Paddy Doherty urges supporters to come down to Dale Farm. Heralds civil rights movement for Travellers

Paddy Doherty, a Traveller who found fame through the popular documentary series ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’, and who has since come to national attention as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother, today called out for supporters to come down to Dale Farm(1) before the eviction on Monday of the UKs largest discreet community of Travellers. Dale Farm is also familiar to the public as a result of the Gypsy wedding series, but more recently because of the imminent threat of mass forced eviction from the former scrapyard, due to start on Monday 19th September. This is set to devastate the Dale Farm community, destroying homes, and pulling children from their school. Paddy urged the public to come down to Dale Farm before the eviction, to act as monitors and suport the community’s resistance to the eviction.  He said “I’d love as many to come down, even country people, anyone and everyone and anyone, to come and show their support.  Just show up with support. It’s a terrible thing when people are being made homeless.”

Paddy spoke of the extreme prejudice experienced by Travellers in the UK, saying “When it comes to Travellers you know…Now this is a shameful thing to say, we’re not even treated like second class, never mind first class, we’re treated as nothing, honestly, and we’re human beings… we’ve got feelings.”

The impact of UK planning regulation on Traveller communities is a strong marker of the hostility and disregard experienced by Travellers. Across the UK Travellers’ planning permission applications are routinely turned down (2). Over 90% of Travellers initial applications for planning permission are refused, compared to under 20% of refusals for the population in general. This leaves a large segment of the population homeless or under threat of homelessness, destroying Traveller communities. Traveller children and families face repeated evictions, placing the population under great financial, physical and psychological strain. There is currently inadequate protection for Travellers rights and, contrary to the statements made by leader of Basildon Council Tony Ball, Travellers are very far from being treated fairly under the law ‘like everyone else’ when it comes to the application and enforcement of planning regulations.

Describing the impact of forcing Dale Farm residents off the former scrap yard they own at Dale Farm, and the efforts by successive governments to force Travellers off their own land and into council housing, Paddy commented “It’s like taking a fish out of water, it will drown straight away. The whole population will drown like that.”

Mr. Doherty’s call comes just a day after the UN Advisory Group on Forced Evictions condemned the eviction as a breach of international law.  Also yesterday, speaking on behalf of the EHRC Commissioner (3) Simon Wooley said “…the question remains with so few suitable sites around the country, where do the evicted families go? Sadly, Dale Farm is a product of a national problem – the chronic under provision of Traveller sites.”

Paddy Doherty, who bucked the trend of prejudice when he was not evicted from the Big Brother house last week, said “We’re human beings, we need to stand up for our rights”. He used his recently boosted fame as a platform for addressing the human rights of Travellers imploring that “the… English and Irish and Welsh can all get together and show their support [for] the people who are getting evicted when they shouldn’t be evicted…” Commenting on the threat to education for families forcibly evicted at Dale Farm, Paddy added “this is the new wave…all the families are putting their children through school to get an education…it’s appalling how we’re getting treated.” It is likely that most of the children will have to be pulled out of their local school and forced into homelessness where they will not gain any further education, making this eviction a terrible infringement upon the basic rights of these children to safety, a home, and an education.

Mary, a mother of four at Dale Farm, said ‘It’s really good that Paddy is supporting us. We need all the support we can get right now. The Dale Farm community is a really close community and we are all devastated. The MEP [see (5)] and the UN representative [see (6)] both told us they think it’s wrong and against international human rights law that our families are being forcibly evicted from an old scrap yard, and that the council has not helped us to find another site where we can live legally. We’ve tried really hard to find other sites, but the council has never really seriously considered these [See (7)]. They just seem to want us to disappear and I don’t understand why – we’re a good community and we’re not bad people. But I’m glad we’ve got Paddy on side – he’s a good man and he knows a lot of us here.” Mary added “Maybe, with all the people that have come here from the settled community and from all over the world to support us, maybe this is the start of the Civil Rights movement for Travellers.”

