Dale Farm residents voice final plea

With 24 hours until the eviction of Dale Farm, residents voice a final plea for an alternative site to move onto as they face forced eviction from their homes. Members of the community, joined by local and international supporters, are preparing to defend the Traveller community that bought the former scrap yard in Essex, a decade ago.

Many of the 87 families on the site have nowhere to go and are in a last minute struggle to make provisions for children and older people about to be thrown out of their homes when bailiffs Constant & Co, reputed for the aggressive and violent removal of Traveller families, move in on Monday.

The eviction plans, fought for ten years in numerous legal battles, have been widely condemned, including by the United Nations, Amnesty International and an all party parliamentary group. The plans are considered a breach of multiple rights of the families involved including the failure of authorities to find the community appropriate alternative accommodation.

Kathryn Flynn, mother of three and resident at Dale Farm for ten years said “I’m moving on to my uncle’s yard on the other side for tonight because I don’t want my children to go through this. I’m scared of what the bailiffs will do. They smash up our trailers – our homes. I don’t want my children to be in danger, so we’re moving them. But we’ve got nowhere to go after Monday. We don’t know what’s going to happen to us. Our children went to school for the last day on Friday. I don’t know what to tell them about tomorrow.”

Fears of the conduct of bailiffs are not unfounded. Video footage showing the bailiffs aggressively removing Travellers from their homes and destroying their possessions were highlighted by the Judge in the 2008 legal case [1]. On Saturday 17September the Council admitted that it was aware that Constant and Co were using the word ‘pikey’, classed as a racist term of abuse since 2007, to attract people to the company’s website [2].

Activists and residents have been preparing defences to hold the site. Many have a sense of wider responsibility to defend the rights of Travellers who have been consistently discriminated against for centuries. John McCarthy, a Dale Farm resident for ten years said: “I’m standing here for the rights of Travellers. I’m here baring my heart to the press every day because this has got to change. My children can’t go through what we went through. We’re treated worse than any other community. They think it’s ok to break up a whole community and to throw us all on the roadside. To tell us we can’t come into shops, to pick on our kids, to treat us like we’re hardly human. We need to stand up against this prejudice. We need the right to live in peace. It’s not much to ask, to be allowed to live on an old scrap yard as a community.”

The Council has declared that they will begin their assault on Dale Farm on Monday morning.

Notes to Editors

[1] Judge Justice Collins comments in 2008 (1) “I have seen video footage which shows how the bailiffs employed by the council acted. The conduct was unacceptable and the evictions were carried out in a fashion which inevitably would have led to harm of those affected.”

[2] http://politicalscrapbook.net/2011/09/constant-and-co-dale-farm

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27 Responses to Dale Farm residents voice final plea

  1. Peter says:

    Dale Farm is just another instance of the Sheridan clan attempting to make a lot of money by turning farmland/green belt in to valuable developed property under the guise of the needy traveller.


  2. alison_mably says:

    council knew 10 years ago when they sold land to the gypsy community that they wouldnt need a crsytal ball to see into the future as to what the gypsys would do with the land its obvious that the the gypsys were conned by the council into buying the land everybody knows that when gypsys buy land they will have the intention to setlle their caravans there ,as for travelling all travellers need to park up and rest nobody travels continously without stopping and that includes cattle,so why should travellers be enforced to be on the road nonstop without rest. this is blatant bullying of a minority not everybody chooses to live the same way of life ,soon we will all be living like the gypsys due to rising costs

  3. alison_mably says:

    the comments posted on this website is littered with disgusting references to these people being pikeys it seems a dog would be given more respect than these people are they not human beings ,whilst waht they have done ,being on one half of the site withiut palnning permission ive no doubt it was through desparation as not enough pitches are provided by councils in the uk basildon council states to its local house dwellers that they have no council homes but hey presto they find houses for the travellers ,get the message basildon council these people have there homes they dont want to be house dwellers ,living in caravans is there cultural way of life,it smacks of backdoor ethnic cleansing on their natual way of life,soon everyone in the uk will be travellers in the not so distant future anyway as mortages and rents are soaring so high above our minimum wages,whats happening at dale farm is a breakup of a community its an outrage,whats so wrong in life in a caravan jesus christ was cborn in a stable he too had to travel to escape persercution,seems times havent changes much since his days on this earth,these tactics by the council are a form of genocide to destroy the gypsy wya of life labelling them all as scroungers and theives if i remember correctly the biggest looters are the snots at the top the mps whos the leader behind this camaign of intolerance towards gypies any relation to adolf hitler he too had a solution for gypies,its a story that keeps on repeating itslef more pitches are needeed for the gypsies not houses they dont want thats not there way of living

