Day 1 of Camp Constant

As the marquees came up and pots of delicious food stewed to perfection, the Dale Farm community welcomed a steady flow of supporters who set up Camp Constant to oppose the eviction of 500 Travellers from the land that they own. Supporters from as far as Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Germany have joined the Camp in protest of what is being called a case of ethnic cleansing in England. The sun has come out and there’s a friendly atmosphere- there’s even a kidspace for children’s activities.

Over 100 people have arrived for the first day of Camp Constant, and have attended human rights monitoring training, meetings and discussion with Dale Farm residents and banner making with the community’s children. Workshops and meetings are scheduled to continue on Sunday and Monday. We are asking supporters to come and join the Camp to show their opposition to this unnecessary eviction that will make hundreds of people homeless.

We are maintaining a constant presence of supporters at the Camp until the eviction- which can happen any day from the 31st August when the eviction notice expires. Spaces are available for sleeping and for pitching tents- get a group of friends to come down for a night or two. Get in touch with savedalefarm (at) to find out how to support the Dale Farm community.

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1 Response to Day 1 of Camp Constant

  1. Aidso says:

    Ethnic cleansing? What a bloody disgrace that you lilly livered liberal types should even contemplate equating the eviction of calculating law breakers (whose own case concedes the point) with genuine ethnic cleansing the likes of which we’ve seen in Rwanda and the Balkans over the years. Have you no sense of perspective?! At any rate, how can you possibly call it Ethnic cleansing if the ethnicity that you’re talking about is the so-called “travelling” community who demand their ‘ethnic’ rights to, er, build permanent homes in breach of planning laws that the rest of us must abide by? Your cock eyed view of fairness is staggering.

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