Bailiff’s dirty tricks intensifies Dale Farm community’s anguish

Last night a man who claimed to be working for Altek Security with bailiffs Constant & Co on the operation to clear the site at Dale Farm, contacted Richard Sheridan President of the Gypsy Council, ostensibly to leak information about the eviction. He claimed the eviction would proceed at 8am on Monday morning and that Basildon Council had lied about the date the eviction would start. The man was recognised from Traveller evictions at Hovefields last year, confirming that he had previously worked with Constant & Co. He encouraged Travellers to use violence and protesters to climb barricades and to act as if they might throw themselves from these structures. He suggested urgently calling national media outlets. Dale Farm residents recorded the meeting.

Residents, already on high alert and deeply stressed, ran in panic to raise the alarm. Terrified children were unable to sleep wanting to know whether or not they would be forcibly removed from their homes and school. Many women were crying.

Supporters and residents rallied together, locked down the hatches, and tried to stay calm while they unpacked the man’s story. By 8:30am no bailiffs had turned up, but nevertheless residents suffered a night of harassment and fear.

It appears the operation to remove residents from Dale Farm has reached a new level of duplicity. Elderly and sick residents as well as children again suffered greatly.

Already there are reports of equipment arriving to build a press compound adjacent to Dale Farm. Concerns that press access to the site will be controlled by police have intensified. Residents fear lack of media access will increase the likelihood that past incidences of bailiff and police brutality will be repeated without public witness.

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  1. Who? says:

    Agree 100%

  2. Brother to Brother says:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

  3. Jim simpson says:


  4. tommy says:

    I am absolutely disgusted and appalled by the comments here.
    Again no one is racist, but… I actually am very sad from all this – Roma, Romany, Gypsies, Travellers, Non gypsy and traveller people – we are all human.
    The comments and hatred on here are Inhumane.
    Lets hope all those that are hating and calling forget their racist words when they are being served by or treated by the Romany, Gypsy and Travellers.
    For example and as I have said elsewhere – I am Romany and work for the NHS, the last thing anyone getting treated in hospital is thinking about is how they can be disgusting and racist to the people looking after and treating them – dont be quick to pre judge and to hate as no doubt those you are calling on here will one day be helping or treating you – there are lots of Romany, Gypsies and Irish Travellers that you may not recognise that support you in your own life, working in a variety of roles – so spare a thought for that Romany Dr stitching you up after your drunken brawl or that Irish Traveller you see in the street who helps get you an ambulance during your diabetic fit.

    • Jim simpson says:

      Tommy I am to believe Romany Gypsies are totally different from Travellers? correct me if i’m wrong

  5. I love it and totally agree

  6. Ame says:


    Your last paragraph was not needed in your response – I was just commenting about the hatred.
    Whatever the rights and wrongs in this case – it is the language that is being used against human beings that is wrong on these comments.

    I am sorry to refer to the Nazi ideology here but it is how ordinary people in countries in Europe were treated prior to exterminations. The Jewish people and mentally ill people for example, as you know, had so much filthy propaganda promulgated against them that they were de-humanised in other people’s minds. After all if you get rid of animal vermin by shooting or poison and you call a group of people vermin you can excuse their ill treatment and deaths. It is a tactic that is used frequently by people who think that others should be ousted or destroyed. Just think about Vietnam and the Bosnian/Serbs and the atrocities that were incurred in those areas. The same sort of language was very prevalent against their so called enemies.

    I can quite understand some of the angst on both sides – but you all should be arguing against the pros and cons of the eviction not on the persons.

    • Sarah (Disgusted) says:

      To compare this to the actions of the Nazis is complete and utter hogwash. I hugely object also to the use of “ethnic cleansing”, which I am glad you have refrained from doing so.

      If there was space in the authorised site, the travellers would still be forced to move onto it. Would this be labelled ethnic cleansing?

      Essex works harder than any other council to facilitate travellers hence the migration to that County. Right now, you wouldn’t get anybody to admit that, but this is just a game of spin. The travellers and the activists are very rehearsed at creating headlines and skillfully avoiding the truth.

      Personally, I am now looking forward to the bailiff action, just to get this story of bandwagon jumping off the news.

  7. Ame says:

    What a load of hatred. Whatever the faults these are human beings you are writing about. Makes one ashamed to be English seeing this level of abuse.

    • Sarah (Disgusted) says:

      Ame, why English?

      Is there anything here to say people are English? I for one am British, born and bred. My family have fought the wars for this great country, but I am not English.

      This hatred may well stem from the personal experiences of others but I agree that some of it is pretty shocking. Please never be ashamed to be English and always be proud to be British.

      Remember this, the Judge that agreed with the eviction was not biased, not racist and not likely to be writing abuse on this blog.

  8. “Michael Quilligan, the son of a traveller worth £24million, is among the 96 families who claim they will be made homeless when they are removed from Dale Farm in Essex. However, planning records show that Mr Quilligan is the mastermind behind a multi-million-pound development in the town of Rathkeale, the spiritual home of travellers in the west of Ireland.”

