Urgent Update – We need your support

The dates of the eviction have now been revealed: bailiffs and police will start securing the site the week of the 12th September, and will start taking out caravans the week starting the 19th September. We URGENTLY need people to come down to Dale Farm from the week of the 12th to support the community as the eviction approaches. The public date is the 19th, but it is written in the eviction letters that they plan on coming in before that.

This is truly an instance in which the political and legal systems have failed to come to a just and sensible solution, and it’s up to us to do the right thing. If you are coming to the demo, bring a sleeping bag and a toothbrush and stay for as long as you can. Our ability to stop this ethnic cleansing is now almost entirely down to numbers- so come on down!

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25 Responses to Urgent Update – We need your support

  1. Smelly Pikeys says:

    Just suck it up and fuck off you gypo pikeys cunts.

    What gives you any rights when you don’t pay taxes like the rest of us hard workers?

    Get on the next boat to America with your caravans and see if they except you degrading the communities appearance and feel.

    Good riddance you smelly sweaty pisstaking wanker thieves.

  2. Jimmy says:

    What a load of nonsense, if you wouldn’t employ me because of my views on a forum (as is my democratic right) then you yourself are guilty of prejudice, I wouldn’t fancy your chances in an industrial tribunal. Before you start your scaremongering you should perhaps look closer to home. Although Germany has a lot of progressive policies it isn’t the liberal utopia that you paint it out to be. The German government has only just begun to tacke the appaling treatment and exploitation of the Turkish guest workers, especially in the former DDR. Unlike the UK travellers the Turkish labour in Germany pay taxes, obey the laws of the land and try to integrate themselves into the local community. If the Dale Farm travellers actually did some travelling and went to Germany I’m sure the Bundespolizei and Landespolizei would give them a much rougher ride than their UK counterparts. As for putting millions of people out of work, that is absolute drivel, the only people who will be out of work after the travellers have gone will be the council refuse collectors who have had to clean their shit up for ten years despite not being paid for their services with council tax contributions. If you’re such a shining beacon of UK business why don’t you employ them? Better still, donate some land next to your house and let’s see how tolerant you are then.

  3. Jimmy, I am just telling it as it is. In Germany the UK is definately seen as a Human rights abusing country. Maybe you don’t see it as I do but then you are not here in Germany promoting the UK and trying your best to present the UK as OK and save UK jobs, save UK business and save the UK from CONDEMNATION. We ought to think a bit more about our repuataion. Of course Germany is not peerfect, but they are our customers, and as I always say, and ANY business person says “The customer is always right” So say what you like mate, because I will not be employing people like you since you would offend my customers ! This message applies to anyone who thinks that the eviction is justified in ANY way. Reality is that it will cost us billions in lost exports to Germany, only the most economically powerful nation in Europe now, so we ought, really OUGHT to care what the rest of the world and our customers think, as UK jobs are on the line here. Racism and Human rights abuse is NOT OK ! Neither is mass unemployment and condemnation of a country that was respected in Germany until recently. This eviction will put millions of UK people out of work – think about that and SUPPORT DALE FARM TRAVELLERS !

  4. Jimmy says:

    I’ve always been left wing and supported the underdog but these people are taking the piss. If the “travelling” community want better treatment and compassion from the “settled” community may I suggest that they first tidy up after themselves, I lived next to a traveller site and dumping construction waste and plastic bin bags in a nature reserve will not endear you to local residents. If you want equal treatment then take responsibility for your actions. We all have to pay council tax, apply for planning permission if we want to alter our homes and generally abide by the rules and norms of society regardless of ethnicity or political orientation. As for the anarchist supporters, you give socialists a bad name, if you turned up at my local miners’ welafare you would be told to get a bath first. The travellers are taking you for mugs, I bet when you’ve outgrown this rebellious phase, cut your manky dreadlocks, got a job in the City and reintegrated yourselves into your middle-class social circle you would run a mile if you saw a traveller.

  5. UnKnown Wickford says:

    OK Lets look at the facts. (Q) Have they boken and laws (A) (YES) Planning law
    (Q) Are they being unjustly victimised (A) (NO) any other citizen would have had action against them a lot quicker than 10 years.
    (Q) Is this racially moitivated (A) NO it is beacause of there lifestyle that this has been brough about. Other areas of society live in bricks and mortar.
    OK now the unproven facts. Having lived in the wickford area since before the static travellers arrived, I have seen the area degenerate in nearly all public area’s from public houses being trashed and in some cases closed to libraries being looted and gangs of Traveller youths terrorising other youngsters in the parks and shopping areas.
    Should these people stay (Of course NOT) They are a blot on society they cannot intergrate into todays mainstream society because of there illiteracy and lack of social skills. (Example) Traveller in local doctors could not register because she could not read or write and was was approx 30 years old.

    The council has exhausted every avenue in trying to plicate a peacful solution. The travellers are the ones denying this process as for living as an extended family (IE all together) how many mainstram families all live in the same dwelling street or even town. My advice would be go back to your own country where you can live with your own kind and leave a green land alone. I will be at the Demo tomorrow and will strongly supproting the eveiction Every one has the right to free speach but I wonder how long it will be before they begin abusing me for my beliefs eithier verbally or physically.
    The quicker they go the better for the area.
    Finally Len Gridley I appluad you for standing up to these bullies and I hope you get your life back very soon.