Paddy said “My heart goes out to them. You know last night I went to a TV awards and all I was on about was Dale Farm, I sympathise with them, I really do.” Paddy suggested that parliament take some time to reconsider the situation “…give us a break in the houses of parliament…give us a bit of leverage…give us 12 months to turn this around. Give us a chance in life.” Paddy’s words chime with the efforts of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Gypsy Roma Travellers which is seeking to put pressure on Basildon Council and the Coalition government to accept an offer of mediation from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (8 and 9).  Two applications for alternative sites are due to be heard in October, making a peaceful solution to the confrontatoin, in easy reach.

Join the latest Dale Farm Solidarity facebook event here.


1. Recordings of Mr Doherty available on request, although not suitable for rebroadcast. Email:, or call Dale Farm media on: 07583761462

2. Commission for Racial Equality (2006) Common Ground: Equality, good race relations and sites for Gypsies and Irish Travellers: Report of a CRE inquiry in England and Wales. London: CRE. Available here.  See also Equality and Human Rights Commission Report (2009) here

3. Available on request.

4. Interview by Jake Bowers of the Travellers Times, 2009, with Professor Luke Clements, Cardiff Law School see:

5. MEP Richard Howitt speaks at Dale Farm, Saturday 10th Sept.

6. Professor Yves Cabannes, 14th September, 2011. See:

7. ‘Basildon Council sunk group appointed to solve Dale Farm crisis’ See Press release 14th September (available here for more information on letters revealing Basildon Councils withdrawal from duiscussions), and Dale Farm Solidarity Website:


9. Contact Andrew George MP Chair All Party Parliamentary Group for Gypsy Roma Travellers

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39 Responses to Paddy Doherty urges supporters to come down to Dale Farm. Heralds civil rights movement for Travellers

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  2. Jimmy (not the thug one) says:

    I’m going off subject here but has anyone noticed the shocking standard of spelling and grammar on this forum from both sides of the argument? After the Dale Farm situation has been resolved perhaps Basildon Council should start a literacy programme for all sections of the community.

  3. b says:

    “Those terms are not in the content of the site, they are used as ‘keywords’ so that people searching for those terms, however unpleasant they may be, will find the site.”

    You’re trying to justify what you know is unjustifiable, by patronisingly explaining to me what a ‘keyword’ in a metatag is, putting ‘keyword’ in inverted commas as if you’re in a small select group of cognoscenti who know what it means.

    If someone published a website seeking to attract people who call Irish Travellers “pikeys”, they’re racist scum. It’s just like making a special effort to bring people to your marketing material who call black people “niggers”. It’s condoning and encouraging racist hatred.

    Consider if I did a website and sought to make it appear in search engines’ suggestions when people searched for “Tory scum” or “landlord filth”. Which would of course be great. I don’t deny I’m partisan or whom I wish to encourage hatred against.

    Putting the word in the metatags is no excuse, and you know it.

    Still – hypocrisy is the ransom that vice pays to virtue, eh?

  4. Bernad Obolys says:

    You wont even need to steal electrity, because after a week you will glow in the dark………..


  5. b says:

    I’m on here because I can’t get to Dale Farm. Everyone who can, get down there by tomorrow night, or afterwards, and give Brian Constant’s thugs a day they’ll never forget. We need unity and we need commitment to one simple aim: THE EVICTORS SHALL NOT PASS.

  6. Its great to see Paddy supporting Dale Farm.

  7. troofyoof says:

    omg this is a forum to articulate your support and of course you are free to articulate your dissent if you wish to do so,but posting your number on here and saying you will fight anyone is just plain idiotic and im guessing its a schoolboy prank posting someones number,if that is real and you really want to fight every and anyone i suggest you lay off the cider and chill the fxxx out….pmsl…
    Ps….anyone can type shite on the internet you know…
    Pps im the hardest on this forum and id knock paddy out with 1 hand tied behind my back….see,its easy….lemme tell you about the time i put 15 bouncers in A and E….

  8. LegalAid says:

    I had an extension that I tried to get retrospective planning permission for – the council would not allow it. It had to come down. That is the law. Why should the law be different for people of certain races? Why should ‘travellers’ get to bend the rules when I can’t. That is discrimination.

