The Dale Farm Demonstration – Sat. Sept. 10, 1 pm


Demonstrate on Saturday Sept 10 against the £18 million eviction of 90 Traveller families from their homes and Eric Pickles’s Localism bill. The eviction is likely to happen early in September and if it happens before September 10th, we will march to Dale Farm immediately

The Dale Farm estate is a former scrapyard bought by Traveller families and has existed since the 1970s. Basildon Council has targeting half the community for destruction, and has failed to provide alternative sites for families to move to. Families have been given until midnight on August 31st to abandon their homes or have them bulldozed. Basildon have voted to spend a third of its budget — £8 million demolishing the estate and turning people out onto the road. The policing of what could be a three-week operation has an additional price tag of £10 million, of which £6 million is being provided by the Home Office.

What’s more, Eric Pickles’s Localism bill will further destroy the Travelling community, removing the requirement of local council’s to provide alternative sites.

Dale Farm Solidarity has called a demonstration starting at 1pm on Saturday Sept 10th. Join us at Wickford Train Station, a mere 30 minutes by train from London Liverpool Street Station. The march will then proceed to Dale Farm and Camp Constant, a base for human rights monitors and those who will engage in civil disobedience to stop the bulldozing.

If the eviction starts before the scheduled demonstration, we will march immediately to Dale Farm. To sign up to a txt alert in case of eviction, or to spend a night at Dale Farm so that we have a constant presence there, visit

Buses will also be available. Contact to find or confirm transport leaving from somewhere near you.

Supported by Dale Farm Solidarity, Barbed Wire Britain, Campaign to Close Campsfield, Feminist Fightback, London No Borders, No One is Illegal, Southall Black SistersUnite Against Fascism, Oxford & Cambridge Trade Councils, Anonymous Promotions.

[to add your group’s name to this list, email]

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38 Responses to The Dale Farm Demonstration – Sat. Sept. 10, 1 pm

  1. Queenie says:

    The tinkers occupied a privately owned field near where I live in Leamington Spa recently.Many dog walkers take their dogs there 2-3 times a day to the same field illegally. Both the the tinkers and those who walk their dogs do so illegally and both are trespassers. Eventually the tinkers were evicted and the field partly plough around the perimeter and all fences mended .
    The dog walkers took down part of one fence and they are all walking their dogs there again. Ther. were many crys from the dog walkers about the tinkers occuping the field. Now the field is full of dog excrement plus there are Sainsburys bags also full of dog excrement lining the post around the field anad this is all from the private property owners who live on the estate ajoining the field.So its all about do as I say not as I do! The way I see it ther is no difference between one and the other the so called home owning citizen will spoil and destroy as well and as quickly though covertly/slyly as any tinker.
    I support the tinkers in their struggle, and pity anyone who is put off their own land.the local council renaged on its promise and here we have the consquence!

  2. Essex Gurrl says:

    So Basildon Hospital employs racists then?

  3. Essex Gurrl says:

    There are over 4,500 supporters of Dale Farm on Face Book and over 6,000 local people signed the petition asking Basildon Council to stop the eviction. How many supporting Basildon Council? 40 – and many of those are children!
    Whatever happens, this is not the end of it. Basildon Council will go down in history for cowardice, inhumanity, and a total disregard for democracy, and we will continue to fight for culturally appropriate homes.

    • Richey says:

      Nobody is above the law and the reason people dont show “support” for the council is because they have better things to do, besides It doesnt take much to click a button on facebook, its hardly support. How many of those thousands would change their tune if these people moved in illegally in their land?

  4. lord hanningfield says:

    HI steve
    miss you x

  5. Michael Magregor says:

    Hope you guys win this battle.

    There have been and will be many more battles in this war against oppresson by the British establishment, that makes and breaks rules to suit itself.

    At one time Britain was mainly Common Land operating under Common Law for the Common People… but since unlawful and criminal “Clearances” and “Enclosure Acts” the Monarchy worked with the Robber Barons to drive the people off the common land and took it for themselves.

    They drove the people into the towns and cities where the only options were to starve or work as slave labour in their factories, offices and shops. After they had stolen the people’s heritage, they gave themselves titles, such as Lords and Dukes. The truth is, they are liars and thieves.

    It saddens me that so many people in Britain are so ignorant and support the criminals that stole their heritage and rights. They are forced to work as debt slaves and live in council houses and high rise blocks, where the children have nowhere to play.