  6. Can’t believe that you have the audacity to call this eviction “ethnic cleansing.” these people have broken so many laws, why should they get special treatment? Is it because of their “way of life?” and why is it that every other ethnicity can go out and earn an honest living, pay taxes, and not just tow a caravan into other people’s properties? Irish travellers are scum, they are about as much use as a chocolate tea pot

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. sarah killick says:

    These people have been here for years, why move them, has the goverment not got bigger issues to address and in this current economic climate can we afford the 12million estimated to move these people?? And are the goverment then going to have to pay out more to rehouse them?
    By removing the travellers it will be the tax payer who pays the price, leave them be!!!!!!!!!!

  9. tax payer says:

    where in the law does it say that certain groups of people can do as they wish.There is one law in this country and we are all bound by it! As these non travelling travellers are clearly breaking the law why are they not having the cost of this eviction passed on to them.
    If they have no where to go as they i suggest ,perhaps they could stop at the gate on the way out, get the addresses of the people jumping on the band wagon and put their caravans in the gardens.
    Travellers travel so keep on going and dont stop

  10. UK:OK says:

    The whole world is looking at Dale farm and what is planned by Basildon
    council is defined as Ethnic cleansing which is a very serious human rights
    abuse. IF this eviction takes place then political risk cover will become much
    more expensive for all UK firms. Already I am loosing business because my
    German customers now avoid all travel to the UK. This is NOT OK ! We
    are loosing money and the UK as a whole will loose over 19 billion, not
    million, billion ! This is because human rights violations are completely
    unacceptable to the civilised world where UK customers come from.
    As I said before, the customer is always right, at least in my business.
    We are now listed on Wikipedia as a Human rights abusing country,
    honestly, what on earth is going on, I grew up in Essex and this
    Essex of fascist Basildon council is NOT the real Essex, I am
    from Maldon, we used to have a Sea Salt exporting business
    but who is going to buy our Sea Salt now the UK is seen as fascist ?
    David Cameron has a reputation for violently smashing places up from
    his days in the Bullingdon club at Oxford university. STOP this madness !
    If you are like me with a UK business, take out political risk insurance now !

  11. John Bull says:

    Racist? You’re illegally camped on land that had no planning permission! By your rationale I can come and build a sewage plant next door to you. Why didn’t you get permission or buy land where you could build? Because you do not respect anyone or anything.

    And if you love your home so much why offer it up for extra money? Just a bit cynical. But then what do expect from a bunch of pikey thieving lazy no good scumbags.

    • Mrs Evie Hodgson says:

      There are far more worthier causes in the world. They played a game and a system and the system won. end of. move on.

  12. soup says:

    ppl from another country are coming to help! This shit eviction needs to be stopped. every eviction is just another racsist step backwards. Its not wrong to have a different lifestyle, everyone should mind their own freakin buissness

  13. Anne says:

    It is very clear that the negative comments here are not from people who have spent time at Dale Farm. All are welcome and will find the families here generous and kind. The eyes of the world are watching the bravery of these people who constantly discriminated against stand up to the bullying of their council supported shamefully by our government.

  14. brandon says:

    sort it out ur comfortable in ur homes so let us gypsy becomfortable in ours ……………

  15. eliza hedges says:

    its wrong in what ur doing why dont u just leave us gypsy alone 4 once there good and bad in all so start thinkin be 4 u act ……………….

  16. John Bull says:

    Oh the councils can be mini despots, of that there is no doubt. But they are unlikely to break into your house, steal your van, dump Tarmac and fly tip. Unlike are pikey friends.

    Oh and breaking news, this poor band of travelling wankers were quite happy to move if the council were to pay the six million quid the gypos wanted for the land. Give us 6 mil and we will be quite happy. No mention of elderly granny or school for kids. Hypocritical cunts.
    More fool you gullible idiots that fell for the olde worlde travelling Romany bollocks.

    • Unsettling says:

      @JohnBull(shit) – It sounds as if you are the real fool for believing the racist crap you’ve been programmed with. For me, the issue is one of allowing people to choose how they wish to live. You choose to be a mouthpiece for the ideology of hate and it will come back on you. Shouldn’t you be using your energies to protest at the obvious theft of all our freedoms by those forces acting behind our governments?

      And is it not the case that councils do impose pollution on their own communities – land fill sites, waste incineration, sewage dumped into our water courses, Etc..? And is it not the case that local councillors financially do very well indeed as a result of their powerful positions? Who do you think will profit now that this government is promoting commercial development of our greenbelt land?

      Will you be there to help the EDL (sorry ‘private security contractors’) when they start their assault on an ethnic minority? No – you will be drooling over your computer keyboard as you rejoice in the physical manifestation of your hate.

    • tax payer says:

      John Bull YOU should be interviewed on tv.What you say is what 90% of the hardworking,law abidding,tax paying ,non scrounging people of this country think

  17. yvonne says:

    As with most councils there is a definite bad smell of greed and corruption. What do they propose to do with the land once they evict the Gypsies.. Return it to its former glory as a scrap mental junk yard ..OR is there the tinkle of a cash register from one of the super stores such as Asda or Tesco in the near distance.

    More of a chance someone or a few, have their porky fingers in a future financial pie ??
    The Government and their minions, local councils, do nothing for the people unless its for their own glory or very large pocket.
    What is happening in this country that a bumbling, dubious council nincompoop can say on television, the eviction of the Gypsies was due to the fact they had built without planning permission on green belt land, when it is clearly evident it was brown land that was a junk yard and an eye sore before it was purchased and improved by the Gypsies.

    We need to open our eyes as to what is happening in this country or we may end up in the same state as Libya was but instead of a dictatorship by just one maniac it will be run by lots of little maniacs from the council

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