    Your site has no planning permission and therefore is illegal. Doesn’t matter what colour you are, what race you are or what religion you are – the law applies to ALL OF US. Any other legal system would be deeply racist. If you want to go back to apartheid South Africa where different laws existed for different racial groups then fine. But this is England. And the law applys to everyone.

    So pipe down. Move on. Obey the rules.

    And next time, GET PLANNING PERMISSION – it isn’t complicated.

  9. troofyoof says:

    experienced traveller theft you are a disturbed individual with a disturbing taste for posting offensive messages online,you can call paddy what you want on a pc screen but at least he is a real man and if he had anything to say to you he would say it to your face whereas you wouldnt dare.
    some travellers do behave wrong as do some non travellers and you mr or mz experienced travellertheft appear to be a vile horrible bitter individual whether you live in a mansion or in a field you are a sorry excuse for a human being…is it the travellers fault you have no job?

  10. troofyoof says:

    i remember a poem…
    When they came for the black people i kept quiet…
    When they came for the gypsies i said nothing….
    When they came for the ginger people i said nothing….
    when they came for me there was no one left to speak for me…….

    Bailiffs doing the devils work may you rot in hell you lousy evil busturds

  11. Jimmy says:

    People dont understand our way of being. You can mock the way we speak or the wa we act but surely even you have moral enough not to be racist towards our people on a website thats spineless at least. Good on pad for backing us. Peopke that hate voice your opinions in your own little place cos our people Are sick of taking it an it will come to surface an back to bite you spineless haters. You would not say this to our faces so you sit behind your computers being big men. Your not so big face to face wuth 6’4 16st me.

    • Sarah (Disgusted) says:


      You are not doing you or your people any favours by uttering threats.

      You had my attention until you started threatening. Shame on you James!

      • Jimmy says:

        Sorry sarah but the comments replying to sherees offended me immensely. Anyway good on pad a high profile man backing our cause we need people in the public eye of country people to get them onside. There are decent genuine peopke in every community an there are the not so ones aswell. Surely people should reasile an pay attention to the good in people regardless of race or cultures

    • Justin says:

      Yes, there is prejudice against the traveller community, which the authorities are only too willing to encourage and stir up. If we continue on this path, we will ALL have less freedom!! What is inconsistent about Basildon council is their conservatives will wax lyrical about self-reliance and big society, yet when people such as the traveller community band together and help themselves and solve issues for themselves they are chastised for it. I think what the Basildonian authorities really resent is that your community stand’s up to their unreasonable, unenlightened authority, you have refused to be supplicants to their bureaucratic manoeuvring’s. Some on this forum think it will be great to get rid of you, but that will only push the community towards dependence. Odly ironic, given that the haters on here complain about all these travellers supposedly claiming benefits.

      The warning for all of us lay in this tale:
      [i]Freedom River[/i]

      • Justin says:

        @Gordon Gekko. In fairness to Jimmy he did say, and I quote, ‘Surely people should reasile an pay attention to the good in people regardless of race or cultures.’ He simply does not sound like a racist to me. Just because Sheree said something racist, is that supposed to mean all travellers are racist Philistines? Besides, how do you know for sure that Sheree is a traveller? You’re making assumptions because of her bad grammar, that is prejudice in itself.

      • Gordon Gekko says:

        To Justin –
        I didn’t suggest that Jimmy was a racist. He sounds like a violent thug though. As for ‘Sherree’ I didn’t say she was a ‘traveller’ I first of all asked the question, ‘Is she one of yours?’ and then started the next line with the conditional, ‘If so the…..’ which shows that I have no absolute proof that she was. Yes, I did think that she may have been one but I also thought she might have been someone for whom English is not their first language. However, the former is a logical assumption as the evidence on academic achievement amongst ‘travellers’ shows that education is not at the forefront of their goals. With regard to your, ‘racist Philistines’, I’m afraid that as a group they are known for their racism, homophobia and bigotry. For the first there is documentation, for the second I personally have known a gay traveller/gypsy and for the third their discrimination is on the same level as any Daily Mail reader.
        The second point I should make is that I do not and never have believed that a lack of education is an inherent sign of a lack of intelligence so there is no ‘prejudice’ involved. I know personally what prejudice is about having been on the receiving end of it and I can assure you these people are not suffering from it. Their reputation is well deserved as their criminal records show, their effect on the areas demonstrate and the state that they leave their camps in during occupation and after leaving. That there may be honest ones around would not surprise me but the assertion that they are in a majority would. Although some of the language that is directed towards them is vituperative and appears to be from the frothing mouths of Daily Mail readers that does not mean that the residents of the area are wrong in their dislike of them after having had them around for ten years.