  9. Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

    RE: Richard Sheridan – President of the Gypsy Council:
    Is this the same Richard Sheridan who has twice been jailed for his part in smuggling fake cigarettes from Belgium? Sheridan, real name Richard O’Brien, was locked up for a year for smuggling 640,000 cigarettes. His Father, John O’Brien, 62, was jailed for a year along with Sheridan for smuggling 1.2million cigarettes in June 2003.

    Sounds like a man who has difficulty remembering his own name, let alone a face from a previous eviction site
    – and …mmm…why the name change, by the way?

  10. Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

    Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

    September 13, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Rather misleading ‘headline ‘ on your Twitter feed re: Constant and Co using racially offensive terms on their official material – turns out its yet another bogus news article from this site.
    Your Twitter feed says they used the words ‘Pikey’ on documents, and that this has been ‘recognised in the UK Courts as racist’. It hasn’t .

    ‘Pikey’ was NOT recognised by the UK Courts as a term of ‘racial’ abuse- yes, the man in the court case cited was CHARGED on two counts (racial abuse + assault), but he was only found guilty on one (assault). It does not follow therefore, that the term ‘Pikey’ has been recognised as ‘Racist’ by Courts in the UK.

    As far as Constant & Co using this word in ‘official documentation’, it appears it was only used n the ‘meta tags’ for their website – these tags are not visible to the public, but are used to reflect the ‘keywords’ that might be used by members of the public who are trying to find a firm on the internet, who can implement a lawful eviction involving certain types of people – ‘New Age’ and ‘Traveller’ being others used. I don’t see this is inappropriate for anyone, for reasons set out in the preceding paragraph.

  11. Justin says:

    The travellers own the land and pay council tax, to say they are squatting is ridiculous. Because housebuilding is being disallowed, people are having to find ways around the housing shortage as the Basildon council has stirred up ill-feeling, through their housing policy failure.

    In James Heartfield’s book, the title reads: ‘ Let’s Build! Why We Need Five Million New Homes in the Next 10 Years’
    Yet, the authoritarian, bureaucratic planning permission are constantly increasing green-belt land, even if it is just a scrapyard, the authorities are the irrational misanthropists, not ordinary people.

    • Zoey says:

      They don’t pay a frigging cent in council tax. Why was there the mad dash to register to pay council tax not that long ago? The non travellers will try anything it can to stay and reap the benefits they exploit for themselves. The reason these non travellers won’t go back to Ireland is they aren’t wanted there and the benefits that they will be refused, and rightly so.4 days and counting – tick tock tick tock

    • Justin says:

      @Zoey. ‘They don’t pay a frigging cent in council tax.’
      Old Chinese saying/ Boiled frog syndrome: ‘If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But if you place it gently in a pot of tepid water and turn the heat on low, it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.’

      To support the eviction also hurts yourself, as our economic material circumstances and civil liberties are gradually being boiled away. As Thomas Jefferson said: eternal vigilance is required. And the tick tock is the sound of a global double dip recession looming, a Greek default, Italy in crisis, ectzz. Why not unite with the courageous travellers and solve the housing shortage together? Logic suggests this! Don’t fall for Basildon council’s ‘divide and conquer’ tactics.
      See spiked online ‘Who’s afraid of the Dale Farm travellers?’

    • Zoey says:

      Why not unite with the courageous travellers and solve the housing shortage together?

      I’d rather eat my head!

    • Justin says:

      @Zoey So you’d rather ‘eat your head’, I can only describe you as a masochist at the moment. The saying “hurt people, hurt people” applies here!

    • Who? says:

      you are so deluded

  12. Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

    RE: Richard Sheridan – President of the Gypsy Council:
    Is this the same Richard Sheridan who has twice been jailed for his part in smuggling fake cigarettes from Belgium? Sheridan, real name Richard O’Brien, was locked up for a year for smuggling 640,000 cigarettes. His Father, John O’Brien, 62, was jailed for a year along with Sheridan for smuggling 1.2million cigarettes in June 2003.

    Sounds like a man who has difficulty remembering his own name, let alone a face from a previous eviction site 🙂

    • Experienced traveller theft says:

      Yes this is the ‘CRIMINAL SCUMBAG’, the Fagin who looks after the rights of Diddy’s

  13. Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

    and as for ‘elderly and sick residents’ …one of them claimed she had such an improbably string of co-morbidities I doubt their veracity. [ If a caravan had that much wrong with it, you’d dump it in a layby and set fire to it! ]

  14. Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

    Rather misleading ‘headline ‘ on your Twitter feed re: Constant and Co using racially offensive terms on their official material – turns out its yet another bogus news article from this site.
    Your Twitter feed says they used the words ‘Pikey’ on documents, and that this has been ‘recognised in the UK Courts as racist’. It hasn’t .

    ‘Pikey’ was NOT recognised by the UK Courts as a term of ‘racial’ abuse- yes, the man in the court case cited was CHARGED on two counts (racial abuse + assault), but he was only found guilty on one (assault). It does not follow therefore, that the term ‘Pikey’ has been recognised as ‘Racist’ by Courts in the UK.

