UPDATED: Call for Legal observers and training on Tuesday in London

Legal observer

A man is detained while a legal observer in an orange jacket takes notes in Central London, Credit: JohnLucas1983

Update: venue confirmed as LARC, 7pm-9pm

Dale Farm Solidarity will be fielding trained legal observers to monitor police and bailiff activity if the planned eviction takes place.

We are still looking for people to commit to being on-site for periods of one day upwards.

We will be running a legal observer training session for those intending to be legal observers but who have not already had training, in London on Tuesday 6th September, 7pm-8.30pm. Please email to tell us you’re coming and so that we can confirm the venue to you: dalefarmlegalmonitors@gmail.com

In addition, we are urgently seeking individuals who will be able to to act as points of contact/shift leaders for legal monitors on site during the eviction. All this entails, is ensuring that all legal monitors are briefed and prepped before beginning a shift, distributing vests/notebooks and ensuring these are collected at the end of a shift.

Additionally, if anyone is an experienced legal observer and can assist with providing onsite or London based training sessions in the coming days that would be wonderful- please get in touch ASAP. If you are happy to act as either a legal monitoring shift leader or assist with training, we can give you a briefing on Tuesday night after the main legal monitoring session.

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5 Responses to UPDATED: Call for Legal observers and training on Tuesday in London

  1. adie_wickford says:

    well your running out of time and I cnt wait for you blood sucking parasites to be evicted. And if you have nowhere to go TUFF

  2. Ian says:

    Why is eveyone here talking about human rights? I have no problem with travellers getting their own land and setting up home. I do object to building homes without planning permission. These people knew the eventual consequences so why did they do it? The law has to apply to everyone, how can you be speaking about human rights when you want the law to be applied differently to a certain group of people? It is completely illogical. I think human rights are a fantastic thing but human rights can be abused by both sides. I consider it an abuse of human rights to use them as some kind of moral argument that the law should be applied differently across society.

  3. International Human Rights Commission today and will also ask the Government of UK to fulfills the responsibilities towards the International instruments of human rights.

    IHRC assure the People of Dale Farm that what ever the means of diplomacy but we will stand with you till you got the success for your rights.

    IHRC also taking up this matter to the the United Nations General Assembly and European Court of Human Rights .

    Ambassador Dr. Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan
    World Chairman
    International Human Rights Commission

    • I guess that this means that you will be monitoring the Dale Farm eviction then?

      • Misleading News Articles Abound On This Site says:

        Who are they? Sound v.important,but um….http://www.ihrchq.org/management.html ….they appear to be based in Pakistan – motto is ‘We look, we think, we decideS & we act..’. Shame they can’t spell:) They’ve attempted to make their website identical to that of the UN – why’s that?

        **** And there’s a ‘virus ‘ thang on their website which Norton blocks – which is not legal –

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