    Stand firm my friends. We may lose a few battles but we shall win the war against oppression and exploitation, sooner than many realise. Those who have enjoyed the stolen wealth and power for so many generations are set for a heavy fall.

    Hold onto that wonderful spirit of freedom and independence, that has inspired so many great poets through the ages.

    • Essex Gurrl says:

      Thanks for the eloquent response Michael. Yes, many people are ignorant of the historical forces which have pushed them into living lives they do not want to live. Understanding those forces helps us to resist, support each other, and live in a different, sustainable way. Misogynists, racists and others need to understand all the facts about Gypsies and Travellers and not be frightened by different lifestyles. We are all human.

      • Richey says:

        It’s nothing to do with a different lifestyle, it’s to do with the fact that they are breaking the law. We all have to live under these laws whether we like it or not.

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  7. Go la la la says:

    To Pikey Hater Wickford: OMG LOL. Seriously, is your attack on Essex Gurrl’s spelling ironic considering the mash you have made of the English language in your post… i.e it’s their not there. It’s cannot not connot, it’s you’re not your and for God’s sake there is no e in having. Numpty.

    • Pikey Hater says:


      You have to moan about some stupid grammar. See small minded idiots

      THEIR robbing cheating scumbags and so is anyone who thinks they should stay

  8. Essex Gurrl says:

    I have researched the facts and this is what they are. What is your excuse for being a racist?

  9. Kelly says:

    Fuckin Pikey Cunts….. Fuck Off

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  11. tracey says:


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  13. gonad says:

    why don’t you paddy filth fuck off back to ireland and build a life in your own country?

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  15. no brave enough says:

    Please leave.
    This whole thing is just silly, the rules were broken, the law has come down on the side of the rules. it’s time for you to leave.

    • Essex Gurrl says:

      The rules were broken by Basildon Council’s planning process in the first place. If the correct process had been followed then they would be allowed to stay on this brown field site which they paid good money for, and fairly and squarely applied for planning permission. 80% of Gypsies and Travellers are refused planning permission compared to 20% of the rest of the population because their cultural requirements aren’t taken into account.
      Under United Nations law, to which the British Government has signed up, both Basildon Council and the British Government are breaking international laws if they carry out these enforced evictions and ethnic cleansing.

      • Mike Jackson says:

        If Basildon’s planning department had broken the rules then there would be a solid legal case to appeal against the rejection of planning permission.

        The 80%/20% planning approval statistic might be because cultural sensitivities are not observed by the planners – or more likely that the nature of the applications from the two groups is different.

        The UN etc. are entitled to their view, but the human rights aspects of this situation have been considered by the High Court and not found to be in breach.

        Peace and love.

      • Pikey Hater wickford says:

        Essex Gurrl
        What school did you go to Crays Hill Primary. If your gonna argue at least make it credible. The area they scumbags occupy is gren belt (Please see below)

        “It’s land surrounding urban areas that is designated as being left as agricultural, or largely undevelopped. The idea is to severely restrict development on such land and so maintain “green spaces” in the environment.

        This may be in order to preserve natural environments for example, or to improve air quality in the associated urban areas, and also to protect the “countryside” in terms of way of life.”

        As for your quote of 80% of gypsies haveing planning applications turned down that is purely because thay buy CHEAP LAND that connot have planning permission. As for the 20% off the rest of the population there planning application normally link to there own property whis already has a dwelling.

        I cant believe somone could come out with an outlandish statement whithout researching the facts. As for the Pikey robbing scum bags the sooner they leave the better.
        Oh and essex Gurl just to help you further in life if you get stuck 2 + 2 = 4 and Gurrl is spelt Girl

      • gypsy and proud says:

        if you ever met a traveller you would shit yourself big women

      • Richey says:

        They applied for planning permission and were denied. End of story.

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  20. Penny Wright says:

    I will certainly come on the 10th if the eviction has not already begun.
    I think the govt and council’s actions are unforgivable – they will be stained forever with the shame. its incomprehensible that they can be so cruel, inhumane, soulless and totally divorced from the needs of the communities they serve. my heartfelt support is with the residents of Dale Farm

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  24. Mrs Ruth Barnett says:

    Thanks and good wishes
    Ruth Barnett

  25. Mrs Ruth Barnett says:

    I may not be able to do much on site but I am spreading news of the Dale Farm Case and my thoughts and good wishes are with you.
    Ruth Barnett

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