    As far as Constant & Co using this word in ‘official documentation’, it appears it was only used n the ‘meta tags’ for their website – these tags are not visible to the public, but are used to reflect the ‘keywords’ that might be used by members of the public who are trying to find a firm on the internet, who can implement a lawful eviction involving certain types of people – ‘New Age’ and ‘Traveller’ being others used. I don’t see this is inappropriate for anyone, for reasons set out in the preceding paragraph.

  15. Bulkington resident under siege says:

    If they want to be travellers, why do they want to stay in one place? We’ve put up with THREE yes THREE sites in and around Bulkington, Nuneaton over the last few years and so far –
    1 rape of a disabled teenager
    several buglaries, including one of an 80 year old lady living on her own
    fights every Friday and Saturday in the village
    Several locals attacked by gangs of gypsies 1 of whom was beaten so savagely he sold up and moved to Devon
    umpteen road accidents, 2 deaths
    Yes lovely people the travellers are!
    As far as I’m concerned let them live in Dale Farm – in fact they can have ours!!!

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  17. Sarah (Disgusted) says:

    Anybody who believes that this is a trick by a bailiff company is dreaming.

    The bailiffs have announced their time of arrival and I am sure they will turn up as planned….. bailiffs always do.

    This article is just another example of scaremongering and a desperate recruitment drive from desperate people.

    This is fast becoming Dale Farce.

    • Zoey says:

      Agreed. Another stalling tactic to play the “poor me,help me,feel sorry for us crap”. Anyone with a brain can see right through that and the desperation that these non travellers are trying to garner. I see they still haven’t released their bogus recording which leads me to believe it is pure bullshit. 5 days to pack up…tick tock,tick,tock.

    • Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

      ..I think it would also be illegal to evict before the notification date – and I’m sure a firm as experienced as Constant and Co would not do anything of the sort…..there’s a film on you tube of ‘one they did earlier’ – I was amazed how reserved they were.

  18. smoggyjim says:

    News just in…Charges have been dropped against several travellers arrested at the Greenacre caravan park. The 15 disheveled, unkept, smelly, malnurished, flea ridden, feaces covered “slaves” discovered there where in fact activists on a stop over while on the way to Dale Farm.

    • Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

      Theres a reliable item on the BBC about one of the many Czech guys who’d been ‘sold’ in this way, and forced to open up bank accounts and borrow money using his own ID, and give it to them on pain of a beating, and an interview with a very nice Irish lady who runs the local soup kitchen….

      • Experienced traveller theft says:

        Why the hell are we giving Eastern Europeans benefits and letting them live here as homeless? Fine if they are working and paying tax, but when they can no longer find jobs they should be repatriated and not take resources from our own homeless.

  19. Justin says:

    They will be going on 19th September, I’m certain of it. So that a bunch of rich snobs can enjoy their precious green belt (scrapyard) land? And the Bonapartist council will hide under bureaucratic, restrictive planning laws, just to suit its own ends. The question is, why even disallow 20% of people applying for planning laws? This law clearly restricts the freedom to build any dwelling one likes,(and there is a crying need for it) it should be abolished, in fact it should have been abolished as part of the coalition governments’ so-called freedom bill! But then we all knew that was just a PR exercise and was only a very weak-hearted attempt to increase freedom! Bureaucratic Bonapartism reigns supreme then.

    On the petty-bourgeois multi-culturism argument: Why are there no Marxist educational’s on the camp constant? I’m all for defending their way of life if that is what they wish, but I feel they are better off joining an international working class culture as part of a mass Marxist party! ‘Unity is strength’ remember? Religion as Slavoj Zizek once said is ‘displaced class-consciousness’, and ‘the sigh of the oppressed creature and the soul of soulless conditions’, as Marx said. [1] Anti-partyist minoritarian actions, however justified they are, are very limited, and can quickly lead to demoralisation and unaccountable unofficial leaders.

    By the way, I was suspicious of the ‘unconfirmed’ report of eviction, my understanding was it was still likely to be the 19th and that is why I did not forward the message I received last night. Was it an Art of war ploy? I don’t know, we can only speculate at the moment. What we do know is that this individual showed a lot of sadistic vindictiveness in using this ploy.


    Slavoj Zizek – In defence of lost causes
    K.Marx – Critique of Hegals Philosophy of the Right

    • Ahh Marx, what a wonderful creature. Remind me, what happens to countries that follow his ideology? Remember the Kulaks?

      • Justin says:

        No, quite the opposite. It’s what happens when Marxism is not followed by the conscious act of the majority.

      • Politics of envy mate, that saying is well known for a valid reason.

      • Justin says:

        @special constable Dibble
        ‘Politics of envy mate’
        Interesting strawman argument, but I’m afraid that will not cut it. I’d describe it as the politics of class struggle. And the travellers are showing us why standing together is necessary against the councils bureaucratic, whimsical manoeuvring’s.

    • Zoey says:

      blah blah blah, start packing.

    • Sarah (Disgusted) says:

      You sound absolutely nuts.

      Not everybody who has wealth is a snob and quite often people who have wealth have worked very hard for it. (Hard work does not involve dossing around traveller sites in tents, waiting to cause disorder)

      I have nothing in my bank account and I don’t own a house, but I bear no grudge against those that possess more material goods than I.

      • Justin says:

        Well thank you!