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  13. smoggyjim says:

    I agree with Zoey…what does it matter who these Bailifs are?

    The baliffs; whatever company they come from, would have been CRB checked, properly accredited, licenced and trained unlike the activists and travellers who intend to violently oppose the clearance. The police are present as well to ensure that both travellers and bailiffs act lawfully and would and duty bound to arrest ANYONE who acts unlawfully.

    Bailiffs are intitled to use reasonble force to remove anyone obstructing their lawful work. I have seen plenty of videos of recent travellers evictions and although not plesent, I have yet to see anything that constitutes an unlawful violent act by the bailifffs.

    I have though seen evidence that the travellers intend to violently oppose the clearance.

    One last thing is Pat Doherty turning up on Monday? I doubt it. Cant really call out people to come to the site and support it if your not prepaired to do that yourself. Besides I should think his PR agent wouldnt be happy if he did.

    • Andy mogan says:

      I have been a bailiff on many jobs like this and we HAVE to use force tell me how we cannot when u have men and women hitting and throwing things at you and as smoggyjim says we have to be crb checked before any job the last thing we want is any vilonce the quicker it’s over the quicker I get back to my wife and children.
      Some of my friends are already at Dale farm and are alredy having things thrown at them along with abuse from young children. I fear someone is going to get badly hurt but not a “traveller” a bailiff.

    • Sarah (Disgusted) says:

      The bailifs are not thugs. They get portrayed in a shocking way and are easy targets for the travellers and the foolish activists.

      I think on this eviction, there will be so many cameras and Police around, it will be a fool that breaks the law and prevents the lawful execution of the Court order.

    • b says:

      “The baliffs; whatever company they come from, would have been CRB checked, properly accredited, licenced and trained unlike the activists and travellers who intend to violently oppose the clearance.”

      Well first, on the concept of violence, please recognise that the authorities plan violence. Eviction of people from their homes is violent. Even if they just say “get out, or we’ll make you”, and people do get out, it’s still violence.

      As for accreditation, licencing (what’s the difference between those? or are you just trying to make your list longer by including synonyms?), and training, I think you’ll find Constant & Co don’t belong to the Enforcement Services Association (ESA), and I doubt many of their thugs belong to the Security Industry Association (SIA) either. Not that it would matter if they did. Many SIA licenced guards are criminal thugs.

      It’s rumoured – and is probably true – that companies such as Constant are assited by travellers or ex-travellers turned traitor, who’ve been kicked off sites for being too thuggish, beating up women, etc.

      Click here (a firm called “Bailiffs ‘R Us” – and I’m not joking) to find out more about what kind of thugs many bailiffs are. And they are registered with the ESA. What are the ESA except “Thugs ‘R Us” anyway?

  14. Henry Page says:

    Rule number one: establish terminology first. Thus the Oxford (Online) Dictionary definition: (source)

    a person who is travelling or who often travels:
    1 (usually Traveller) British a Gypsy or other nomadic person.
    2. (also New Age traveller) British a person who holds New Age values and leads an itinerant and unconventional lifestyle.

    Neither fits into the category of settling down on a piece of land with the intention of it being a permanent home, let alone breaking all the planning laws in doing so. Neither can it be described as racial because anyone could illegally make a permanent home on a plot of land where no permissions exists and ALL would be evicted.

