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As of 4pm Saturday, there are no road blocks in place, however police are stopping and searching some vehicles. Please check that your car is fully insured etc before heading to site, and read the following information on your rights:

– If your car is stopped, the driver has to give name and address if asked, but passengers do not (unless suspected of an offence). It is also sensible to answer questions related to the legality of your driving, e.g. whether you’re insured or not, who owns the car, but do not answer other questions. You do not have to get out of the car or open the window more than is necessary to speak to the officer, and it is suggested that you lock the doors and remove the key from the ignition. The police may ask the driver for ID or driving documents, but you are not required to carry any. They will probably ask who owns the vehicle so if it is not yours, you must know who it’s registered to. They may give you a ticket (known as a producer) that requires you to produce your licence, insurance certificate and MOT certificate at a police station within 7 days. (Source: FreeBeagles –

– The police do not have the power to search cars under traffic legislation. If a search is carried out, the police must state what power the search is under (please see here for more information). You do not have to give your details during a stop and search, unless you are the driver of the vehicle.

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9 Responses to Site Access Information

  1. troofyoof says:

    which came first…travellers being treated like animals and so acting like animals,or travellers acting like animals and then being treated like animals?…
    All you people condemning the travellers are picking on an easy target from behind your computer screens, in the 60’s rooms for rent would often have the following sign in their windows….
    When you treat people like they are not human they will soon start acting like they are not human…ffs its not rocket science

  2. adie @ wickford… please do not use derogatory terms you disgusting man.

  3. b says:

    STOP PRESS (AND CORRECTION): the vile thug Bryan Constant died last year!

    But why was the boss of Constant and Co on the Companies House database under different versions of his name?

    BRYAN DENIS GEORGE CONSTANT, Bedfordshire (ID:10589937)
    BRYAN DENYS GEORGE CONSTANT, Bedfordshire (ID:10092528)

    It seems he spelled his first name both “Brian” and “Bryan”, and his second one both “Denis” and “Denys”. Now why might a businessperson do that?

    Constant was a police Detective Inspector. Before that, he’d been a military policeman in India and Malaysia. One of his daughters is called GILLIAN, so she’s presumably the GILLIAN ROBINSON who’s a director of Constant & Co. Please correct me if I’m wrong; I wouldn’t want to accuse an innocent person.

    • smoggyjim says:

      Good find that.

      It’s confirmed all our suspicions all along. With this final piece of the jigsaw you gathered we can now conclude that Constant & Co are a cover for the evil Zarg empire. It makes me mad how these evil lizard like aliens are claiming back the traveller site to build a secret ufo landing pad for the immanent invasion of the world, beginning with Basildon. London, Washington, too obvious, I knew it!!.

      Don’t fear though, mighty earth warrior! We expected this, our plans have swung into action and David Ike is on his way down with a fresh supply of tin foil hats.

      /Salute great earth warrior!! Be brave.

      pssstttt….keep an eye on that police helicopter overhead. We have suspicions its part of the Vogon construction fleet.

      • b says:

        You think researching and discussing what the authorities and the businesses they hire are up to, and who they are, indicates mental illness?

        Sort yourself out, mate! (Oh and btw you’re not as good at sarcasm as you think you are. But anyway it seems you only deploy it as an alternative to thinking).

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