        ‘Do not adjust your mind, the fault is in reality’.
        This was a 60s slogan, now I know when I said snob that was partly the mischievous side of me admittedly, but I believe it is mostly true. Perhaps you think the chief executive of a hospital is a harder worker than my sister, a nurse who eats porridge at 4am and has no time for a break, and has lunch in the early hours of the morning?
        Besides, surely a true sane society, builds on what Erich Fromm called our ‘relatedness’ (E.Fromm – The Sane Society, p.34)

        Your next point involves Marx talking about surplus value and an analysis of wealth, I’ll get to that, by the way I’m guessing you work hard, but are not wealthy. It’s true some of them do work hard, but are you saying that they work 100, 1,000, 10,000 times harder than the average person? It is not the case that someone who earns a million pounds a year, or is a multi-millionaire works 100 times harder than someone earning 10,000 a year, is that what you’re saying? And I believe travellers are preparing for the disorder that is likely to be visited on them.

        ‘If the proportion of these two elements of capital was originally one to one, it will, in the progress of industry, become five to one, and so forth. If of a total capital of 600, 300 is laid out in instruments, raw materials, and so forth, and 300 in wages, the total capital wants only to be doubled to create a demand for 600 working men instead of for 300. But if of a capital of 600, 500 is laid out in machinery, materials, and so forth and 100 only in wages, the same capital must increase from 600 to 3,600 in order to create a demand for 600 workmen instead of 300. In the progress of industry the demand for labour keeps, therefore, no pace with the accumulation of capital. It will still increase, but increase in a constantly diminishing ratio as compared with the increase of capital.

        These few hints will suffice to show that the very development of modern industry must progressively turn the scale in favour of the capitalist against the working man, and that consequently the general tendency of capitalistic production is not to raise, but to sink the average standard of wages, or to push the value of labour more or less to its minimum limit.’ (K.Marx, wages, price and profit, p118.19)

        with socialist greetings.

      • Sarah (Disgusted) says:

        Justin, this is nothing to do with your socialist diatribe. I am glad that your sister is a hard working girl but you forgot to mention your particular contribution to society?

        You write like a student, you spin like a politician, continually and deliberately missing the point.

        The travellers have had their “case” heard in front of a Judge and resultantly the Court order stands. By you or your bretheren encouraging a violent reaction, I believe you are committing offences not only against the Law but against society.

        Preparations to inflict physical pain on Police Officers or bailiffs acting on instructions, is simply wrong. The Dale Farm activists will never be successful, society will not allow violence to succeed and the country has not got the stomach for another bunch of layabouts using petrol, rocks or other items against our Police service.

        I think you can see from the comments left on this blog that there is very little sympathy for activism, the travellers at Dale Farm or violence.

      • Justin says:

        And you write like I agree with everything the ‘Save Dale farm’ arguments put forward.
        Some on the left may not like me for it, but I think prejudice has been conflated with racism, which is incorrect. That is why, I have not mentioned racism in my postings, others have, but I have not. Rather than resort to ad homien’s, why not address my arguments?

        As you know through experience, there is a housing shortage, but I do not see you addressing this issue, instead you show envy at the travellers at daring ‘to resolve the housing shortage for itself.’ What you describe as layabout’s are in fact a ‘self-governing’ hard-working community. The misanthropists at Basildon council have ensured more UK land is protected under restrictive green-belt laws than people occupying it. Local planning authorities arbitrarily designate green-belt land, no democratic decision making takes place in the decision making process and since the 70s green-belt land has doubled. During the 20s and 30s, people from London ‘migrated and built bungalows which, having been rebuilt over the years, are now valued by the settled Basildonians of today.’ The solution is to get Basildonians and travellers to help one another! (see Spiked-online @ ‘Who’s afraid of the Dale farm travellers?’ by James Heartfield.

    • Thanks for checking out my site. Capitalism pays for socialism’s endeavours, the two cannot exist without each other. Socialism keeps the workers happy, capitalism pays socialism to do this so the workers continue to work. It’s pointless to rely on one ideology.

    • Dale farm forever (greenbelt) says:

      Justin You really are a Twat

    • Sarah (Disgusted) says:

      Justin, my circumstance has come about from giving everything I have ever owned or worked hard for, away to others who needed it more than me. I don’t have to explain myself to anybody in this world and I ask for nothing.

      As ever, traveller sites are a mixed bag of people but very few have ever been desolate.

      As I have said in previous messages I have had substantial exposure to travellers, probably way before the Camp Constant members were even born. I am absolutely sure there has been an extraordinary level of play acting to the media and very few truths about personal circumstances will have been revealed. Camp Constant activists are probably an irritation to the travellers although they need the support for now.

      I firmly believe the Law is the Law, particularly when the travellers have had their argument heard in front of a Judge. The Law has not always been good to me, it has often frustrated me and cost me money I could ill-afford. BUT, society needs a set of rules, however difficult they are to swallow.

      The travellers have been given plenty of notice to quit. I would bet a considerable number have already left, particularly those where the male party does not want an audience with the Police, for more than one reason. This has always been the way in previous evictions.

      I am sure the Police and bailiffs will be hand picked to deal with this sensitive and media attractive story.