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  5. travellersinstatichomesarenotreallytravellers says:

    ffs how dozy must the sky news team be to leave anything of value within 10 square miles of this pilfering crowd is plain stupid,if the petrol never went missing it would have been a great headline for sky news…..
    Lol…not even on april fools day would i believe that

  6. Terry says:

    Haven’t really followed much about Dale farm but I know the surrounding area very well
    It’s about time this community was disbanded

    I feel for the residents of crays hill that have had to put up with all the greif and agrro for the last 10yrs
    What concerns me is were will these people go
    There are a lot of fields and development land around basildon and surrounding areas

    I come from basildon myself and I would not to have to contend with the problems that have presented themselves at crays hill

    I don’t wish any harm to these people but enough is enough
    They need to leave NOW!!!!!

    I hear there is a lot of free land at Chernobyl

  7. Peter says:

    I am a poor traveller and so I am exempt from the planning laws, have pity on me.

    Um, no.

  8. lola says:

    All of these vile racist comments made here about these innocent human beings disgusts me to the core. Have some compassion and think of these innocent people and their children being victimised because they choose a different way of life. I believe in Karma and may it come to all who make these comments and to those that take part in this eviction with a vengeance. There will be a time in life that you fall on hard times, think on.

    • Stella H Howell says:

      I wish I could join the gypsies. The little that I know about their way of life is great. Total Freedom. That is what UK Independence Party fights for – FREEDOM – LIBERTIES.

      • Experienced traveller theft says:

        Sorry Stella UKIP had a great cause when they started, but really have now become a joke and not a funny one at that and anyway if we left the EU, we could restrict the right of pitching up here and stealing your way through life.

        These are Irish Tinkers not true Gypsies, true Gypsies [Roma] behave verry differently to a community of diddys and they have very high standards of conduct amongst their community, which I have experieced at first hand when I lived in Dorset. You could not hope to meet a more upright and honest group of people, their Clan Leader kept great discipline

      • britlurker says:

        Stella – “I wish I could join the gypsies.”

        Why dont you then?

    • Zoey says:

      They have no argument so they jolly up the ‘racist’ terms which is untrue but makes for good reading if you are one of the great unwashed activists on site.

      These ‘people’ have made locals lives hell and didn’t care. Did you notice though that there are never men around when the press is.

      I hear there are plenty of open space in Somalia – they could set up their caravans there!

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  10. It must be a proper scary time for the residents of Dale Farm right now, wishing you all the very best of luck.

  11. John says:

    Hard times. Not sure what can be done it’s earthdance is in a weeks time a good network. Also 350.org the timing in the news is good for raising awareness. So maybe they will collaborate. Let us know if I can help? I have created a company for the purpose of getting everyday people security on land.

  12. Laura says:

    In 2011 I am disgusted to read such cruel racism…….the internet gives you cowards the platform to hide in your bedrooms and spout these vile attacks on a community you know very little about. Do you know that you too are breaking law? The British law you so vehemently want to uphold in case of the travellers at Dale Farm.
    God bless you all at Dale Farm my thoughts and prayers are with you x

  13. Dave S says:

    Good luck to everyone at Dale Farm resisting evicion. I’ll be thinking of you.

  14. Zoey says:

    The world will be watching.

    Yup they will and they will tightening up the laws so the Dales farm type will be banned from their countries and rightly so. These illegal squatters should have been moved years ago. As for the world watching, yep they will and looking on with interest, not sympathy. As reported in the US and Canada about th episs taking with these folk and all the property they own, looks like the borders will be tightening up to avoid a repeat of things like this happening. Bye Bye non travellers – now you can travel.

  15. Zoey says:

    Just fuck of and go!

  16. The ethnic cleansing at Dale Farm is unacceptable and should be stopped. It is against international law and the site is a brownfield not a greenfield site. Good luck to everyone resisting. The world will be watching.

    Protect Yourself

    • Who? says:

      Do you know just how insulting it is when you call it ethnic cleansing? Has anybody found the hundreds of bodies of dead travellers that have been ethnically cleansed…..I think not. Only hours to go…….and then they will be moved on, and not ethnically cleansed.

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