    Solution: Go to the local authority as a homeless person and start your claim for housing, sign on for benefit and (hey presto) you will achieve the same effect as you are at Dale Farm but minus the mini-civil war that seems about to take place.

    • Chris says:

      God this keeps being dragged up. I think Dale Farm expanding as it did was wrong, but the use of the word traveller and criticising it is just stupid. Next to Dale Farm is a legal site, where the occupants are not there for the majority of the year, since they are TRAVELLING around.

      The occupants of Dale Farm would not leave, as they would come back to find their site isn’t there, so they have dug in.

      It’s a stupid, blinkered argument to talk about ‘travelling’ so please focus on the real issues.

  15. sheree says:

    I think this so badd that council and the papers can saay in the papers that our cuntry haave to build up to 45 houses a week for foriners that just come. Over here and they think they can take awy the travlers home awaay from children and the eldery that have lived there 4 years they should be aable to stay put the council should. She ashamed of there self that there taken away there home ya wouldn’t treat a DOG like that leave em be

    • Gordon Gekko says:

      I’m sorry but could you possibly write that in English please. It would greatly help those of us who don’t have, well whatever language it is that you’re writing in, as a second language.

    • Zoey says:

      Good god what gobbledy gook are you speaking? Obviously someone should have listened in school.

    • Justin says:

      Those ‘foriners’ foreigners are fellow travellers and human beings like yourselves are they not? Are they not allowed freedom of movement like yourselves? Did you not know that there are many Polish who are homeless on our streets? But they won’t tell you this in the reactionary press like the Daily Mail.

  16. No Static Travelers says:

    I’m not really surprised this guy managed to beat Jedward in a competition involving sitting around all day doing fuck all.

    “Give us a year”??? You’ve had ten!

    You guys say the papers are full of crap ( except when they support you ) yet keep referring to Yves as “The UN”. The UN have already said they don’t agree with him!

  17. b says:

    Hello and greetings. It is good to see opposition grow to the intended forcible eviction. One thing we could do is to direct the spotlight onto the firm Constant and Co. This is the vile racist bailiff firm that ‘specialises’ in evicting squatters and travellers from their homes, and which is aiming to make at least £2m from its part in evicting people from Dale Farm. Just in case anyone doesn’t already know, this is the firm which includes the racist word “pikey” in the metatags at its website, in order to attract visitors. (Click here and go “view source” to verify this).

    What do we know about this company? Who are its directors? Who’s its chairman? Who’s its chief executive? One thing is for sure – they won’t like the limelight!

    The Council and the bailiffs like to dehumanise their victims. The council and bailiffs plan to use physical force (in other words, violence) to evict families from their homes. But this is not the way the evictors describe it. Oh no. They say things like “eviction orders have been served” and “a decision has been made to use direct action to clear the site”.

    Please let us remember that the evictors are individuals with names, addresses, and business interests. Expose them!! For starters, let’s concentrate on Constant and Co. WHO ARE THE INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED IN OWNING AND RUNNING THIS “RENT-A-THUG” OUTFIT?

    • Chris says:

      Those are rather unfounded accusations.

      Those terms are not in the content of the site, they are used as ‘keywords’ so that people searching for those terms, however unpleasant they may be, will find the site.

      Even bigoted racists who want to search for ‘pikey eviction’ deserve to be able to exercise their legal right to remove people from their land.

      For what it’s worth, i am using ‘physical force’ NOT ‘violence’ to press the keys on the keyboard to type this message, to lift my cup of tea to my lips to take a glug, and to pickup the paintbrush to carry on with the DIY i have going on.

      Labelling it as violent because it is physical force is as absurd and tainted as the kind of silly and unfair headlines that the Daily Mail come up with. Please stop.

    • Zoey says:

      What do we know about this company? Who are its directors? Who’s its chairman? Who’s its chief executive? One thing is for sure – they won’t like the limelight!

      Why do you give a fig? it isn’t like you are paying for it is it? Do you pay council tax in Basildon? Or in any county for that matter? Do you pay tax?

      As for this goofball Yves sticking his oar in Who gives a flying f*** what the UN thinks as most of their members have IQ’s well below 50 and as corrupt as they come!

