Vanessa Redgrave to visit Dale Farm

The actress Vanessa Redgrave CBE will visit Dale Farm on Tuesday 30 August to show solidarity and support for the Traveller residents who are threatened with forced eviction.

She and her brother, the actor Corin Redgrave, have been key supporters of the Travellers at Dale Farm. Corin suffered a heart attack in 2005 while pleading with Basildon Councillors not to vote for the destruction of Dale Farm. On the day of his heart attack, Corin wrote in The Guardian newspaper about Dale Farm “It is not too late to stop this destruction”. Sadly Corin died last year but his wise words still ring true.

Vanessa, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, said “The UK signed and ratified the UN convention on the rights of the child. I am certain that the eviction of the Dale Farm Traveller families is illegal under international, mandatory, human rights conventions. I am appalled that such an eviction can be upheld by our government.”

In 2005, Vanessa and Corin said “we will, if necessary, create a human shield” to protect the women and children of Dale Farm from the bulldozers, when the eviction was announced by Basildon Council. Six years later the threat of bulldozers is imminent. And the human shield that the Redgraves called for was started at the weekend at Camp Constant as political activists from across Europe met with residents at the Dale Farm Traveller site last weekend, vowing to save the community from eviction by Basildon Council.

150 people, including activists from Sweden, Italy, Belgium and France, came to Dale Farm to set up the protest camp, which has been running human rights monitor trainings and non-violent direct action workshops. The weekend marked an unprecedented level of public opposition to the eviction. Support has also flooded in from faith groups across the country, with the Catholic bishop of Brentwood and the Anglican bishop of Chelmsford visiting the community on Tuesday morning. 


David Rees, an activist from Bristol, said:

“It is amazing seeing such diverse communities join forces to fight for a unified cause. The residents at Dale Farm have welcomed us in working alongside them to defend their community from ethnic cleansing.”

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8 Responses to Vanessa Redgrave to visit Dale Farm

  1. Its great to see Vanessa Redgrave supporting your cause.

  2. Duckman says:

    Even if they burn Dale Farm to the ground, be ready to start building again.

    The state hates those that stand up for themselves.

  3. jack margaret jaconelli says:

    weve been evicted and got our owned home stolen from us by glasgow city council for the glasgow commonwealth games they needed our land we went to high court they just agreed with gcc so we were evicted with nothing no money for our home we owned for 35 years we have lodged our papers in echr but we will still fight and demonstrate that the laws are all wrong and being broken i wonder how the judge would feel losing his home fight theyll come in the middle of the night breaking another law cause there not allowed to come until sunrise so be wary of the scum bags who have no concious take care margaret and jack jaconelli

  4. Barry says:

    They call themselves travellers, so why not try doing a bit of travelling now then, eh?

  5. Mark says:

    Option 1/
    State a Declaration of Independence, create a mini-statelet , seek support from other micro states such as San Marino, Switzerland, Andorra, maybe Isle of Man and try the Vatican State get them to something useful for once.

    Seek a ‘Berlin style’ Airlift.

    Option 2/
    Get Vanessa and the Hollywood set to make a film about the struggle..with all the ingredients…..Hollywood blockbuster…hence people will then seek to become tourists and will become a tourist feature!

  6. ~Wolf~ says:

    I am a Native American and it strikes me that the British seem to love to oppress anything that is even vaguely different. What a wonderful history of colonization and ethnic cleansing you people have! I mean, you came here and started a chain of genocide that has lasted for more than 500 years, totally raped India, causing lasting problems there, and decided to turn Australia into a penal colony (Aborigines? What Aborigines?). Apparently your culture consists of tea, scones, droll humor, and racism. Lovely. Tell me, do they study “Mein Kampf” at Cambridge, or is that something they start at the preschool level? Guess what? We are still here and no matter what, they will still be there. Unless, of course, you take action and set up some sort of incentive program. Tell me, how much will you offer for Traveller scalps? Will you offer double for infant scalps? Or maybe you can just make reservations and subject them to a slow extinction. Hip, hip, cheerio, and Sieg Heil!

  7. ubishere says:

    The irish gypsies living on the illegal section of this site have chosen to ignore British law, knowing how difficult it is for English local councils to get rid of them from illegal sites.

    You have had 10 years of fun at the expense of the local villagers.

    You don’t pay anything!

    You don’t contribute to the local village!

    You just TAKE TAKE TAKE!

  8. I cant go and build a house on any piece of land i like without seeking the correct permission so why should these people.

    gypies ruin whole communities, the PR they are putting out worldwide now is amazing!.. worthy of the labour party. but what about the tv shows that were shown a few years ago that talked about how having these people living there are ruining the local area?

    i know many taxi drivers who work basildon and they all will not pick up pikeys, they want nothing to do with them. and this isnt mindless predjudice, its because they run away from paying fares and mug the drivers!

    gypies should be moved on and moved on and moved on endlessly. if they want permanant homes, how about paying some income tax and contributing to the local community and becomming part of the community rather than being proud that good, local people are scared of them.

    yes it will cost millions to shift them onwards, and this will cost council jobs, but dont blame the council by saying they are doing the wrong thing, blame the pikeys who shrugged their shoulders at the law several times and refused to move on. we live by the law of this country and so should they.

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