      I hope and pray that nobody gets hurt in the coming weeks, but the travellers will be moving, of that I have no doubt.

      With regard to Marxism….. it is just a lot of toilet!! And that is from somebody who sits to the left but on the “right” side of the Law.

      • Justin says:

        ‘The law is the law’ no matter how unjustified, corrupt, irrational, designed to protect the bourgeoisie because they make the laws, not the democratic working class. You say that Marxism is ‘toilet’ yet you adhere to one of his principles when you said you ‘gave away’ to those who needed more than you. Marx said, ‘to each according to his ability, to each according to his need.’
        ‘And that is somebody who sits to the left.’ Glad to hear it, maybe it was a freudian slip!;-)
        Here’s to human liberation then. It’s only when travellers and Basildonians realise their common interests,(freedom to have an affordable home space for example) that we can transcend the oldest ‘divide and conquer’ tactics by Basildon council.

      • Sarah (Disgusted) says:

        This was no slip Justin. Many in my family were all Socialist Party members…. all of which were proper nutters. They were obsessional but always keen to help their fellow man/woman. Those members of the family who were not fighting for their country, were tradesmen working in the shipyards. In their spare time they would make toys for the Christmas of the local children who had nothing. We are talking about people who were the salt of this earth. None of them died with any more than a few hundred pounds in the bank.

        However, they never broke the law, caused any disgrace to themselves or their family or were envious of their fellow man. This is the fine line between being on the Left and following the principles of socialism, rather than simply fighting the Right, through anger, at perceived injustice.

        One of the things that I recall about the Socialist Party was their incessant brainwashing rhetoric and I formed the opinion that politics at either end of the political spectrum encourages unpleasant activity. I will never be convinced otherwise.

        The activists would better serve the travellers by helping them pack and move their valuables before the bailiffs arrive. They are coming, no question and the travellers will be leaving. You can call this prediction, a centre left reality check.

  20. Anne says:

    Apart from the human rights issues here – which are enormous!
    Do the people of the area want 100 families in laybys and car parks – they have no where else to go – they will also be unable to pay tax as they do now (council tax) and most likely be unable to work as they do now. You will end up paying for them in your taxes in addition to the eviction cost. At present they are on their own land, providing for themselves, working and paying tax.

    • Zoey says:

      Ask Len Gridley and the rest of the settled folk about their human rights. These travellers have places to go. They just don’t want to go back because they won’t get benefits like they do here. We will not end up paying for them out of our taxes because they will be caught out as they are right now about their properties in Ireland.

      Human rights issue, my pert little arse it is. Try again toots. Easy to hide behind that old chestnut.
      I suggest the homeless and squatters in London head to Ireland for some free housing. Bet you would’t like that much if someone took over your place. Because basically what Dales farm non travellers are doing – is squatting.

      I hope you are helping the Sheridans pack.

      • Ivan Burrows says:


        They don’t work and they DON’T pay tax.

        As Zoey rightly says, they do have places to go. Oh, wait a minute. The Irish won’t have them back. I wonder why…

    • Justin says:

      Of course it makes no sense to us, but from a ruling-class perspective, it’s cheaper than keeping well-funded social services, billions are being cut don’t forget!

      Also, it’s not just the monetary cost, it’s the social cost that is important, which is going to be enormous. On the 22nd July, writing in the Daily Torygraph, rightist Charlie Moore said something like the left was right and right wrong, self-confidence slipping?

      • Justin

        Cretins like you are the reason for world conflict. You believe your ideology is superior to that of the right. Cretins (like you) also believe the same. Nice one.

      • Emily G-f says:

        If we’re sticking to the ‘smelt it, dealt it’ school of childish insults then judging by the comments here I am beginning to fear for the intelligence of the right even more than usual.

      • Zoey says:

        The social cost? Take another pill. Why should these non travellers be special?
        I wonder what the social cost has been to the settled folk who are law abiding and pay their taxes.
        They are good for nothing, takers who contribute nothing, yet when challenged throw the human rights, ethnic cleansing bullshit into the picture to garner sympathy from the heart beating unwashed who also contribute nothing, yet jump in if there is a chance to create some chaos. Losers! Anyone inciting violence on eviction day should be tasered at 500,000 volts for 30 seconds each time they raise a hand to harm authorities.

        5 more days non law breaking travellers: tick, tock, tick, tock.

      • Zoey says:

        Oh silly me. I meant to say non traveller law breakers. Oh tsk. But you know that.

    • Bugsy says:

      If they knock down the illegal buildings they are free to stay, problem solved no eviction and everybody abides by the same law, quite simple really.

  21. Funny, you’ve glossed over the ‘slaves’ you own. I suppose that is part of your culture and is ‘normal’.

  22. Graham Smith says:

    Please let me come along and help. I have my own slaves.

  23. Chris P says:

    Not a lot of support for the Animals on here ! lol

  24. Jim Simpson says:

    Any person who sympathises with this shit needs to let them live in your back garden!!!! They pay nothing into society. All these non travellers who are supporting these are dicks!! Before all this trouble you would never have been able to go into that site!!! But now they want help anyone is welcome IF they stayed do you think you would be allowed in there at any other? They didn’t have permission to stay it’s gone tits up and now they are the victims get over it!! WTF ” Oh by jasus we have ill and elderly people here this is there home it’s unfair”………..Oh by the way give us 6 million and we will go….no fuss sir …………………………………………..