      3 more days until site clearance and it couldn’t come sooner.

      • b says:

        No Chris, I will not stop. Please can you start thinking. Of course threatening people, saying “leave your home so we can knock it down, or else we’ll drag you out” is violent. Next you’ll tell me wars aren’t violent because nobody’s had up in court just for taking part in one. Zoey, you can shut up too, you Tory moron. Of course I pay tax. Almost everyone pays fucking tax. You Tory fuckers can’t justify yourselves by argument, because all your great beliefs are based on class hatred against people worse off than yourselves, who inherit very little wealth, and who clear up after you. And don’t tell me that you’re the ones who work hard, while all the working class oiks sit on their arses. We’ve heard all that before. It’s mad lying shit.

        Oh and Zoey, why do you bother opening your mouth at all? You ask, “Who gives a flying f*** what the UN thinks as most of their members have IQ’s well below 50”. All you’ve done is to expose that you don’t even know that UN members are states, not individuals; that pluralisation isn’t done with apostrophes; and that full stops are required between sentences. Think you’re bright and I’m stupid, do you? Silly girl!

        The great dream of all Tories, the one thought that really excites the bastards, is getting working class families – especially the women and children – chucked out onto the streets. Single mothers on council estates have long been a particular target of hatred (something to do with working class people having sex and breeding), but so have travellers. Doesn’t matter, really, whether they’re foreigners or British born and bred; black or white trash; unemployed or in work. Anyone from the lower orders will do. Amazingly, Tories see people from the lower orders as lazy and parasitic, while they see cunts who inherit millions of pounds as people-serving, community-spirited, and hard-working! Can you believe it? Well it’s true! Duh! Your whole culture, your whole self-image, ain’t worth fuck. All it’s based on is excluding the hoi polloi, members of the public, or whatever term’s used in a given context for those lower down the social scale than yourselves. Nothing else.

        Guess what. Some of us hate you back almost as much as you hate us.

        Anyway, I’ve found out the names of the directors of Constant and Co. The main guy is BRIAN DENYS GEORGE CONSTANT, a former police inspector in Bedfordshire. On the most recent date for which I’ve got information, he owned most of the shares. His partners in thuggery include BRYAN EDWARD LECOCHE and GILLIAN ROBINSON.

        Guess what – BRYAN EDWARD LECOCHE is on the electoral roll in the UK. In two different places. Any guesses what party he might vote for? 🙂

        Lecoche gave a talk to the Rotary Club in Barton-le-Clay, in central Bedfordshire. No prizes for guessing whether the cunt’s a freemason. Interestingly he once shared a panel with Adrian Harris of Eton College, and Christopher Jessel of Farrer & Co, the queen’s solicitors, on “Gypsies and Travellers: Practical Options for Landowners”. Interesting, that. Eton and the queen own a fucking lot of land between them. At what level has the decision has been taken to put the boot into travellers? I don’t think we’re talking about just a bunch of Tory councillors in Basildon, heroically committed to upholding planning law. That panel, by the way, was at an event run by the “Charity Properties Association”. Meanwhile, the media have reported mass deportation of travellers from France and calls to fingerprint them forcibly in Italy. The theme? Bringing about a more degraded society, where other people’s miseries are welcomed and even laughed at.

        So, Zoey – not only do I pay tax, but I also pay tax so that big “charity” landowners can pay the “expenses” of firms such as Constant out of the tax that they DON’T pay.

        Oh, and you’re crap at sarcasm, by the way. Which is pretty pathetic, since you can hardly speak or write without using it, you stupid cow. And that’s not an invitation to take me on in a sarcasm duel. I only play with professionals. Ever soo sorrrrry.

  18. Andy mogan says:

    Oh no Paddy the world famous “traveller” is backing Dale farm what a fucking surprise let’s stop the eviction because he’s spoken hahaha what a load of shit hurry up Monday

  19. J says:

    Our thoughts are with you, Dale Farm. One day the UK will be ashamed of its racism towards Travellers.

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