DALE FARM: Petition to no 10 and meeting with UN

THURS, 25th AUG, 12 noon
at No. 10 Downing Street

Dale Farm residents will hand deliver a petition with 1,600 signatures on it, calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to stop the bulldozing of their homes.

Accompanied by Lord Avebury they will be at No 10 at noon on Thursday, 25 August 2011.

The event is sponsored by the Irish Travellers Movement.

Call Mary Ann McCarthy 07961854023

DALE FARM at UN MEETING in GENEVA, Tues, 23rd August

On Tues, 23rd August, in Geneva, CERD – the UN Commission for the Elmination of Racial Discrimination – is expected to pass a resolution urging a delay in the Dale Farm eviction until alternate land can be found.

CERD was addressed by Richard Sheridan, president of the Gypsy Council and Matthew Brindley, of the ITMB

For more phone: 01206 523528

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5 Responses to DALE FARM: Petition to no 10 and meeting with UN

  1. Caroline mc guinness says:

    You can put my name on the petition too .

  2. Mickey Mixx says:

    What the Council & Goverment are doing to all them family is wrong, All the kids have this going on in there heads, its wrong and nasty, Ok Travellers can be a pain when pitched up on playing fields and road sides, but this time they are on private land that has been paid for, Why should they have to change there way of life, this goverment control us to much, this is just Racial Discrimination & should be seen as how nasty the councils and goverment is, people object to dale farm would seen be upset if travellers are given a house next door to them, think if they are not on dale farm the council will place them in homes on your street, it will break up a esablished community that has become at dale farm, Its time the UN put there foot down and stopped this wrong eviction,

  3. julia leadbitter says:

    why dont they just LEAVE YOU ALL ALONE!! You are not doing any harm to anyone and need somewhere to live. It’s discrimination if you ask me.

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