    • Zoey says:

      They have been given ample warning to get the sick out of there – they have been offered housing for their sick and elderly but refuse. I really wonder how many people have been pushed down the housing ladder because of these people being offered top priority housing. They are con artists, thieves and should be escorted to the border and sent back to Ireland. Six days, tick tock tick tock – start packing up, you are being cleared out and rightly so!

    • Emily G-f says:

      So are you suggesting that the ill and elderly should be put in homes while their families are forced out of the area?

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

        No, they should go with them.

        Is it our fault they’re ill and elderly? This shower have had TEN years to get off that site. They weren’t ill or elderly then, were they?

      • They were all offered proper housing (which we pay for) and turned it down on ‘cultural grounds’

      • Emily G-f says:

        So you people are complaining that people don’t want to take state hand outs and would rather stay in their privately owned homes?

      • Yes as they will be abiding by our laws and paying their way

      • Emily G-f says:

        I seem to have missed the law that says you have to live in a house. TBF I’d probably have more room for my Uni books…not sure I could afford the gas bill though.

      • Zoey says:

        Oh great – another half wit with the IQ of a peach pit. Don’t hide behind th eill and elderly to suit your ’cause’. These ill and elderly have been offered accomodation ahead of others who have been on the council waiting list for years. Face it, the reason ‘your lot’ don;t want to go back to Ireland is because you won’t be able to milk the taxpayer for benefits. I’d rather my taxes went to clearing out Dale Farm than having them stay where they are illegally. As for the rest of staying in car parks and layby’s. That won’t happen because people have lost patience with one law for them and the ones you choose to cherry pick. Times are tough chickypoo you should have moved on long ago and peacefully. Now you lot get your come uppance and it couldn;t come sooner. Tick tock Tick tock. more days. Hope you are starting to pack.

      • Emily G-f says:

        I don’t want to go ‘back to Ireland’ as I’m not from there.

        Please do think of some better insults though love, I’m not in the slightest bit worried about my IQ or my sense of right and wrong.

  25. Zoey says:

    I have to laugh at this bit. Any shrink worth their weight would say this is nothing more than a load of bullshit to garner sympath..which isn’t working.

    I just laughed.

    Residents, already on high alert and deeply stressed, ran in panic to raise the alarm. Terrified children were unable to sleep wanting to know whether or not they would be forcibly removed from their homes and school. Many women were crying.

    Supporters and residents rallied together, locked down the hatches, and tried to stay calm while they unpacked the man’s story. By 8:30am no bailiffs had turned up, but nevertheless residents suffered a night of harassment and fear.

    • Julius. says:

      This is typical Activist propoganda. They will always try to be the ‘hard done by’ aggrieved party.
      Most people see right though it.
      The people who will lose in this are the travellers, the activists will just drift on to whatever cause they see fit to latch on to next.
      THEY are the wasters in this, I’m not a fan of the Travellers but the stinking activists are
      far far worse.
      They are already trying to prevent the Travellers contacting the press.

    • Who? says:

      Good!!! Now they know how it feels for all the resident people that live near them

  26. Mr Sampson says:

    I personally think that ALL irish travellers are scum.

    (Not all travellers, as I happen to of dealt with English gypsies and they tend to be ok.)

    The Irish all play on this ‘race’ card but being Irish is not a race, and neither is choosing to live a criminal and transient life.

    They say it is their ‘way of life’.. when in reality its an excuse for being criminal.

    All you see on the telly is the women travellers moaning about their ‘rights’ and the like..

    What about the men?

    They are out thieving and conning old people, doing substandard work., and now it turns out enslaving people which REALLY shows how subhuman these people are.

    Call me a racist, but i’d shoot every single one of them and drown their kids.

    Total scum.

    • Steph says:

      Come on now Mr Sampson, don’t hold back.

      What do you really think?

    • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

      Well said that man!

      Could not have put that better myself. Yes, there are English gypsies who are Romany. They are hard-working and thoroughly decent people. There are also English “travellers” too, similar to the scum seen at Dale Farm.

    • Chris P says:

      if you ever get the chance to go to the area Dale farm is in, you will see the distruction these animals have caused, they are hated in the local community, the local school even had to close because of the abuse the teachers recieved from the parents and the worst ofsted reprt in the country.
      The worst things is the smell, they havent had any sewers put in, so for the last 10 years they have discharged all the sewage into the ditches and rivers it stinks.
      Not one person out of the 80 families has ever paid council or income tax for 10 years.
      i also find it strange that they have never paid for electric, gas or water in that time either, but all the caravans have it, i am told they connect to the street lights for electric and tap into the mains gas supply.

      ferral under class must refer to these animals.

      if it was a dog it would be put down !!!!!!!

      • Zoey says:

        Actually, they scrambled to sign up to pay council tax when they realised they had no hope. They have exhausted every legal angle, robbed the taxpayer of legal aid and the list goes on and on. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • concerned says:

      Sampson I do not think you have earned the right to be addressed as Mr. Your comments are beyond belief. Perhaps the police should pay you a visit! The Magistrates might order community service on an Irish travellers site. Obviously, this Country has failed to teach you to show compassion or respect for others. Perhaps the travellers can succeed where we have obviously failed!

