Camp Constant: Day 2

Camp Constant Welcome DeskWe woke up this morning to a beautifully sunny day- a good start as many of us had stayed up late last night around the bonfire getting to know each other and chatting about how the Camp was going. We had a productive day yesterday- giving site tours to lots of newcomers, giving a press conference to camera crews from most of the major news networks, and organising strategy planning meetings with some of the local residents. Some of the sessions that happened yesterday afternoon were a legal observer workshop and a session on Traveller history. The legal observers are being trained so that in the case of an eviction, we have a team of people trained up in human rights and health and safety regulations to be able to monitor what the police and bailiffs are doing so that we have an accurate record of what happens, minute by minute. If human rights abuses occur, this record can then be used to pursue a case legally, and in outreach work and education about how horrible evictions are. Legal observers can also inform activists and residents of their rights and relevant police powers.

This morning we started off with a tasty pot of porridge, and now we are meeting to discuss what’s happening today. Lots of keen volunteers have signed up to help cook lunch, prep some of the chalets that the residents have granted us use of, cleaning out the toilets (!) and taking shifts on the Welcome Tent and Kids Space. There’s a busy schedule ahead, including more training for legal monitors and a non-violent direct action skillsharing session.

If you haven’t made it down yet, there’s still a day of scheduled workshops on Monday, so it’s a great time to come down and meet some of the people involved. If you want to be part of the struggle against this brutal eviction, then come down by yourself or with friends to spend a night or two at Dale Farm to show your support and make it clear that this eviction won’t go ahead without resistance. You can find info about signing up to spend time here on

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6 Responses to Camp Constant: Day 2

  1. Organisation is the key to success, train them well Camp Constant!

  2. If the gypsies are such good and descent people should they not obey the law and vacate dale farm? I cannot see that they have an argument to stay at dale farm I am surprised that half the pitches are legal and have planning permission I don’t understand how that could happen on green belt land. If the gypsies win this case then we all can go buy some green belt and build a house on it!!
    Also what I find shocking is that men of the cloth are supporting law breaking not really surprising as the vicars and ministers of churchianty promote a no law doctrine!

  3. Kimsha says:

    This has been a sterling effort by Camp Constant, well done! With some anticipation and a little unease, I visited the farm over the weekend only to find my ignorance and fear of the unknown dissipated. I came away understanding and learning more about a very traditional culture and way of being; a warmth, hospitality and kindness and a strong knit community that is largely missing within modern society. Good luck to the travellers, I do hope they succeed in their battles.

  4. Experienced traveller theft says:

    These Diddy thieves have a place to live, the clue is in the title ‘Irish Travellers’, they should go home to Eire where there is lots of countryside to live their chosen lifestyle in, amongst their own people. We should charter a ferry to get them home as that would be good value.

    As for the great unwashed, just idle anarchists looking for a cause. Go and get a job, your benefits should be stopped as you are obviously not looking for work. All of the Bishops and film stars in the world cannot halt the due process of law. The Diddy’s have illegally built on green land.

    Three or four armoured engineer vehicles are all it needs to banish this shanty town, with riot troops on call for any disorder, it would be damn good training for operations.


  5. gerry oates says:

    I am unable to travel would financial help be needed in the future? I used to help with welfare in the stonehenge area in the 1980s.That was with the New Age Travellers who were dealt a very hard lesson in ’85 whentheir property was trashed and all of them put in custody.

    Best Wishes.

  6. selena says:

    I recommend attending some of Dale Farms workshops.
    This site is a wealth of culture and dignity and any previous misconceptions of the word ‘traveller’ could be dispelled with just one visit.

    Please save Dale Farm and the families from eviction. The eviction will cost millions, and it will put the elderly and children on the streets.

    The children may also have to witness their homes and families being destroyed.
    Lets protect their human rights as British Citizens. Just as we would fight to protect the rights of other indigenous tribes around the globe.

    This is a special place, where family values and respect for others is paramount. I will never forget it.

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