Latest bulletin – actions, meetings and updates

ACTION NOW:Photo: Children's artwork at Dale Farm

* A human rights monitor/legal observer meeting is being planned for 31st May, 11am at Essex University.
Please contact Rachel:

* The next Save Dale Farm meeting is planned for Sunday 5th June, Freedom books, London, 1pm


* Dale Farm has not yet been issued with a 28 day notice but is feared imminent. Camp Constant will bring activists together on site to defend Dale Farm once the 28 day notice has been issued – preparatory work is on-going around the country…are you ready to join the Camp? For more information contact

* Info nights are being organised all around the country – if you would like to organise an info night in your local area to build support for the Save Dale Farm campaign, please contact: – for advice and further information.


* A Judicial Review is in process, challenging Eric Pickles decision to release £1.2 million for the Dale Farm eviction…update on this will follow

* Nearby Hovefields site is under imminent threat. Legal action is in process – there may be a call to gather outside the Royal Courts of Justice in relation to this – date to follow…Legal monitors will be needed urgently to attend Hovefields – please contact: Rachel: (and attend legal monitor training 31st May, Essex University, 11am – see above).


* For your information, Save Dale Farm action in Paris


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2 Responses to Latest bulletin – actions, meetings and updates

  1. Normal Bloke says:

    If you live on green belt land which isn’t supposed to be built on you can’t really complain when the authorities enforce the restrictions which keep it green for everyone’s future.

    I’d buy a field tomorrow and live on it if I could, but I can’t so I live where I do. We all have to live together in a society and all have to play by the same rules.

  2. andrea steffy says:

    Shame on the govt For their treatment of the travellars they r human beings just trying to get by. It’s their land let them live on it isn’t there enough hate in the world? Wouldn’t that eviction money be better spent helping them?

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