    • Chris says:

      Please ignore this kind of offensive trolling. If the person who wrote it really thinks this then he probably needs psychological help and everyones pity

      • Ivan Burrows says:


        Your comments are beyond belief. Do you SERIOUSLY think these travellers have shown respect for anyone? Do you SERIOUSLY think they have compassion for others? Do they hell!

        I’ll remind you that this is a free country and Mr Sampson has the right to say what he likes.

      • concerned says:

        Ivan Burrows, I note your comments. We live in a democracy (for want of a better defintion) and Sampson is entitled to his prejudicial views and so are you. I do not agree with your views and you may not agree with mine – only time will tell. Anyone who is sick enough to suggest that they would harm adults and children without cause is unwell. I believe it is defined as a “crime against humanity”.

  27. Emily G-f says:

    Hey Zoey, have you seen this site?

    • Zoey says:

      Playing the ‘race’ card is typical, but in this case it isn’t racism. What part of that don’t you understand? But it doesn’t make good headlines does it? These are not hard done by folk who made a small boo boo in planning permissions.

      These are people who cunningly flaunted the law to suit their means, have made lives a misery for those around them and on and on. Now it is time to pay the piper and move their butts to their homes in Ireland. They have taken advantage of people for far too long. Bring on Sept 19, time to go. And take your rubbish with you!

      • Sam says:

        Mmm…. strange you should deny its racism in one line and tell us they should all go back to Ireland in another… maybe the fact you keep proving over and over again that you are a racist that makes your argument that its not racism so “hard to understand.”

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:


        Please engage your brain before you open your mouth.

        Planning Law in this country is not based on race. That shower are there ILLEGALLY therefore they must go.

        How is Zoey a racist? They come from Ireland, do they not? They are here illegally so they go back. Again, a case of law. If you are here illegally then you can expect to be deported. Only one problem. Ireland booted them out. Never mind, they allegedly own properties in Spain so they can go there…

      • Zoey says:

        They won’t go to Spain, country is broke so no chance of them getting any benefits.
        Spain won’t take them anyway.

        And Sam, I haven’t a racist bone inb my body. I just really dislike it when some people think they can flaut the law and then hide behind a culture, or kids, or eldery, or human rights….know what I’m getting at?

        5 days until site clearance….can’t come sooner!

      • Emily G-f says:

        Burn down Gloucester, Fred West lived there! *shakes fist*

        I’m not sure there are enough facepalms in the world for some of your views.

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

        Oh Christ. Not another halfwit in the shape of Emily G-F…

        Comp;aring this shower to the Jews of Nazi Germany is really the lowest of the low.

  28. I cant believe you people are so hate filled. you only hate what you envy, close knit families.If you lot are such busy workers ,how are you writing these remarks, using employers time is STEALING dont you know? bo deeker.

    • Zoey says:

      Day off…..from paid work. I bet you know a lot about stealing and nothing about work.
      Nothing hate filled about this – it is all about legality. And you are there illegally. 6 more days to go honey – then bye bye.

      can’t wait to see the back of you lot.

      • Essex Gurrl says:

        It is about the illegality of a deeply flawed planning process, as well as a flawed housing process which identifies someone living on the side of the road as an “owner-occupier”! Irish Travellers, as well as Romany Gypsies, are recognised ethnic minorities under the law in Britain; the problem is that many local authorities like Basildon ignore this law for planning and housing processes so that the cultural needs of people who have been born here and whose families have been travelling here for hundreds of years are completely dismissed. The Conservative Party councillors, backed up by a local racist minority, hope that Travellers will just “go away” but they have lived and travelled here longer than many whose roots lie in East London, for example. Many bystanders visibly supported the march on Saturday, more than the 3 people who opposed it so don’t think that the proposed eviction of over 60 families onto the roadside in the winter will win any votes – just the opposite. If it takes place, this eviction will not be in secret, it will be broadcast internationally complete with pictures. Basildon Council will go down in history as a shameful example of bigotry and racism across the world, it won’t need a tourism officer to put it on the map. For humanity’s sake, give them planning permission! Then Basildon will have its agreed Traveller site quota and you’ll save us taxpayers £18m.

      • Zoey says:

        EssexGurrl, I read your comments in the Echo. You really are part of the great unwashed, low IQ’ed, brainwashed muppets they like to have around.

        They won’t freeze by the roadside. They have loads of homes they can go to in Ireland – and take you with them. But then again the benefit system isn’t too good there is it? Don’t get the freebies you get here.Perhaps that is why they want to stay here on illegal pitches.

        The travellers will go away. Six more days…tick tock tick tock.

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

        When I was younger, I used to be friends with an Essex Guuurl. She once thought that Salman Rushdie played for Liverpool…

        This “Essex Guuurl” on here. I wonder if she’s the same one given her half-baked comments…

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

        And do you seriously think, Darren, that ANY council in this country is going to grant them Planning Permission? Especially as they camped there ILLEGALLY in the first place?

