now trying to use the law to suit them..
    I suggest they make their minds up,are you law abiding or are you not? Make a choice and stick with it.

  33. beegee says:

    Take no notice of these people. I support travellers at Dale Farm and elsewhere. It is despicable what is occurring today: completely wrong and inhumane. Please know, for all the ‘bitter’ comments of some; you are supported by many, many more. Long live gypsies! They are human beings.

    • Gordon Gekko says:

      “….for all the ‘bitter’ comments of some; you are supported by many, many more.” Wow, so far off the mark. Try going out onto the High street and finding the percentage of those that support the ‘travellers’ to those who don’t

    • Arus says:

      A lot of the comments are note bitter, but unfortunately more common sence.
      It is horrible for the children especially, but they can only blame their parents for ignoring what they knew – that living there was illegal, and that this would happen sooner or later.
      They chose to ignore this, and this is the consequence.

      If I don’t pay my mortgage, I get evicted.
      If I extend my house without planning permission, it gets torn down.

      Engage brain, carry on.

    • Arus says:

      Not called for.

    • Guest3 says:

      What is is it you support?

      Do you support the right for people to be treated equally (i.e travellers should be treated in same in law as you or I would) or do you think they should be treated differently and given extra privileges and rights that we don’t?

      Is that you support their right to opt out of the community, to provide nothing to it, but to have all the support that the community provides (right to housing, right to education, right to water, right to electricity, etc)?

      I really don’t understand what it is people support about this case.

    • smoggyjim says:

      Been to Ireland, lived in Ireland, married an Irish woman and I can honestly vouch for the fact that they are called Tinkers in rural Ireland. They are though not regarded as an ethinic group, same way as we dont regard the camping and caravaning club here an ethnic group.

      They are treated in Ireland in much the same way as they are treated here, pretty much hated, more so I’d say. The Irish passed law to make it illegal to sqaut and trust me the people of Ireland wouldnt want them back.

      So less of the paddy bashing.

  34. guest says:

    I saw a lovely bit of land yesterday and I thought “I will just move in there, not pay for it, and then demand the local community provide me with free electricity and water”.

    I asked the council if I could just move in and expect everything to be provided for me, they said “No”. Apparently I have to work, pay taxes and pay bills.

    I will now file a complaint with the UN – they goverment against me as I am a “non-traveller”.

    • Arus says:

      I have to agree.
      They knew that this site was illegal when they moved in, so what did they think was going to happen.
      I live next door to a legal travellers site, no problems there.
      Infact, they are mid way through renovations with new aminety blocks and better sewerage.

      • SHAZ says:


  35. Recently I was responding to a domestic incident between two travellers. The wife was beating the husband up again and we had been called. Because our officers were constantly being attacked while on site, we can no longer go there alone, we gather the entire shift outside in a layby, and then drive in together for our own safety. I’m sorry if this appears prejudice, [text removed by moderator]
    I have an Irish last name, being a naïve young Special at the time I assumed this would give me an ‘in’ with them so I made nice and cracked a few jokes. Upon learning my name, I was spat at because I had ‘turned against my own’ they wouldn’t engage with me and just pretended I didn’t exist. Now trying to get a statement out of someone who just insults you when they are not ignoring you is close to impossible.
    I have had a few very negative experiences with travellers, [text removed by moderator]
    However. I disagree with the eviction, it is pointless, we have lost and they have won ever since Harriet Haperson declared Irish Travellers as a ‘race’ of people when they are just plain old Caucasians. Let them stay and police them like everyone else. That means declaration of income, paying tax and abiding by the law. I’m not holding my breath though….

    • Ex-Job says:

      My experience of dealing with the travellers is exactly the same as yours, violent, agreesive, dishonest individuals who bring nothing to the community other than crime and filth.

      How many distraction burglaries are not committed by travellers? How much does the crime rate go up by when they move into a new site (legally or otherwise)?

      What do they do for the country in anyway shape or form?

    • Arus says:

      Prejudice is not nice, but is a case of the few ruining it for the others, and tarring with their brush.
      Also, the travellers dont make it any easier by being so withdrawn from the rest of the world.

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  37. sdf says:

    Shame they repeatedly flout the laws *everyone else* has to abide by, and then claim they are being discriminated against.

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