Dale Farm Solidarity Weekly Bulletin

  1. Activity day, Saturday August 6thPhoto: Children take part in an art project at Dale Farm
  2. Callout for Workshops and Skillsharers
  3. Help organise with us!
  4. New postcard

1. Dale Farm activity day – Saturday August 6th (3 weeks until Camp Constant)

There will be activity day at Dale Farm, every Saturday until the opening of Camp Constant (Saturday, 27th August). It’s a great way to get a sense of Dale Farm and help in a practical way. In addition to the 11 am start, there will be a 1 pm briefing for late arrivals.

This Saturday, we’ve got loads to do in terms of setting up Camp Constant. Everything from putting in the compost loos, to site defence building.

Bring a lunch, and any of the following if you can source it:
spare wood, a van to pick up straw bales, spare guy ropes, plumbing skills and tools, heras fencing clips and bolts, paint. Email savedalefarm@gmail.com for more info.

For more information, and to check the dates of activity days, keep up to date at here: http://dalefarm.wordpress.​com/activity

Dale Farm is about 40 minutes from London Liverpool Station by train, you can find directions and maps on the website.

2. Callout for Workshops and Skillsharers

On the long weekend of August 27th before the eviction notice expires, we’ll finally launch Camp Constant. Residents of Dale Farm have invited supporters down for a long weekend of skill sharing and celebration.

We still have workshop space available, and are looking for anything from Civil Disobedience training, to Traveller history. If you have some skills you’d like to contribute, or would like to suggest someone who can put on a workshop, please email savedalefarm@gmail.com with the details.

3. Help organise with us!

As we get closer to the expiration of the notice of eviction (August 31st) we will need more help with our organising efforts. If you’d like to support Dale Farm with your skills, please email us at savedalefarm@gmail.com, and let us know what sort of things you’d like to help with, and what gaps you think you can fill. We need everything from practical site skills, to media work, to networking skills, to people with large vehicles and the ability to dig tunnels!

4. New postcard

We have a new postcard now that notice of eviction has been delivered – click here to download.
Feel free to make copies, and if you’d like some colour printed ones for distribution, please email savedalefarm@gmail.com with an address and how many you think you can distribute.

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3 Responses to Dale Farm Solidarity Weekly Bulletin

  1. Experienced traveller theft says:

    So you say there is nowhere to pursue your lifestyle?

    Thats a lie Eire has lots of open spaces for you to live and steal. Funnily enough thay have the same accent as many of those families at Dale Farm.

    There is no need for millions to be spent, we just need to use some of the many tanks that are in private hands to drive through and over the illegal properties.

    Just GO HOME!

    • paddywack says:

      I agree with Experienced traveller theft and I am from Ireland, and indeed we have enough of them here already, talk about a blot on teh landscape.

  2. paddywack says:

    Look at the dirt these so called humans create

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