        Ask yourself this. Why did the Irish get rid of them? Was it because they are itinerant, law-breaking and virulently anti-social?

    • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

      Glynis Robinson. A woman with the IQ of a banana.

      I was brought up in a close-knit family as were many others who post on here. I am a busy worker – I have my own business – and this is what is called a lunch break.

      You, on the other hand, are on permanent lunch breaks…

      • Zoey says:

        Michelle-Louise Lewis – there certainly couldn’t be two Essex Gurrls that are that daft, or can there? God help us all if there are. Next Monday is going to be very interesting. I wonder if EG has the balls (so to speak) to stand down and let the council get on with the clearance of these scrounging lot.

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

        She hasn’t, Zoey.

        This shower know deep down there is sod all they can do to prevent the site clearance at Dale Farm.

      • Darren says:

        @Essex Gurrl –

        Yes, we should give the Dale Farm encampment planning permission. That would put an end to these illegal settlements once and for all.

  29. Barleylands Man says:

    Why don’t you publish this recording you have?

    • Zoey says:

      They won’t, because I’m betting there isn’t one. This is just propaganda to feel the frenzy of those on the site. I am willing to bet if there really was a recording, it would have been released to the Daily Mail/Sun/Express within minutes. Because ti hasn’t been released says a lot – accidentially on purpose not there…..

  30. So are you lot keeping slaves too?

  31. dave lee says:

    about press coverage…..most of the people on dale farm have a fone that will transmit images worldwide..via you tube/face book etc……there’s no way the ‘authourities’ can stop this shamefull event from reaching the public…. just pray that a solution can be reached without violence/bloodshed…..

  32. Fred Finnie says:

    How come Britain finds huge houses and free money for asylum sekers but cant build enough gypsy camps – or grant planning permission when people have bought their own……

    • Zoey says:

      Dale farm non travllers own plenty of houses in Ireland – ship them back there.
      Why should we build gypsy camps? If the non travllers had gone the proper route and law abiding way, non of this would happen. There is laws for a reason – and they need to follow them.

    • Darren says:

      Homeless asylum seekers have to be given food and shelter. There is no obligation to provide traveller sites. Not many votes in it for councillors. either.

  33. DONNA says:


    • Zoey says:

      They can’t stay. They are in violation of planning permission. These people hide behind the sick, the young and the elderly. Ethnic cleansing. You really are a half wit that believes everything they are told. Probably another one of the great unwashed with nothing better to do. Bring on Sept 19 clearance. And this will go ahead. These people have taken advantage for the last time. i just hope they bill them for the clearance instead fo the tax payers picking up the tab. But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you, you know paying taxes!

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

        Well said, Zoey!

        Not bothering anyone, Donna? Ask the residents of Crays Hill if they haven’t bothered them?

        And NEVER go down the road of “ethnic cleansing”. I am a former soldier who served in Bosnia in 93. I know what “ethnic cleansing” is so don’t even go there with me.

    • Darren says:

      Ethnic cleansing on the illegal half of the site.

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

        “Ethnic cleansing” my arse!

        Do you not get it? They are there ILLEGALLY. They had no right whatsoever to camp there. Yes, they own the land but that does NOT give them the right to do what they like with it. It’s called Planning Law.

        As a former soldier, I served in Bosnia in 93 when the Serbs did their best to annihalate the Bosnian Muslims using tactics that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Nazi Germany. This lot don’t even compare to the Bosnian Muslims so I advise you engage your brain before you post in future.

  34. Zoey says:

    What a load of bollocks. Just another sympathy ploy by the non travellers.You will be going, get used to it. Accept it. Move on. You have no sympathy in the wider community.

    • Actually “Zoey” there is a lot of support from the local Catholic church and local Anglican bishops… so I wonder who is talking bollocks?

      • Zoey says:

        I don’t think so. People want this site cleared and cleared it will. Catholic church and Anglican Bishops? LOL…….yeah! Pull the other one matie.

        Bring on Sept 19 – the site will be cleared and these non travellers can head back to Ireland!

      • Zoey says:

        He suggested urgently calling national media outlets. Dale Farm residents recorded the meeting.

        I would suggest that Dale farm release this recording to the media. I’ll bet they don’t have one though….just lookig for sympathy. Not a shred of it from anyone I know.

      • Michelle-Louise Lewis says:

        So, the Catholic Church and the C of E have a say in the Planning Laws of this land, do they?

        Dear oh dear…

      • Pikey Hater wickford says:

        Justin B

        Where was all this support on sat I was at the demo of course I was fighting for the eveiction and only saw about 100 Traveller women and kids In high heels and shorts (Like that seemed sensible for a demo) and a load of free loaders that needed a wash and a haircut. They were so annoyed that i was waving them back to ireland (Hopefully that they reported me to the police several times. Fortunatels free speech in this country is a given and had great pleasure in waving to the from the train station and folowwing them all the way out of wickford

        And all they could do was get mad and report me to the police

        Well one week today there gonna be doing it for real

        Keep up the great comments zoey your one of the few on here that makes any sense

  35. Steph says:

    So it’s a fact that it was a trick by the Bailiffs and not just some guy that used to work for the security firm??

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